CrossFitters Buyers Guide: The Best CrossFitter Gear Of 2017

We've collected and curated the best CrossFitter gear of the year, to help transform your athletic performance in the box and your active lifestyle outside of it.


The CrossFit Buyers Guide - HandCare WodRod

The best treatment for rips is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Introducing, WODROD, the ultimate tool for keeping calluses at bay and maintaining your hands with unparalleled smoothness. Simple, yet effective. Reliable, yet affordable. Torn hands are a trophy of the past. A single, knurled, metal instrument put together with patented 3M sanding tape technology. Use it every day and say bye-bye to nasty hands. Keep a Grip on Your Fitness with WODROD.

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Supplements for crossfitters

Quality, quality, and more quality. Elivate Nutrition is an endurance athlete and active lifestyle brand, built to fuel your athletic performance, increase strength, and enhance recovery.  From sports supplements such as Whey Isolate and Kre-Alkalyn, to vitamins and minerals, like Probiotics and Omega's, Elivate Nutrition, has exactly what the CrossFit athlete needs to crush their WOD & Set PRs. Don't just optimize your athletic potential, optimize your human potential - #ElivateYourself.

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Nov 24

The CrossFit Buyers Guide - Junk Headbands

Junk. Or as we call them, The Headband Kings. What kinds? All the kinds! Headbands are the ultimate accessory piece. I mean, what's there not to like? Functional, and aesthetically polarizing, Junk offers endless combinations of patterns, colors, designs, and whatever your heart desires. Deflect the sweat, look good, take home gold. By Gold, we mean Junk. 

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Nov 18
The CrossFit Buyers Guide - Mikes Recovery  

CHESTEE - CrossFit Buyers Guide

Revolutionary. The Chestee is literally a game changer in the world of not just CrossFit, but all of Women's Sports Fashion. A cross between a sports bra and high-fashion functional design, the Chestee has a built-in collarbone guard designed to help protect athletes against bruising from barbell impact. Innovative and bold, the Chestee is the perfect combination of function and fashion to keep you looking good, while providing adequate coverage and protection. 

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Nov 8


The Best CrossFit Gear - Active Intell Tape

Another revolutionary product for endurance athletes is Active Intell's (AI) Kinesiology Tape. AI Tape is not your ordinary athletic tape like RockTape or KT. AI Tape contains active ingredients menthol and camphor, to increase blood flow and relieve minor aches and pains all while holding true in providing joint stability. Even more exciting, are the innovative product releases coming from AI in 2018. 

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Nov 24



The Best CrossFit Gear - VersaLifts

A Little Heel Lift Can Go A Long Way. Depth matters in Crossfit and what better way to get there with a simple, affordable, and effective shoe insert produced by VersaLifts. They play a small part in making big things happen by being a company who is changing the way athletes look at previously constraining movements that are keeping them from their movement potentials. Improve mobility and proper technique at every weight and every level, VersaLifts might just be the best new accessory for your gym bag.

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Nov 24


WOD&DONE - Best CrossFit Gear

WOD & Done! Sticky grip tape, that does exactly what the name implies. Take the single-use tape out of the packaging, apply, crush your WOD and remove. It's that easy. Now you can protect your hands while maintaining the natural feel of the bar. The beauty about WOD&DONE is the simplicity.

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Nov 24

The Best CrossFit Gear - FEMMEROYALe

Femme Royale is an expression, way of life for the women of our generation. Striving to live a stronger more passionate life. Not accepting defeat. Owning who they are and what they want to become. Powerful women who want to change the world. You can participate in the Movement by attending/competing in an event or by sporting their apparel custom designed and available for purchase on the website. Release Your Inner Lioness

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Nov 24


Best CrossFit Gear - Misfit Ray

Dope in every sense of the word. The Misfit Ray brings an attractive, minimalist approach to wearable technology that lets you track calories, steps, sleep, swim distance, and even gives you the ability to enable household devices. Not only that, but you can log your food, and compete with friends through the Misfit app. If you're thinking about wearable technology for CrossFit, then this is it. 

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Nov 10


Best CrossFit Gear - Virus

Dedicated to a new era of individual athletic progression, Virus expounds on greatness in fitness apparel. Made with patent-protected technology, Virus has taken compression pants, calf sleeves, and 3/4 zips to a different level. If you're a serious athlete, looking for the most functional gear for performance, look no further. 

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The Best CrossFit Gear - Victory Grips

The Best CrossFit Gear - Victory Grips

Rips, tears, and calluses are inevitable. But taking some preventive action in your hand care will make a difference in your training volume and performance. Made of either top quality leather or high performance microfiber Victory Grips are comfortable and designed to give you seamless transition between gymnastics and barbell movements. Highly durable and innovatively designed, Victory Grips provide the best in performance and protection.

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Nov 24
The Best CrossFit Gear - Victory Grips

 Best Hand Care Cream

The Best HandCare For Athletes - WOD Welder

Hand care and relief from strenuous pressure during workouts has never been easier before. Thanks to w.o.d. welder, say bye-bye to painful hands by introducing the best hand care a body could ask for. Watch callus tears heal quickly and neatly and stop sidelining yourself from the training floor. Even during long bouts of intense training, the specialized formula found in w.o.d. welder products are providing crossfit athletes from around the world quality hand care as well as fitness essentials (check out the odor crusher sprays!).

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Dec 31

 The Best CrossFit Gear - Victory Grips


The Best CrossFit Gear - Beast Worx

Unique fashion with functional performance in mind. Hit your workout like a beast and dominate as prescribed. Because of the limited quantities, you know each release is unique and curated with bright colors while paying homage to some of their favorite things in life: pizza, doughnuts, puppies, and sour patch kids are just a notable few. They tend to throw surprises in orders and express their gratitude through showcasing customer photos on their social pages. After all, if you’re not having fun, are you doing it right at all?

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Nov 24
The Best CrossFit Gear - Victory Grips

The Best CrossFit Gear - Mikes Recovery

If you want to transform your bath, into a revitalizing, restorative spa then grab some Mikes Recovery. There's nothing better than feeling relaxed and restored after an intense night at the Box. The soothing frankincense, rosemary, and Chamomile will calm and relax you restoring and healing your body too it's full potential. 

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Offer Valid Nov 1-Jan 1
The CrossFit Buyers Guide - Mikes Recovery


CrossFit Buyers Guide - Invader Coffee

Invader is the best-made coffee compliment that's hit your coffee cup and invaded your mouth, since, uhm never! What's so great about Invader coffee creamer? It has added BCAAs! You know, the building blocks of protein, to help build, rebuild, and maintain lean muscle mass. So instead of chugging a pre-workout, you can have a cup of coffee with some Hostile Hazelnut creamer to completely optimize your fasted workout. It's also available in Savage Spice & Caramel Carnage.

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Nov 24
The CrossFit Buyers Guide - Invader Coffee


The Best CrossFit Gear - Reebok

The Best CrossFit - Reebok

Reebok is no longer a thing of the past. Introducing, a reinvented, revamped, unrivaled brand focused on your performance and efficiency in and out of the box. Notably one of the largest sponsors of the 2017 Crossfit Games, Reebok caters to every Crossfitter's athletic performance via shoes that were made to move. The #BeMoreHuman campaign has ascended upon the community to celebrate the fact that Physical Fitness Transforms Your Life. Aspire to be more, with Reebok. 

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Offer Valid Nov 1 - Nov 7




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