Dietary Supplement Clinical Dose Guide

The biggest problem in the supplement industry – under dosing. Under dosing supplements, is defined as not including enough of a certain ingredient to provide an ergogenic, or positive associated benefit of that product. As a consumer, this can be extremely alarming, since most products sold today, do not fulfill their intended benefit due to the lack of active ingredients. We’ve put together a guide with the most popular supplements and their correct dose, based on clinical research with evidence based outcomes.

What Does Clinical Dose Mean?

It’s important to note, that dietary supplements are not FDA approved or indicated to treat the following symptoms. Clinical studies have shown positive benefits, associated with their investigated indications and the corresponding dose, yet have not been FDA approved for therapeutic use. The clinical dose indicates the corresponding dose used in clinical studies to investigate positive effects. When you're researching a supplement for a specific use, its important to purchase a product that has the correct clinical dose, in order to derive any positive benefits for that specific intended use. 

The table below provides the correct clinically effective dose, used for an intended purpose or indication, according to clinical trials and scientific reviews

Acai Red Superfruit Anti-Aging 12 WK 320mg
Apple Cider Vinegar Red Superfruit Anti-Bacterial Effects 12 WK 500mg
Ashwagandha Adaptogen Stress and Anxiety 8 WK 300-600mg
Testosterone Improvement 8 WK 600mg
Sleep Quality, Sleep Latency, Insomnia [R] 10 WK 300mg
Athletic Performance 8 WK 500-600mg
Cognitive Support [R] 8 WK 600mg
Astragalus Adaptogen Anti-Aging 16 WK
Heart Health 2 WK 7.5g
Kidney Health 4 WK 15g
Bacopa Monnieri Herb Cognitive Function And Memory 12 WK 300mg
BCAA Amino Acid Peak Power Increase 10 WK 12g
Body Recomposition 8 WK 14g
Muscle Strength 8 WK 6g
Exercise Recovery 4 WK 16g
Beet Root Red Superfruit Endurance Capacity 1 WK 500mg
Improves Focus 1 WK 140mg
Blood Pressure 1 WK 500mg
Cognitive Performance 2 WK 250mg
Beta-Alanine (Carnosyn) Amino Acid Endurance 6 WK 6g
Workout Volume 4 WK 6.4g
Peak Power 8 WK 3.2g
Betaine Modified Amino Acid Workout Volume 6 WK 2.5g
Body Composition 6 WK 2.5g
Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) Amino Acid Body Composition 12 WK 1g
Peak Power 12 WK 1g
Aerobic Capacity 12 WK 1g
Bilberry Red Superfruit Heart Disease 12 WK 500mg
Blood Pressure 6 WK 500mg
Cholesterol 6 WK 500mg
Body Composition 5 WK 500mg
Blood Sugar 12 WK
Blueberry Red Superfruit Blood Sugar 12 WK 500mg
Positive Mood State 12 WK 500mg
Memory 12 WK 500mg
Bromelain Plant Compound Knee Pain Inflammation  12 WK 400mg
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)  Vitamin
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) Vitamin
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)  Vitamin
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) Vitamin
Vitamin B6 Vitamin
Vitamin B7 (Biotin) Vitamin Hair And Nail Growth 24 WK 2500mcg
Vitamin B9 (folate) Vitamin
Vitamin B12 Vitamin
Caffeine Stimulant Anerobic Capacity 1 day 240mg
Power Output 1 day 200mg
Fat Oxidation 4 WK 300mg
Carnitine Amino Acid Anerobic Running Capacity 8 WK 4.5g
Weight Loss 8 WK 2g
Cognitive Function 12 WK 2g
Camomile Herbal
Chlorella Super Green Immune Health 4 WK 6g
Chronic Pain 8 WK 10g
Blood Pressure 6 WK 5g
Anti-Aging 6 WK 6.3g
Citrulline Malate Amino Acid Exercise Recovery 1 WK 8g
Muscle Endurance 1 WK 8g
Work Capacity 1 WK 5g
Muscle Strength 1 Day 8g
Power Output 1 Day 8g
CLA Fatty Acid Increase In Lean Mass 7 WK 5g
Body Fat Reduction 24 WK 3.2g
Collagen Protein Joint Pain 12 WK 10g
Osteoarthritis 36 WK 10g
Coenzyme Q10 Vitamin/Antioxidant Heart Health 8 WK 100-300mg
Peak Power Output 6 WK 300mg
Reduces Muscle Damage 4 WK 300mg
Cranberry Red Superfruit Urinary Tract Infections 12 WK 500-1500mg
Creatine Amino Acid Power Output 12 WK Loaded 3g
Anerobic Running Capacity 2 WK Loaded 3g
Lean Muscle Mass 8 WK Loaded 3g
Diindolymethane Plant Compound Balances Estrogen Levels 8 WK 50-300mg
PMS Symptoms 8 WK 200mg
Vitamin D3 Vitamin/Antioxidant Improves Immunity 16 WK 1200 IU
Depression 12 MN 3-5000IU
Seasonal Affective Disorder 4 WK 3500IU
Echinacea Herbal Improves Immune Health 4 WK 300-500mg
Elderberry Red Superfruit Improves Severity Of Flu Symptoms 1 WK 300mg
Eleuthero Adaptogen Reduces Chronic Fatigue 8 WK 400mg
Endurance Capacity 2-8 WK 300mg-800mg
Reduces Stress And Anxiety 8 WK 400mg
Fenugreek Herbal Testosterone Production 8 WK 500mg
Increases Strength 8 WK 500mg
Improves Body Composition 8 WK 500mg
Fish Oil  Fatty Acid Aids Weight Loss 12 WK 500mg
Eye Health 12 WK 500mg
Reduces Depression 12 WK 500mg
Heart Disease 12 WK 800mg
Rheumatoid arthritis 12 WK 1000mg
Joint Pain 16 WK 1000mg
Flaxseed Fatty Acid Cardiovascular Health 12 WK 4g
Forskolin Herbal Body Fat 12 WK 250mg
Natural Testosterone Production 12 WK 250mg
Garcinia Cambogia (Hydroxycitric acid) Herbal Weight Loss 24 WK 500mg
Guarana Stimulant Weight Loss 8 WK 240mg
Ginkgo Herbal Memory 8 WK 180mg
Cognitive Performance 24 WK 240mg
Grape Seed Extract Fatty Acid Blood Pressure 12 WK 800mg
Blood Flow 8 WK 400mg
Brain Health 12 WK 250mg
Kidney Health 24 WK 2g
Goji Red Superfruit Eye Health 12 WK 300mg
Blood Sugar Regulation 12 WK 300mg
Green Coffee Bean Thermogenic Weight Loss 12 WK 200mg
Green Tea Thermogenic Anti-A nxiety  6 WK 400mg
Weight Loss 12 WK 300mg
Huperzine - A Nootropic Cognitive Function  8 WK 800mg
Inositol  Psuedovitamin PCOS 8 WK 2,000mg
Fertility 8 WK 2,000mg
Kre-Alkalyn Amino Acid Endurance 12 WK 3g
Strength 8 WK 7.5g
Power Output 8 WK 7.5g
Krill Oil Fatty Acid Cholesterol 12 WK 3g
Skin Health 8 WK 500mg
Joint Pain  2 WK 300mg
Cognitive Performance 4 WK 2g
Power Output 8 WK 3g
Muscle Mass 8 WK 3g
Lecithin Plant Compound Cholesterol 500mg
Heart Health 12 WK 2g
Licorice Root Herbal Eczema 2 WK 20% topical gel
Acid Reflux/Indigestion 8 WK 40mg
Magnesium Mineral Sleep Quality 8 WK 320mg
Aerobic Capacity 4 WK 400mg
Milk Thistle Herbal Liver Function  12-24 WK 200-400mg
Melatonin Hormone Sleep Cycle  1 WK 2-5mg
Sleep Quality 2mg
Anti-Anxiety 12 WK 6mg
MSM Organic Compound Joint Health 12 WK 1200mg
Exercise Recovery 3 WK 3g
Pomegranate Red Superfruit Exercise Recovery 1 WK 500mg
Athletic Performance  1 WK 500mg
Endurance Capacity 1 WK 500mg
Strength Increases 1 WK 500mg
Probiotics Live Bacteria Gut Health 8 WK 1B CFU
Bowel Movements 12 WK 9B CFU
Skin Health 8 WK 5B CFU
Inflammatory Bowel Disease 24 WK 10B CFU
Resveratrol Plant Compound  Heart Health 12 WK 10mg
Insulin Sensitivity  4 WK 150mg
Rhodiola Rosea Adaptogen Anti-Anxiety 10 WK 340mg
Mental Focus 12 WK 170mg
Mood 12 WK 340mg
Fatigue 2 WK 170mg
Power Output 4 WK 100mg
Sleep Quality 4 WK 400mg
St. Johns Wort Herbal Depression 12 WK 900mg
Spirulina Super Green Cholestetol 16 WK 8g
Muscular Endurance 4 WK 6g
Blood Pressure 4 WK 3.5g
Power Output 8 WK 2g
Theanine Amino Acid Sleep 4 WK 200mg
Anti-Anxiety 4 WK 200mg
Tribulus Herbal Testosterone Booster 16 WK 750mg
Libido 16 WK 750mg
Turmeric/Curcumin HErbal Joint Health 24 WK 1000mg
Joint Pain 6 WK 1500mg
Mood State 8 WK 1000mg
Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack) Adaptogen Stress 4 WK
Libido 12 WK 300mg
Testosterone Booster 4 WK 200mg
Strength/Muscle Mass 5 WK 100mg
Tryptophan Amino Acid Sleep 8 WK 1-2g
Valerian Root Adaptogen Sleep 8 WK 450mg
Anxiety 4 WK 82mg
Whey Protein/Whey Protein Isolate Amino Acid Muscle Mass 12 WK 25g
Weight Loss 12 WK 27g
Strength 4 WK 2tg
Willow Bark Herbal Arthirtic Pain 6 WK 240mg
Yerba Mate Stimulant Mental Focus 1 Day 200-400mg
Athletic Performance 1 Day 200mg
Yohimbe Herbal Erectile Dysfunction 4 WK 42mg
Zinc Mineral Immune Health 1 WK 80-200mg
Infection 1 WK 45mg
Testosterone Booster 8 WK 30mg



We believe that everyone can optimize not only their athletic performance but their human potential. The way we believe we can optimize performance is through transparency, clinically effective doses, and clinically proven ingredients with evidence-based outcomes. We provide the nutrients you need to power your active lifestyle. 


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