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Your gut microbiome controls your digestive system, immune health, essential nutrient absorption, and plays a large impact on mood and overall well-being. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Gastrointestinal issues such as leaky gut can be painful, debilitating, and even embarrassing, making digestive health all that more important to maintain. Swolverine's Digestive stack combines the power of probiotics, turmeric, and L-Glutamine to fight inflammation, rebuild your intestinal lining, and provide healthy bacteria for your digestive system to flourish.


Gut & Digestive Health - L-Glutamine assists in rebuilding and repairing the intestinal tract and lining of your gut. Since L-Glutamine regulates the nitrogen balance in your body, it decides when and where to place nitrogen atoms to be most efficient and effective in repairing your body. This can be extremely beneficial for those that have gastrointestinal issues such as leaky gut, and inflammatory bowel diseases such as Chron’s, IBS, and Ulcerative Colitis.

A Good Gut, Means A Healthy Brain - Good gut health is directly correlated with optimal brain function. Absorbing the nutrients you need will help with better digestive health, therefore, giving your body vital and key nutrients for a healthy gut biome, and optimal brain function.[R]*


Turmeric 750 mg  [ 95% Curcuminoids 712.5mg]  5 mg Bioperine per serving (60 Servings

Probiotix 5.75 Billion Organisms (60 Servings)

L-Glutamine 5 g per serving (100 servings) 

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