How To Lose Face Fat In 5 Easy Steps

Let’s get straight to it. Fat loss from your face alone is not humanely possible. Face fat is no different than holding fat in your thighs or around your waistline. Where your body stores fat is entirely dependent upon genetics unfortunately. No matter where your target fat loss is, the same principles apply, meaning that exercise and nutrition are the two most important factors in your face fat loss. Losing fat in your face is a byproduct of total weight loss. 

How To Lose Face Fat In 5 Easy Steps

1. Get A Custom Nutrition Plan 

95% of people who have tried dieting, failed. You know why? It’s because they didn’t have a plan. Having a nutrition plan specifically made for you, will be the best way to lose face fat. And my guess, is that you don’t have one. The problem with conventional diets, such as atkins, keto, or even the paleo diet, is that no two people are ever the same. You may have dietary restrictions, dairy sensitives, or have a harder time metabolizing certain macronutrients than others. Food restriction and cutting calories to drastically low numbers, seen in diets such as the HCG diet, is incredibly unhealthy, and really just sets you up for failure in the long run. Diets are a short-term solution to a life-long challenge, and most of the time, you’ll end up gaining back any weight you lose. Working with a certified nutrition coach will help you develop healthy dietary lifestyle habits, by including lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and adjusting your macronutrients for your level of activity and sensitivities will be the most optimal way to lose face fat.

The internet can get, “noisy”. There are a thousand different opinions, diet theories, and everyone has a transformation story. Whether it’s high fat, low carb, or low carb high protein, different nutrition methodologies work for different people, but the basic principles never change. Hire a coach. We recommend The Swole Kitchen

2. Drink More Water

Drink more water. Sounds easy enough right? No not really. Drinking water throughout the day can have a drastic effect on your weight loss and help with losing face fat. Replacing sugary drinks such as soda, energy drinks, and juice with water, will cut out hundreds of calories a day, helping you lose weight in a hurry. Water will naturally suppress your appetite by increasing satiation, Your brain often confuses thirst with hunger. Most of the time your, you’re not hungry at all, you’re experiencing mild dehydration. Therefore, drinking more water, will help increase satiation, keep you hydrated, all while cutting calories. What’s more, drinking water stimulates your body’s metabolism and energy expenditure, or thermogenesis.

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3. Eat More Protein

Protein has a high thermic effect and helps speed up your metabolism, and unlike refined or simple carbohydrates does not cause a spike in blood glucose levels -  the catalyst for the creation of added body fat.

Include lean proteins, like as grass-fed beef, chicken, turkey, and fish. Eat at least 0.8-1g of protein per pound of body weight to start. That means if you weigh 145 pounds, then you’re going to need to eat a minimum of 130g of protein each day. It may sound like a lot, but 4oz of protein at each meal, will get you around 100g. If you need some extra protein throw in a protein bar or protein shake made with whey protein isolate, and you’ll hit your protein intake for the day.  

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4. Exercise Consistently 

What does every weight loss article forget to include? Consistency. Everyone knows that exercise will help you lose weight. But, working out without any consistency, will result in a bunch of wasted time.

Resistance training also known as lifting weights, will help build more muscle tissue, increasing your metabolic rate. Concurrent training, or endurance exercise paired with resistance training will elevate your heart rate while resistance training to help improve total caloric burn. But to lose body fat, and for your sake, face fat, exercising consistently is paramount to reach your goals. Inconsistency may lead to weight loss overtime, however, to see the best results, hit at least 80% of your workouts. Don’t worry about being perfect. Having an all or nothing mentality, will only set you up for failure.

5. Track Your Macros 

tracking your macros will provide you with a better understanding of what you’re eating throughout the day. Making small changes to your nutrition and daily diet can have a sizable impact on your weight loss. Without tracking those changes, you’ll never have the valuable information you need to take any evidence based action. If you're not sure how to track your macros, you can start with our free macro calculator for an estimate.

Face Fat Loss: Takeaway

Getting a custom nutrition program, exercising consistenlty, making protein a priority and tracking your food intake and progress and some basic and simple 

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