Fiber Rich Foods

Adding quality fiber-rich foods to your diet is the gateway to a happy and healthy digestive system. On average, American adults only eat 10-15g of total fiber per day – well below the recommended daily intake of 40-50g. You can get your fiber from supplements or bars, but those aren’t always the best options, since most bars contain tons of added sugars and well fiber supplements are just hard to choke down. It’s always best to get your fiber from real food.

When you’re adding more fiber to your diet, water is a must. Water will help move fiber more efficiently through your GI tract, acting as a broom that sweeps through your system. So make sure you’re getting your fill with at least 8 glasses per day.

Now, let’s talk about some fiber-rich foods you can easily add to your diet to reap those benefits.

Brussels Sprouts

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber: 4g per 1 cup

Brussels Sprouts are loaded with fiber and a must-have when you’re tired of eating broccoli every week. Brussels Sprouts have 4g of fiber per cup, with 53% soluble and 47% insoluble fiber, helping with blood glucose levels, bowel movements, and satiety. Sprinkle some salt, pepper, and brush on some olive oil for a delicious and crispy fiber-rich side for your meal preps.

Sweet Potatoes

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber: 4g per 1 cup

Fiber and vitamin-rich, sweet potatoes are a delicious and healthy addition to your diet. Sweet potatoes are one of the good carbs and can help with keeping you fuller for longer and providing a long-lasting release of energy, without spiking blood glucose levels. If you need a fast and convenient way to add some fiber and complex carbs to your diet, check out Clean Carbs.

Brown Rice

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber: 4g per 1 cup

Brown rice makes a great addition to your weekly meals. They add some great quality carbohydrates as well as more sustenance to your diet. If you’re looking to build more muscle in the gym, then you’ll definitely want to add this fiber-rich food. 

Split Peas 

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber: 7g per 1 cup

Split peas are one powerful green bean. Peas contain 7g of fiber per cup and make for a great side dish or snack. Packed with fiber, low in fat, and loaded with protein, peas are one fiber-rich food that you should include in your diet.  

Chia Seeds

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber: 14g per ¼ cup

Boasting superfood status, chia seeds are the perfect addition to your smoothies, salads, and Greek yogurt, for that extra protein and fiber you may be missing out on. One ounce which is about 2 tablespoons contains 4g of protein, 9g of healthy fats, 12g of complex carbs, and 11g of fiber. 


Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber: 4.5g per Medium Size Apple

A sweet and satiating source of fiber, one medium-sized apple contains around 4.5g of fiber. Apples are also a great source of vitamin C and complex carbohydrates. Grab some peanut or almond butter and turn this fiber-rich food into a delicious sweet and salty snack loaded with healthy fats and nutrients.


Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber: 10g per 1 cup (7g per half)

Green, delicious, and overflowing with fiber and healthy omega-3 essential fats, avocados are one of the best additions to your diet. Slather some avo on toast, slice it up for your salad, sandwich or just add some corn or black beans with a touch of salsa to one whole half, like a little avocado bowl.

Black Beans

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber: 17g per 1 cup 

The perfect fiber-packed food or as I like to call them, my taco wingmen. Black beans are a great complement to your tacos, taco bowls, or salad. Grab some almond flour tortillas, mangos, steak, salsa, and add a spoonful of corn and black beans. You will not be disappointed. 


Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber: 35g per 1 cup

Chickpeas are incredibly higher in fiber and in protein. The easiest way to get these babies into your diet is through two delicious ways – hummus and chickpea pasta. Hummus has 15g of fiber per cup and chickpea pasta like Banza, has 13g of fiber per serving! Talk about fiber-packed deliciousness. Try the Jalapeño Hummus from Whole Foods. It’s dream-worthy.

Whole Wheat Pasta 

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber: 6g per 1 cup

Another great pasta option is whole wheat. Whole wheat pasta adds 6g of fiber per cup to your diet, which is double the amount of ordinary pasta since it still has the hull and whole grains. Throw in some organic pasta sauce, chop up some chicken breast, add some mushrooms and garlic, and boom. Pasta magnifico.


Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber: 12 per 1 cup

Nature’s natural laxative, Prunes are a very dense and fiber-rich food, which also contain sorbitol, which has a natural, laxative effect in the body. Chew on a few of these babies and you’ll get things moving in no time. Blend them in your smoothies to give a rich and delicious chew texture like dates.   


Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber: 8 per 1 cup

Bomb. What more do I have to say? Blackberries pack in some rich fiber with 8g per one-cup serving. Toss some blackberries in your salad, fruit smoothies, and Greek yogurt, to get that extra bit of yum in your diet.

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