What Is NAD Infusion Therapy

If you’re looking for new ways to bio-hack your body, you may want to explore NAD infusion therapy. NAD IV therapy is a popular treatment option, offering potential therapeutic benefits that can stimulate cell regeneration in your body. We’re going to talk more about what NAD infusion is, how it works, what the benefits of NAD IV therapy are, and if this new and upcoming treatment option can help you.

What Is NAD Infusion Therapy

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) infusion therapy is a promising new treatment to support age related conditions via cell regeneration. NAD is an important metabolic regulator of cellular redox reactions and a co-factor or a co-substrate for key enzymes essential for normal cellular function in different tissues. Known as NAD+ in its oxidized state and NADH in its reduced state, it was first described more than a century ago as a molecule in the electron transport chain in the metabolic reduction-oxidation reactions in mitochondria [R]. 

NAD levels decline with age. Evidence from animal studies indicate that interventions that increase NAD levels produce numerous benefits on the overall cardiometabolic health and immune function [R].

How NAD Infusion Therapy Works

NAD Therapy is an intravenous infusion with NAD+. Intravenous drip ensures your body gets 100% bioavailability from the molecule. NAD molecules bind with proteins creating active enzymes that your body uses to revitalize cells. NAD coenzymes combine with other elements to become niacin or vitamin B3.

NAD Infusion Therapy Benefits 

Research thus far, has shown very mixed results regarding NAD infusion therapy and the proposed therapeutic benefits. A study reviewing the current literature published in the journal Pharmaceuticals identified 36 human clinical trials, 17 reporting beneficial outcomes, while 12 reported no benefits, and the remaining 7 only evaluated pharmacokinetics, safety, and efficacy.

Interventions which were assessed, include acute kidney injury, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, dementia, hyperphosphatemia, hypertension, obesity, Parkinson’s disease, photoaging of skin, psoriasis, skin cancers, type 1 diabetes mellitus, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and schizophrenia.

Despite the claims that NAD IV therapy may benefit Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's, Heart disease, Diabetes, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, and cognitive function, there is little if any evidence to support NAD as a therapeutic treatment. 

NAD Infusion Therapy: Takeaway

Despite several decades of active investigation, there is still only suggestive evidence, in the form of a few successful and sufficiently powered clinical trials, for NAD upregulation to be effective for any of the many potential indications where it may exert positive benefits for patients [R].

More trials will be needed to replicate results with real world evidence.

In general, it is the case that more and larger studies are required to produce robust data in support of NAD pharmacology. This includes in particular studies in which different forms of NAD upregulation are compared consistently with one another.

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