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Imagine if there was a supplement that could legitimately help you pump out more reps, row harder, lift heavier, and run faster. Would you believe it? Well, we're here to tell you that some dreams do come true. Beta-Alanine is one of the most well researched and scientifically backed supplements on the planet. Studies have shown that by counteracting the development of lactic acid, beta-alanine can improve athletic performance and endurance by delaying muscle fatigue and increasing workout volume. 

What Is Beta-Alanine?

Beta-Alanine is a non-essential beta-amino acid. Unlike the 20 standard amino acids, beta-amino acids have their amino group bonded to the β carbon rather than the α carbon. However, unlike other beta-amino acids, beta-alanine is naturally produced by the body and can be found in food such as meat and fish.  

How Does Beta-Alanine Work? 

When you work out, your body relies on glucose for energy, which results in the production of lactic acid increasing muscle acidity. This lactic acid build-up eventually causes muscle fatigue and a loss of muscle power. Beta-alanine is a lactic acid buffer and combines with the amino acid l-histidine, creating a di-peptide called carnosine. Carnosine has been proven to reduce muscle acidity and delay muscle increasing your exercise performance and workout volume, by allowing you more time to exhaustion.

Numerous studies have shown that supplementing with CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine improves muscle carnosine concentrations to help delay muscle fatigue and counteract the build-up of lactic acid. A study published in the Journal of Medical & Science In Sports & Exercise examined the effects of muscle carnosine content and endurance cycling capacity after 24 weeks of supplementation in cyclists. The study showed that supplementing with CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine increased muscle carnosine content and improved high-intensity cycling capacity at every time-interval [R, R].

What Are The Benefits Of Beta-Alanine?

The benefits of beta-alanine have been extensively studied for many years due to the scientific research and stringent quality control conducted by CarnoSyn® CarnoSyn® is the only beta-alanine that has successfully obtained NDI and self-affirmed GRAS [generally recognized as safe] status. CarnoSyn®’s growing list of awards and certifications have helped to establish CarnoSyn® as a trusted brand and the only choice for tested, patented, and pure beta-alanine. That’s why it’s imperative that when you purchase a beta-alanine supplement, it contains the patented ingredient CarnoSyn®. Make sure you read the back of the label before you purchase beta-alanine.

CarnoSyn® beta-alanine has demonstrated significant benefits in the ability to delay muscle fatigue and increase exercise endurance and peak performance across a multitude of different training programs and athletes.   

Beta-Alanine Benefits: Increases Muscle Carnosine Content

Competitive cyclists supplementing with CarnoSyn® beta-alanine showed an increase in muscle carnosine increase of 58% at after 4 weeks and 80% after 10 weeks of supplementation [R].

Another study, conducted in a group of competitive sprint athletes trained to compete in the 400-meter race saw increased levels of muscle carnosine after a 4-week supplementation trial [R]

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With more beta-alanine administered to the bloodstream and muscle tissue, workout volume will increase due to a delay in muscle fatigue and increased workout capacity, thus improving overall athletic performance. It’s important to supplement with beta-alanine on training and non-training days, to ensure muscle saturation for improved athletic performance.

Beta-Alanine Benefits: Increases Workout Volume

Workout volume is defined as the total amount of work completed in a certain amount of time.

A 28-day study demonstrated an increase of 16.9% in physical working capacity for men and a 12% increase in the working capacity of women [R] Therefore, by supplementing with Beta-Alanine you’ll be able to increase your workout volume, which translates into better performance, endurance, bigger strength gains, and optimized body composition. The ability to do more, means better results.

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Beta-Alanine Benefits: Improves Endurance & Peak Performance

CarnoSyn® beta-alanine has demonstrated statistically significant delays in muscle fatigue and increases in exercise endurance and peak capacity across a wide span of athletic performance and different endurance sports such as sprinting, rowing, HIIT, and cycling.Cyclists saw an average increase of 11.4% in increased peak power output after 8 weeks [R], while a group of highly trained rowers improved their speed by 4.3 seconds over 2000m in a 7-week study [R] If you can row harder and sprint faster, you will increase overall athletic ability and competitiveness.  

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Beta-Alanine Benefits: Delays Muscle Fatigue

A study published in the Journal Of The International Society Of Sports Nutrition  showed that CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine supplementation improved endurance performance and body composition by delaying muscle fatigue and improving workout duration in a group of 48 men[R]

Beta-Alanine Benefits: Improves Strength

The combination of beta-alanine supplementation with creatine resulted in statistically significant strength increases for collegiate football players [R, R]. 

Beta-Alanine Benefits: Reduces Mental Fatigue & Enhances Mental Focus

What’s even more impressive, is beta-alanine’s ability to enhance mental focus. Studies have shown that CarnoSyn® improves executive functioning and mental clarity and enhances the cognitive process and reduces mental fatigue when supplemented in highly trained military personnel [R]. 

Why Does Beta-Alanine Make You Tingle?

Beta-alanine produces a harmless tingling sensation called parasthesia  [R]. This is a direct effect that beta-alanine has on your nerves. Some love the feeling, while others hate it. However, if you can’t stand it, you can avoid this sensation but taking smaller doses multiple times a day. As your body assimilates, paresthesia will become less noticeable and more tolerant.

Beta-Alanine Dosage

According to CarnoSyn® you're starting dose should be at least 3.2g per day for a minimum of four weeks to improve muscle carnosine content. If you want to maximize athletic performance and endurance, it's recommended to supplement with 6.4g. 

Should I Take Beta-Alanine?

If you’re serious about improving your exercise performance and training, then supplementing with CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine is a no-brainer. Numerous clinical studies have shown that beta-alanine improves athletic performance through delaying muscle fatigue, increasing workout volume, peak performance, and improving strength gains. Grab yourself some beta-alanine and start crushing your workout performance and goals. 

 Looking for the best CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine to increase your endurance?

Swolverine's Beta-Alanine is a non-essential beta-amino acid, which works to fight muscle fatigue by counteracting the development of lactic acid. If you can fight muscle fatigue, then you can maintain a high level of performance past the point of exhaustion. Less muscle fatigue means increased training volume, which translates into more strength, better endurance, and optimized performance.

We believe that everyone can optimize not only their athletic performance but their human potential. The way we believe we can optimize performance is through transparency, clinically effective doses, and clinically proven ingredients with evidence-based outcomes. We provide the nutrients you need to power your active lifestyle. 


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