Adam Moore - Swolverine

Tell us a little about you…

I’m Adam Moore and I’ve been a health, fitness and nutrition enthusiast for the greater part of my adult life.  I live with my wife, Andrea, and son, Remy, in Lexington, KY where I can be found working out in our garage or at CrossFit Maximus, where I coach three days a week.  Outside of family time and training, I provide individual coaching for CrossFitters looking to transition to RX or Competitive athletes.

Adam Moore - Swolverine Athlete

You seem pretty rooted in the #PNW CrossFit Community. What do you love about it the most?

The camaraderie of my fellow #PNW coaches and competitors is AMAZING.  Coaches and gym owners I met dropping into boxes when I first moved to Seattle still remember me and we can have real conversations, about CrossFit or life, when we see each other even though it’s been YEARS!  On the competitor side, it’s like being in a Fraternity again (except chugging protein instead of beer) whenever I go to local competitions. You goof off with people you’ve met before, cheer on your friends as well as people you just met that day, even if they’re competitors.  

You’ve mentioned before that CrossFit fuels your competitive void that no other sport has been able to for you as an adult. How do you capitalize on this?

While I am one of those guys who’s always loved being in the gym, competitions are REALLY FUN!  I think I may have actually broken into dance moves between max snatch attempts at my first individual competition!  Even more than that, CrossFit competitions allow me to be a teammate.

Team competitions are amazing in that you truly develop a camaraderie that runs incredibly deep in which you would do anything for one another.  When I step out on the competition floor I’m not looking for personal glory so much as I want to help my teammates kick ass so that we can celebrate our combined awesomeness.  It’s led to such meaningful friendships that I believe will last a lifetime.  

Adam Moore - Swolverine Athlete

How do you manage to stay on top of your food and nutrition?

I believe that the more food you cook yourself, the healthier in general you tend to eat.  So I cook breakfast and lunch for myself everyday, and Andrea and I alternate who cooks dinner each night.  To keep me fueled in the gym, I’ll prepare some simple, easily digestible snacks the night before so that I’m not having to resort to buying a bar or just drinking a shake the next day.   All that said, we do have a “date night” once a week and I don’t allow myself to feel guilty about just enjoying food that may be considered a “treat”.

Why do you choose Swolverine’s Brand and Products over others?

Putting it simply, I only want to put quality products into my body.  If I see flavoring and food coloring added to a product, or a proprietary blend, it’s probably not for me.  Swolverine has label transparency and is only putting ingredients into their products that are proven to provide results.  Because of this, I not only prefer them for myself but have ZERO hesitation recommending them to any of my clients or gym members.  As a bonus, they’re stand-alone supplements allow me to combine them in any way I choose, which I could never do with most pre and intra-workout supplements.

Swolverine Athlete Adam Moore

What does your current supplement game look like?

I vary supplements from time to time but there are some things that I’ve stuck to regularly for years: BCAAs/Electrolytes, Beta Alanine, Kre-Alkalyn Creatine, and Citrulline Malate. Other Swolverine supplements I’ve started more recently are the B-Complex and the Probiotic, and I’ll order the ZMT if I get into a routine where my sleep quality starts to drop.  It’s nice to have products that I know allow me to just be the best version of myself.

Swolverine Adam Moore CrossFit



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