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What is a CrossFit Box? For those of you who are new to CrossFit, there may be some crossfit slang, jargon, lingo or even perhaps some trash talk going down that’s got you scratching your head in bewilderment with an utter look of confusion. Coaches and athletes in the CrossFit Box (or gym) use a host of different crossfit words, and phrases to describe the exercises and techniques they use during a workout or WOD. 

Not to worry though! It may sound like Mandarin to you now, but after you read our quick crossfit lingo guide, to all the CrossFit terms and terminology, you’ll be fluent in WODTALK in no time.


The CrossFit BOX is slang referring to the gym or the area in which you workout. It’s called a BOX, due to the lack of equipment creating a wide open space, or.. BOX


A WOD is crossfit terminology used for a workout that your coach or box buddies have devised to create the most agony.


AMRAP means to complete a circuit or workout as many times as humanly possible, within an allotted amount of time.


This stands for Metabolic Conditioning. A Metcon usually consists of a few exercises repeated AMRAP style. An example of a MetCon would be The “Fran” workout consisting of 21-15-9 reps of Thrusters and Pull-ups AMRAP. 


EMOM is crossfit lingo, which refers to performing a movement or exercise every minute on the minute. For example, if you were prescribed to do 6 Deadlifts, then you would start the clock, and perform your 6 reps, then rest for the remainder of that minute, until starting again at the top of the next minute.


This crossfit term simply means performing all movements at the prescribed weight and number of reps. Therefore, if a workout is RX’d, it means you completed it as prescribed. All WOD’s in CrossFit can be scaled down to your desired and attainable weight. However, the challenge is in performing the Workout RX’d.


Whenever someone achieves a new personal record on a certain lift or movement.


While jump roping, a double under refers to letting the rope pass beneath your fit twice, as opposed to once, when you’re in the air.


Kipping is used when performing movements to gain momentum, such as pull-ups, muscle-ups, dips, and hand-stands.


Get your ass as close to the ground as possible when performing loaded front and back squats, or air squats.


Aptly named, For Time, is implied within, it means performing a workout as fast as you can, or… For time.


CrossFit slang, for Did Not Finish. Make sure you FFTS. I'll let you take a guess on what that one means. 


A Workout Of The Day named after servicemen, policemen, and firefighters, who have died in the line of duty, as a reminder of their sacrifice and service. (I.e. Murph)


This refers to a single-leg squat. Challenging and graceful.


Pure hell for most, the Burpee is one of the most revered and dreaded movements in CrossFit. From standing position, bend down and plant both hands kick back both of your legs to find yourself in a plank position and perform a push-up. Bring your legs back in, then jump and clap your hands. Congratulations, you’ve completed one burpee. Now go ahead and do 50 AMRAP.

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From a hanging position on the bar, swing your torso forward, kick your legs back, and bring your toes up to the bar, in a pendulum motion.

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Holding a medicine ball, explode from a squat position, and toss the ball above the head 8-10 feet against the wall and catch, then repeat.

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a contoured foam wedge, created to perform sit-ups with a greater range of motion (ROM) in comfort.


Parallel bars created for the advanced handstand enthusiast. Experts only! This is 8 inches above the ground, which is too high for you. 


Agonizing yet effective, the thruster is simply a compound movement, consisting of a front-squat to a push press. Don’t be fooled though, they suck. Learn the crossfit lingo, because this one hurts. 


Sumo Deadlift High-Pull


Overhead Squat


Knees To Elbows


Crossfit jargon, to perform a movement or exercise with maximum effort or intensity.


Hand stand push-up


This refers to a work-rest method of exercise. For example, on the Airdyne or Assualt AirBike you can WORK or pedal at an accelerated rate for 20 seconds, then REST for 10 seconds for a total of 8 intervals.


Chipper refers to “Chipping” refers to chipping away at a WOD, in order to finish it.


To perform one or more exercises with an ascending or descending rep range (usually with a set time)


Last but definitely not least, the CrossFit Total. This is the benchmark strength workout for CrossFit Athletes, in which three attempts are given to find max squat, standing push press, and deadlift. Nine reps, of pure hell.

The CrossFit Dictionary: Takeaway

There's a ton of CrossFit jargon, lingo, and slang that goes down in the Box. But no worries, you'll pick up on it fast, especially if you're consistnely going to class. But for now, just refer to this CrossFit dictionary when you have questions and need answers. 

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