Preacher Curls: 3 Benefits And How To Do Them

Preacher curls are a staple arm day training exercise to build bigger stronger biceps. What’s great about the preacher curl, is the isolation, which can focus more direct muscle activation on the biceps, for a more defined and stronger physique. We’re going to talk about the benefits of preacher curls and why you need to add this effective bicep exercise into your training program.

What Are Preacher Curls 

The preacher curl is a variation to the traditional bicep curl. As opposed to standing, the preacher curl is a controlled and isolated movement, performed with an EZ bar on a preacher bench. Your elbows are ergonomically positioned on an arm pad at a 45 degree angle, allowing for greater isolation and focus on the biceps.

Preacher Curl Muscles Worked

Obviously, the preacher curl is a bicep focused movement, however, the preacher curl will also work the forearms as a secondary supporting muscle group as well as the shoulders and shoulder joints, to leverage the bar and curl.

Preacher Curl Benefits

1. Strength

Resistance training and moving heavy loads against gravity will inevitably build more strength. As with any resistance training or strength training exercise, performed with progressive overload and periodization, your body will systematically create more strength as you continue training.

2. Bigger Biceps

Isolated movements are exercises that are specifically focused on one muscle group. Preacher curls isolate the biceps helping initiate muscle protein synthesis, or the muscle building process, to help increase muscle size and strength. Most bicep exercises are isolated, however with the angled preacher bench, you can put the full focus on your biceps throughout the entirety of the movement, incresing range of motion and time under tension, two key variables to muscle growth. 

3. Defined Physique 

Isolated movements or ancillary exercises, as I like to call them help build a more defined and well-rounded physique. Preacher Curl can benefit your physique by building your biceps to ensure you have a full balanced aesthetic and bigger arms.

How To Do Preacher Curls 

Grab an EZ bar and start with a manageable yet relatively light weight.

Hold and grip the EZ bar at the close grip (inner handle). Your palms should be facing forward and slightly tilted inwards due to the shape of the bar.

Position your upper arms and chest against the preacher bench pad while holding the EZ Bar at top of the movement.

Inhale and slowly retract the bar down, keeping your biceps in line with the bar until your arms and biceps are fully extended.

As you exhale, contract your biceps to curl the weight up until your biceps are fully contracted and the bar is at shoulder height. Squeeze the biceps hard and hold this position, then repeat.

Repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions. 

Preacher Curls: Takeaway

One of the biggest benefits to incorporating the preacher curl into your workout, is the isolation, range of motion, and time under tension which can all contribute to bigger gains in muscle and strength. Add the preacher curl to your arm day and pump up those biceps. 

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