Bacon Meal Prepping - Swolverine

You love bacon, we love bacon, what’s better than loving bacon is actually eating bacon. Stop making your weekly meal prep recipes boring and level up this week’s meal prep game with, yep you guessed it, BACON. These are Swolverine tried and tested bacon meal prep recipes, so from our kitchen to yours, enjoy.

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Breakfast Bowls

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Breakfast Bowls Swolverine

Smokey bacon wrapped asparagus is served on a bed of greens with eggs and berries for the perfect paleo or keto breakfast.

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Whole30 Chicken Bacon Ranch Meal Prep

Whole30 Chicken Bacon Ranch Meal Prep - Swolverine

Whole30 Chicken Bacon Ranch Meal prep combines all of your favorite ‘sinful’ ingredients into one healthy, easy and wholesome lunch recipe. Paleo. Gluten Free. 

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Smoked Salmon, Bacon, and Spinach Breakfast Meal Prep

Bacon And Egg White Breakfast Meal Prep Recipe - Swolverine

Smoked Salmon on top of a bed of spinach, bacon, and two boiled eggs with pepper on it. You can also sub the steak or another meat. Keto approved :)

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Apple, Bacon, Onion & Cheddar Breakfast Squares

Apple, Bacon, Onion & Cheddar Breakfast Squares - Swolverine

Fall in love with the sweet and savory flavor combination in this Apple, Bacon, Onion & Cheddar Breakfast square recipe that is made in one pan. Gluten Free. Low Carb.

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Whole30 Bacon & Strawberry Breakfast Salad

Whole30 Bacon & Strawberry Breakfast Salad Swolverine

We like to enjoy this unique dish with a beautiful garlicky Green Goddess Dressing made with tahini and fresh herbs such as parsley, basil, and dill. Perfectly appropriate for the fresh Mediterranean base of this breakfast salad. And even with all of that added deliciousness, this meal prep idea is still Whole30 approved!

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