8 Causes of Dizziness On Periods

Dizziness on period and dizziness before periods are a common symptom that many women experience. While we already experience uncomfortable symptoms, this is one of them that can really make you feel off balance, lightheaded, and just out of it. For most women, this can be a symptom that is normal, whereas for others it can be a sign of an underlying condition.

Causes Of Dizziness During Period

For most, experiencing a little dizziness on period or dizziness before your period is normal. Here are a few reasons (we'll go into more depth on each one) why you may experience dizziness during your cycle:

  • Anemia (from blood loss and/or clots)
  • Cramps (causing pain and inflammation)
  • Dehydration (from hormonal or regular activity)
  • Hypoglycemia (blood sugar level change)
  • Migraines (period-related)
  • PMDD (severe PMS)
  • Prostaglandins (hormone changes)
  • Toxic Shock Syndrome

Anemia And Dizziness During Period

When your body loses blood or doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body, you may become anemic. More specifically, iron-deficiency anemia (most common in women), can be a result of heavy periods. Anemia can make you feel dizziness before your period or even during your period. You may want to ask your doctor about an iron supplement to take during this time of month, or by supplementing with a low-dose multivitamin regularly to avoid anemia altogether.

RECOMMENDED: Women's Multivitamin (30 servings)

8 Causes of Dizziness On Periods - Swolverine


While some women experience cramps, others do not. Cramps can be very debilitating for our daily function and even cause dizziness on period or beforehand. Cramps are your body’s normal uterine contraction that assists in the shedding of the uterine lining.

The pain that comes along with menstrual cramps may be improved with regular vitamin D supplementation. In a study of 897 girls who received high-dose vitamin D supplementation, it was found that the prevalence of PMS fell from 14.9% to just 4.8%. The vitamin D supplementation was associated with a reduction in backaches, emotional instability (tendency to cry easily), as well as a reduction in pain severity of dysmenorrhea. [R]

RECOMMENDED: Vitamin D soft gels (90 serving of 10,000 IU)

Dehydration and Dizziness During Period

Dehydration can make just about anyone feel dizzy, let alone when you're on your period. When our hormones fluctuate, especially around our monthly cycle, our bodies can require more hydration and more water to carry out these hormonal functions. If you’re low on water, dehydrated even, and it is before your period or you’re on your period, you might experience that lightheaded dizzy feeling on your period. Best bet? Stay hydrated all day every day, your body will thank you, period of not.


Hormone function directly affects blood sugar levels. Hormonal fluctuations from menstruation may lead to  hypoglycemia (low blood sugar. When you have low blood sugar levels, thanks to estrogen changing the body’s sensitivity to insulin, you may experience dizziness on period or dizziness before your period. If you have diabetes, you’re more prone to hypoglycemia around your monthly cycle as compared to others who are not diabetic.

8 Causes of Dizziness On Periods - Swolverine

Migraines and Dizziness During Period

You know those hormonal fluctuations, specifically estrogen, that we mentioned a couple paragraphs before this when talking about dehydration? Well the same function can actually cause period-related migraines before, during, and after your period. These migraines are often reported as being that throbbing attack, that along with pain, can cause dizziness on periods. As if you needed one more thing to consider! If it makes you feel better, nearly 60% of women experience period-related migraines, so you’re definitely not alone on this one, if you do. [R] 

One way to help with period-related pain, that often leads to dizziness, is by supplementing with two capsules or curcumin (the active ingredient in Turmeric capsules), on a regular basis before, during, and after periods. In a clinical trial, researchers looked at this type of supplementation and found that symptoms of PMS decreased thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects of Turmeric and inflammation causing period-related pain and migraines. [R]

RECOMMENDED: Turmeric (60 capsules) 750 mg each 


When PMS symptoms become severe, the condition is called premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and this is where our cycles can really wreak some havoc on our daily lives and ability to function. Not only does PMDD cause dizziness on period, but it can cause severe cramps, energy zaps, clots, and other negative side effects.

While there still isn’t a specific cause or even a very good understanding of PMDD, who experiences it vs who doesn’t, or the likelihood of experiencing it, most arrows point back at hormonal changes within the body during this time. If you feel like you have PMDD, we definitely recommend talking to your physician to see what you can do to alleviate the dizziness and other symptoms, as it does require treatment.

8 Causes of Dizziness On Periods - Swolverine

Prostaglandins and Dizziness During Period

Prostaglandins are hormones that help with regulating your menstrual cycle, among other functions on a regular basis in the human body. Sometimes we produce an excess of these hormones during our cycle, which can lead to more moderate and even severe period symptoms, like dizziness on your period, cramps, and migraines. When we produce these hormones in excess, they can actually constrict blood vessels, which can also use up more water, leading to that other symptom we’ve talked about (dehydration).

A study that sampled over 70 patients, it was concluded that Krill Oil supplementation actually reduces the emotional symptoms of PMS and that Krill Oil is significantly more effective at reducing dysmenorrhea as compared to supplementing omega-3s from Fish Oil supplementation. [R]

RECOMMENDED: Krill Oil (60 servings)

Toxic Shock Syndrome

You’ve probably only read about TSS on the back of a box of tampons or heard about it in a joke amongst your girlfriends in high school. However, toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a very serious disease. The good thing is that it is pretty rare, however, with the introduction of super-absorbent tampons that you can leave in for longer, TSS has become a little less rare. We recommend as a woman to familiarize yourself with TSS and if you have any symptoms of TSS, like a sudden fever, lightheadedness or fainting, high fever, sore throat, eye inflammation, or otherwise, seek medical care immediately.

8 Causes of Dizziness On Periods - Swolverine

Treatment For Dizziness During Period

Seeking treatment for persistent and debilitating dizziness on period or dizziness before your period varies based on the symptoms and processes that your body is experiencing during your cycle. Each one of the causes mentioned above may require different treatment or care, but in general, staying hydrated, considering non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen, and monitoring sugar intake can all help with dizziness and PMS symptoms.

However, conditions like PMDD, anemia, and TSS do require treatment and attention from a medical provider. a a diet rich in nutrients, protein, functional carbs, and quality fats, along with a regular sleep routine and activity, and appropriate supplementation can really go a long way with our body’s regular processes and can improve PMS symptoms.

Dizziness During Period - In Conclusion

In short, most PMS symptoms can be managed. However, for some women who experience moderate to severe, even debilitating symptoms, we recommend getting your medical team involved to provide some relief from your monthly cycle. While there are many reasons why you may feel dizziness on your period or before your period, while normal and usually temporary, if your symptoms are persistent or prolonged, they may be a sign of an underlying condition. All in all? Make sure to have a little grace and patience with yourself during this time of month. While men might not understand, or our bosses at work, your health is absolutely worthy of being a number one priority and self care is a necessity.

Ready to take a proactive approach to dizziness and other PMS symptoms keeping you from feeling good during 'that time of the month'? Consider supplementation to reduce inflammation, reduce period-related pain, and to improve overall health with the WELLNESS STACK from Swolverine.


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