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They've worked for what they've got, and they're smokin' hot! Strong is beautiful, and beauty is power. That's why we've compiled a list of the sexiest and hottest female CrossFit Athletes we've seen... Because we can.  What you're about to witness are some of the most beautiful humans you have ever laid your eyes upon. You're welcome ;)


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Carolinne Hobo

The volume of this Brazilian CrossFit Queen, is "maxed out." With an 8-pack that could make a grown man cry, Carolinne is so hot, she'll make you hysterically burst into tears. Definitely our numero uno for the hottest female crossfitter


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Bethany Branham

Stacked and stunning, the fun-sized Branham rocks her brunette braid and rocks it real-real-good. Only starting her CrossFit career in 2015, the beautiful Branham currently ranks in the Top 20 Fittest In The World! That's pretty damn hot! Did I mention she's also on her way to the 2018 CrossFit Games!



Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Lauren Fisher

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren! With a messy bun of mane that would make anyone bite their lower lip, everything about the 22-year-old from the NorCal Region screams sexy. If you're looking for the girl next door, meets superhuman hot bod, it's Lauren. 


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Amanda Franden

Amanda is more than hot. She's a glorified, Swedish Smokeshow. She takes the tan, ripped, blonde persona and personally puts it to shame. This wouldn't be a hot list, without Amanda Franden. 


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Cynthia Uba

From Jos, Nigera Uba is dangerously and unequivocally sexy. A former CrossFit Coach at The University of Nevada Reno, if you need a lesson on your 'O' face, take a lesson from Cynthia. Her wild and exotic look, makes her one of the hottest female crossfit athletes we've seen. She has every element of hot you need. 


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Jessica Coughlan

Forget the double take, Jessica is more likely to break your neck. The stacked, blonde stunner from Australia is one aussie you'll never forget


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Leah Casciano

Genuine badass and certified hottie, Leah Casciano has a grandiloquent street style that will leave you in a steamy stupor. 


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Thelma Christoforou

If Aphrodite became a mortal, she'd come back as Thelma. From the Island of Cyprus, Thelma has beauty, braun, and looks to kill. If you find yourself slowly melting in your chair, you're not having a heart attack, you're just overwhelmed by hottness. 


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Andrea Ager

They don't call her AGERBOMB for nothin. Ager is just that, a friggin mess of crossfit bombshell.  



Put simply, a dime-piece. Stacked in every way that screams hot, Alyssa Keith Christian is the edgy, uncut perfect 10


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Quiana Welch

Devastatingly gorgeous, and uproariously funny, Quiana will make you kick, scream, and throw a tantrum because of how hot she is. (Note: This may not be the best approach, to approach) An elegant spitfire


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Stella Christopher

If getting your ass kicked, and put into an unbreakable choke hold by a dime piece isn't something you fantasize about.. Let's get real, that's definitely something you fantasize about. Stella will put you down for the count, and you'll like it. 


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Kaitlyn Kassis

Forget the hoots, the hollers and the whistles, Kaitlyn Kassis deserves a whole round of applause. Dangerously sexy, and a legit competitor, she's everything you've dreamed of, but she'll squash you like a bug. Definitely one of the hottest femal crossfit athletes to date.


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Jean Rossarie

It doesn't get much sexier than this. As a PE teacher, Jeanne is no doubt, every high school schools boys wet dream. With hamhawks that are only seen in comic books, this is one class you wouldn't want to miss. 


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Cami Lopez

The sizzle is strong with this one. What else is there left to say. God bless Columbia. 


Hottest CrossFit Athletes - Celia Gabbiani

If you catch yourself drooling, don't worry it's completely normal. The unruly hot French CrossFit Queen, Celia Gabbiani is the definition of European Super Dime


 Who's Your CrossFit Crush!? Leave Us A Comment Below ;)


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