How To Do Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are one of the most effective ab exercises to develop a strong, flat, and chiseled set of abs. A strong core can assist in stabilization and balance to develop better form for stronger lifts and improved power.

What Are Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are an extremely effective ab exercise. Held in a plank position, mountain climbers are essentially planks with a cardio element combined into one movement. Mountain climbers benefit weight loss, burning more body fat, increasing strength, and improve core stabilization. As a strength training movement, mountain climbers can drastically improve physical performance and aerobic endurance. From the plank with your legs alternating and tucked into your chest, when performed at higher intensities, and quicker tempo, the mountain climber can boost endurance. Slowed down, it can further develop core stabilization and hip flexion which is crucial for explosive movements and endurance athletes.

Mountain Climber Benefits

As with many resistance training movements the mountain climber provides training benefits such as increased strength, improved posture, better body composition, and improved muscular endurance. While the move sounds simple, mountain climbers are considered a compound exercise, stimulating several muscle groups, joints, and flexor muscles simultaneously. Another great benefit of mountain climbers is that you can perform them form the comfort of your own home, in a hotel room when you’re traveling or at the gym.

How To Do Mountain Climbers

In a push up or high plank position, engage your core, glutes, and quads. Drive your left knee in towards your chest on the outside the arm, quickly jumping or stepping it back then alternating legs drive your right knee towards your chest outside the arm and continue alternating for thirty seconds. Make sure to keep your shoulders in line with your wrists and effectively contract your core.  Perform this movement for thirty seconds and complete a set of 5-6 sets.

Mountain Climbers: Takeaway

Mountain climbers are a killer exercise that can get your heart rate up, burn more calories, and increase core strength and stabilization. Mountain climbers can improve your functional strength as well as your aerobic and anaerobic capacity. If you want to improve your athleticism and performance, mountain climbers are a great addition to your training program. 

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