Handstand Walk: 5 Step Progressions To Master Your Handstand Walks

Every box has one. That one person that can flawlessly handstand walk across the box, with perfect form, effortless, almost better than they can walk on their own two feet. Envious, you wonder how you can develop this astounding skill, so the next time the open rolls around, you don’t have to be embarrassed about barely making it two feet, before you topple over. The good news is that this expert skill can be learned with a little time and dedication. Keep reading to learn our 5-step progression and learn how to handstand walk like a pro. 

5 Step Handstand Walk Progression

No matter if you’re a beginner handstand walker or an expert, these fundamental progressions will help you master your skill and become better at handstand walks. 


Step 1: Handstand Marching 

The first place you’re going to start when trying to learn handstand walks is through handstand marching.

  • Place a box against the wall
  • Facing away from the box and the wall get into push up position
  • Place your toes on top of the box and start marching from hand to hand

This movement will easily transition you into the next progression, nose-to-wall handstand holds and march. 

 Handstand Walks - Swolverine

Step 2: Nose-To-Wall Handstand Hold

Now that you’ve mastered handstand marching with your toes on the box, we’re going to progress to the next step and remove the box. 

With your nose and toes against the wall, balance, and hold in a static position. This will keep your body in a strong hollow position and build the muscles needed to strengthen your handstand hold. The more you get used the feeling of being upside down the better. Being able to hold in an upside down position, is critical in your progression to reach a freestanding handstand hold.

After you master the nose-to-wall handstand hold, it’s time to start marching.

  • Simply shift your weight side-to-side from one arm to the other.
  • Walk in a static position against the wall, lifting one arm up at a time then back down
  • This will get you familiar with the walking movement once you move away from the wall

Step 3: Single-Leg Thigh Taps

Now that we’ve got the beginner skills out of the way, it’s time to move onto the intermediate skills with single-leg thigh taps.

  • In a nose-to-wall static hold, place both feet together with toes on the wall.
  • Next, move one foot off to the side. Whatever foot moves to the side, keep that corresponding hand on the floor and place your weight on that side.
  • The opposite hand should now be free to come up and tap your thigh.

This will teach you how to keep your arms straight while shifting your weight and feel independent on one hand at a time.

Handstand Walks - Swolverine

Step 4: Side-Pressing Handstand

After you master thigh taps, you’re going to move into position with the side of your left, or right foot against the wall. This will get you one step closer to a free-standing handstand hold and freestanding handstand march. 

  • Kick up and place the side of your left or right foot against the wall.
  • Take two steps then have your feet follow and slide your foot against the wall.
  • Use the wall to help you balance, until you feel you can move away from the wall and free stand.

Step 5: Free stand Handstand Hold

After you feel comfortable and master hand-stand marching, try moving away from the wall. When you free stand, work on hand-stand marching in the static position without using the wall for balance. Once you master this skill, you’ll be handstand walking like a pro.

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