Landmine Press: An Accessory Movement To Build Stronger Shoulders

If you’re looking to add further variation to your upper body or shoulder day training split, the landmine press is an effective exercise to help build stronger shoulders. Assisted with a barbell attached to the floor, the landmine shoulder press has exceptional benefits for those looking to isolate the deltoid for slow steady contraction and a full range of motion.

What Is Landmine Press

The landmine press is a standing overhead press variation. Traditionally executed as a single arm movement, two hands can also be used during the press. The landmine press is characterized by a barbell with one end affixed to the ground while the other end is pressed overhead. This can place less physical stress on your shoulder since the barbell assists in the lift, as opposed to having a heavy load pressed overhead freely, as is in the overhead press.

Landmine Press Muscles Worked 

The muscles worked with landmine press, are primarily the deltoids, with secondary muscles and stabilizers, including the abdominals, adductors, triceps, pecs, and core.

Landmine Press Benefits

1. Shoulder Strength And Development

The landmine press can be extremely beneficial to help build more lean muscle mass and strength in the shoulders. Considering its full range of motion, the landmine press places significantly less physical stress on your shoulder joints, as opposed to heavier loaded overhead movements.  As an accessory strength training movement, working in the landmine press into your resistance training program will develop more size and strength. The press also takes on a curving path, which places less stress on your shoulders.

2. Core Strength And Stability 

Landmine press has several variations and can be performed unilaterally, bilaterally, kneeling, or standing. In each variation, the core (abdominals, obliques, and erectors) are heavily activated to perform the overhead movement and stabilize the body to ensure proper form and execution. Better core stability and strength carries over to all resistance training movements you perform, as well as functional movements, assisting in everyday activities, and overall movement patterns.

3. Better Shoulder Mobility

Shoulder mobility is key in functional training programs, and for developing more lean muscle mass. 

Shoulder mobility is crucial to keep your joints healthy and for full range of motion during lifts. Considering that the majority of us are not professional athletes, and either sit at a desk all day or have terrible posture from sitting in a forward rolled shoulder position, your joints become stiff, creating neck and shoulder pain. With less than perfect joint mobility, jumping into heavy snatches and overhead squats, can lead to an injury pretty fast.

The fact of the matter, is that if your shoulder mobility sucks, then your workouts can not be optimized to their full potential. Landmine press can benefit shoulder mobility, by placing less physical stress and improving range of motion for bigger and heavier barbell lifts.

How To Landmine Press


  • To get into starting position, you need to deadlift the barbell with two hands and position into one hand to start.
  • Stand tall, feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent
  • Using a full grip with your thumb wrapped around the bar, and palms under the bar, push the bar away from your using your chest, shoulders while your core is braced
  • Your shoulder blades should protract on the eccentric phase of the movement pushing away from your body and pressing
  • Pause at the top of the lift, then contract your muscles on the concentric phase as you lower the barbell back to starting position.

Landmine Press: Takeaway

The landmine press is an effective accessory strength training movement. Although you can't load up the barbell with heavy loads, volume, and full range of motion make the landmine press an effective shoulder exercise, to build more functional strength and mobility.

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