Sumo Deadlift High Pull: How To Do Them And Benefits

 The sumo deadlift high pull is a great conditioning tool that is a staple in CrossFit, functional fitness, athletic training and personal training modalities. This movement is not only going to work on strength and stabilization, but it is also a foundational movement that gives way to building the coordination and ability to explode and recruit the appropriate muscles for bigger, more compound movements, like cleans, jerks, and gymnastics. If you’re looking to build a jacked posterior chain, then learning how to do the sumo deadlift high pull and what the benefits are is going to be right up your alley.

What Is A Sumo Deadlift High Pull

The sumo deadlift high pull (SDHP) is a tool for teaching an individual or an athlete how to derive power and force generation from the lower body through the upper body. In this movement it isn’t so much about how much weight you can move, but rather, how efficiently you can move the weight between the upper and lower body. In this movement, an individual will start in a sumo deadlift foot and body positioning, then end with the elbows bent, in a full upright position, with the bar just under the chin.

Sumo Deadlift High Pull - Swolverine

Sumo Deadlift High Pull Muscles Worked

As a full body compound movement, the sumo deadlift high pull recruits a wide variety of primary movers and muscle groups in the body. From the upper and lower body, you’re going to feel the tension of the movement in the hams, glutes, core, erectors, shoulders, quads, biceps, traps, and even your forearms. Regardless of if you’re a functional athlete or a bodybuilder, the SDHP can really be a game changer for overall strength development.

Sumo Deadlift High Pull Benefits

1. Posterior Chain Development

The posterior chain development received by regularly incorporating sumo deadlift high pulls is second to none. The muscles that make up the back of the body, including the hips and back, are going to be the muscles that your body recruits to jump higher, lift more, and to have more peak power output during big functional fitness movements. By developing these muscles, you'll not only be able to become a better athlete, but you'll also have a more jacked aesthetic. Talk about a win-win.

2. Explosive Technique Development

Learning how to coordinate the movement between the lower and upper body when moving weight is a talent you must develop if you're looking to become a better athlete. By not only recruiting a large muscles across the body, efficiency is key when doing SDHPs to developing explosive technique. This development will also translate into other movements, like clean and jerks, with more power and output potential.

3. Full Body Compound Strength Development

As mentioned previously, the SDHP is going to help you develop muscle groups in the legs, core, back, as well as the upper body. So whether you're looking to use this movement to become a better athlete or have a more yolked aesthetic, SDHP should probably fit somewhere in your weekly programming.

4. Conditioning Improvement

SDHPs make a great addition to training to increase cardiovascular output and capacity. Since this movement isn't designed to have a high level of weight moved, doing it with a high level of reps can definitely get that blood pumping for a solid conditioning piece. 

How To Do Sumo Deadlift High Pull

In order to avoid injury, we recommend starting with a PVC or empty barbell to get used to the movement and the pattern of the movement prior to adding weight.

  1. Start with a barbell on the floor
  2. Walk up to the barbell and get into a sumo stance
  3. Grab the bar and align the toes under the barbell
  4. Your feet should be slightly turned out and spaced farther than your shoulders in the sumo position
  5. Squat with the knees tracking out over the toes with the barbell just next to the shins in an overhand grip. The arms should be straight, the chest should be up, and the core should be tight.
  6. Bracing the core, begin to raise your hips, shoulders, and core from the neutral spine position, driving the weight through the hips and generating force to bring the barbell from the shin area upwards
  7. As the bar ascends past the hips, continue to drive through the legs, to bring the bar to the full upright position with the arms bent, core tight, and spine braced
  8. Release and go back to the starting position

Sumo Deadlift High Pull: Takeaway

The SDHP is an often overlooked training technique that contributes to posterior chain development, explosive technique development, full body strength, as well as mind-muscle coordination and recruitment. Whether you’re looking to get a bigger clean and jerk, get better at gymnastics, OLY movements, or just get a stronger and more defined physique, this movement (when done with proper technique and load) is right for you.

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