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For all the eye candy seekers out there, we’ve conducted a survey of the Hottest CrossFit Men of 2017 and the results are in.
This blog post has been known to cause heart palpitations, heavy breathing/panting, drooling, stuttering, a complete life reevaluation, and if seen in person, possible fainting and cardiac infarction. Grab your saddle and giddy up, cause we’re about to take you on a wild ride.

Khan Porter

Khan Porter Elivate Nutrition

Mental health advocate and dream boat this beautiful body boasts more than just strength and masculinity – with dancing videos, lip sync battles, and positivity he’s out to inspire you to love yourself for being 'perfectly imperfect'. *swoon*

Lukas Högberg

Lukas Högberg Elivate Nutrition

l'll never be one to chase a man, and I don't advise you to be one either... but hell, if it's Lukas Högberg, I might just start running after all. Save us from the water, we'll ride this dreamboat 'till it sinks. 

Kenneth Leverich

Kenneth Leverich Elivate Nutrition

Although he occasionally keeps bullfrogs in his shirt pocket and takes naps on dogs, he'll have you drooling and hip-hoppitying for more. You can wear our tights anytime with ham hawks like those. 

Jacob Heppner

Jacob Heppner Elivate Nutrition

Alright, we know CrossFit has enough dogs, but what about them felines? Heppner is hands down the best-looking ailurophile in all of CrossFit. He's obsessed with kitties. And our kitties are obsessed with him. Puurrr.

Garret M. Fisher

Garret Fisher Elivate Nutrition

I'd like to say he'll make you feel weak in the knees, but quite frankly, he'll just make you forget you have knees at all. 

Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson Elivate Nutrition

Talk about an All-American heartthrob Doesn't get much more genuine than this Tennessee grown, 205lb Stackhouse, we call Alex Anderson. 

Andre Crews

Andre Crews Elivate Nutrition

You couldn't ask for a better coach to model your CrossFit goals and work ethic after, but hey, we wouldn't mind taking a class or two just to watch Andre move around the box. Put me in, Coach. 

Christian Harris

Chris Harris Elivate Nutrition

Trust us - we'll 'Romwod & Chill' with you any day of the week. What's our favorite part of working out you ask? Watching Chris Harris stretch of course... he may be swole but how flexy are you?

James Newbury

James Newbury Elivate Nutrition

Alright, he can french braid a whole lot better than most of us... but that's not enough of a reason to complain. Man buns are meant to be pulled on anyways, right? Let your hair down... stay for a while. 

Ricky Garard

Ricky Garard Elivate Nutrition

Looks like a Lil' too much protein for my macros, but, sure... I'll have a bite or two if you make me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mathew Frasier

Mathew Fraser Elivate Nutrition

Move over Tom Selleck, the new kid is in town, and he's sure to put both you and Chuck Norris to shame. He's got a chest full of fluffy hair we simply cannot resist, and given it's the only fluffy thing on his entire body... we'll cuddle him like a teddy bear any day. 

Marcelo Bruno Decidet

Marcelo Bruno Elivate Nutrition

If you're looking for adventure and wild exotic fantasies to be fulfilled, with a deep, South American accent, look no further. With a rugged exterior and perhaps the most exceptional beard CrossFit has ever seen... Marcelo will have you booking a one-way ticket to Chile and on the next flight out. 

Rob Forte

Rob Forte Elivate Nutrition

If you're really looking to see how good his looks get... follow this link and you can thank us later ;) 

Joel Munro

Joel Munro Elivate Nutrition

Move over Gronkowski, one look at this party boy heartthrob and we'll be hopping ship onto his party cruise. That mustache is ready to be ridden into the sunset and did we mention he's Australian? *Jaw drop*

Christian Lucero

Christian V Lucero Elivate Nutrition

If you look in the mirror and say his name 4 times... No, he will not magically appear in your bedroom. Now go to your freezer, and grab a bag of ice, and calm your tits. 

Sam Dancer & Jared Stevens

Sam Dancer Jared Stevens Elivate Nutrition

There wasn't enough room for two more, so we have two in one, which can act as the cherry on top for all you thirsty bitches. Myself, included. Thank the lawd for Jared Wayne Stevens and Sam Dancer. 

Let us know who your CrossFit Crush is in the comments below! 


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