How To Do V-Ups

V-ups also known as Jackknifes are a challenging yet super effective ab exercise that utilizes your entire core. The V-up requires you to lift both of your arms and legs at the same time, emphasizing strength and balance stimulating your entire mid-section.

What Are V-Ups 

V-ups are one of the best ab exercises you can perform to build more core strength, stabilization, and create a rock hard set of abs. V-ups are a challenging and advanced movement, activating your entire rectus abdominas to keep your body in balance. If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities like Zac Efron or Brad Pitt build a flat, chiseled core, v-ups are always in their training protocol.

V-Up Benefits

Benefits of v-ups – core strength. V-ups are a body weight movement that will benefit several aspects of your physical fitness and physiological wellbeing. V-ups will benefit improved posture, better body composition, and enhance balance and coordination, as well as build more core strength. While the move sounds simple, v-ups are considered a very complex exercise, requiring a high level of core stabilization and balance. Another great benefit of v-ups like most ab exercises is convenience. You can perform that at home, the gym, or while traveling.

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How To Do V-Ups

Lying on your back, extend your arms behind your head. Keep your feet together and toes pointed in front of you. Keep your legs straight and lift them up, while you are also lifting up your arms towards your toes, raising your upper and lower body off the floor, as your abs being the pendulum or center piece. Keep your core tight and engaged as you touch your toes with your hands  Perform 10-12 reps for 5-6 sets.

How To Do V-Ups: Takeaway

When you think v-ups, then you should also be thinking core strength. The benefits of v-ups go beyond a great set of abs, they increase core strength, improve posture, balance, and coordination, and can lead to better body composition. Although challenging, v-ups should always be included in your strength training or exercise program.

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