Chelsea Young - MOD Nutrition - Swolverine - CrossFit Athlete

Tell us a little about you…

Hi! I’m Chelsea Espe, I’ve been involved in CrossFit for a little over two years now and it’s drastically and completely changed my lifestyle and outlook. I train at CrossFit Revamped in Columbia, MD. I receive mentorship, guidance, and coaching under both Gary and Alea Helmick.

Give us a glimpse into your training

My training schedule is pretty serious and I train as a full-time athlete. I dedicate everything I have to the sport and love every single minute of it. You can find me at the box 6 days a week. During those 6 days, I train 2 times a day.

Chelsea Young - MOD Nutrition - Swolverine - CrossFit Athlete

What do you focus on with your training?

A couple of things – refining skill and becoming better prepared to take on competing at higher levels. During my two-a-days, I switch off between extra programming, accessory work, daily class workouts, swimming and quite a bit of running. In order to take it to the next level with my performance, I take a lot of pride in fueling my body with nutrients I need and not the ones that I don’t.

Can you talk more about nutrition?

I not only take it seriously for myself but for my clients as well. When I’m not training, I do custom nutrition coaching and meal prep programs through MOD Nutrition. I like taking vitamins to bridge the gaps in my nutrition while supplementing with Whey Isolate and Kre-Alkalyn to maintain and build strength through my training days.

**Chelsea Young is the founder of MOD Nutrition**

Chelsea Young - MOD Nutrition - Swolverine

Why do you choose to work with SWOLVERINE?

I think Swolverine is the best option for athletes who are looking to improve their performance while improving their overall health and wellness. I like that the products are sourced naturally and they’re not pumped full of ingredients I can’t even recognize, nonetheless pronounce. Whether you’re a full-time athlete or everyday gym-goer, these products can help you improve your overall lifestyle and intensity of training. I love them and I think you will too!

Chelsea Young CrossFit Swolverine CrossFit Revamped

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