CrossFit Games Qualifiers: 7 Swolverine Athletes Move Forward

What an incredible CrossFit season it’s started out as. The Swolverine Athlete team is comprised of elite level athletes in various sports. In this article update, we're going to be sharing some accolades and accomplishments that we've seen so far with the team, specifically our CrossFit athletes.

Coming out of 2020 has proven to not be an easy feat for all. However, we couldn't be more proud of the resiliency and tenacity we've seen from the practice and performances of the Swolverine Athletes we work with.

The following athletes are the standout performances from the 2021 CrossFit Games Season so far as we head into Semifinals.

CrossFit Games Qualifiers Athletes

CrossFit Athlete Mitch Wagner

Mitch is coming back from a neck/shoulder injury and surgery in the 2019/2020 year that kept him from training and competing at a high level. Through diligence, recovery, attention to detail and perseverance, he has worked through his setbacks and has come into the 2021 season with a fiery desire to make a name for himself. Mitch finished 24th worldwide in the Men’s RX Open, 29th in Quarterfinals, and will be advancing to the 2021 Granite Games.

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CrossFit Athlete Danielle Dunlap

A newer athlete to the Swolverine Team in 2021, Danielle comes into this year’s season with a vengeance as well. Coming off a pregnancy and successful birth of her first child, managing a gym full time, and prioritizing her health and performance, she earned herself a 177th Women’s RX Open and an even more impressive 51st in Quarterfinals. She will be advancing to the Mid Atlantic Challenge.

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CrossFit Athlete Hannah Hardy

As a year two athlete on the Swolverine Team, Hannah successfully graduated chiropractic school in 2020 while pushing her athletic potential in her free time. As an athlete on Team CrossFit Westchase, it’s just the beginning for this group of athletes and we couldn’t be more excited to support them. With an impressive 7th place finish in the Quarterfinals, they will be advancing forward at a quick pace in quest for the 2021 Team Champion Title.

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CrossFit Athlete Chelsea Espe

In 2020 Chelsea got married (previously Young) , moved, and still made time for her high level of performance and goals within the sport. She now trains with teammate Danielle at the gym in NC. Chelsea has been competing at the elite level for a few years now, but is in a fast conquest for her spot in the sport this year, more than ever. Finishing out 658th in the Open, she bumped herself into the top 100 with an 82nd RX Quarterfinal finish, snagging a spot to compete at the West Coast Classic. This is Chelsea’s third year working with Swolverine.

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CrossFit Athlete Alex (Gazan) Willis

Another new teammate name here for you all on the Swolverine Roster, Alex Willis comes to the team at the young age of 19. But make no mistake of her age or experience - she’s had her head down focused on the taste of the Games floor for 3 years now. She closed out the Women’s RX Open at 317th worldwide and came in at 94th in the Quarterfinals, giving her that next push into competition at the West Coast Classic in her hometown of Las Vegas.

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CrossFit Athlete Lauren Sheehan

As a newly married woman as well in 2020 and competing in the top 10 elite athletes at WZA last year, Lauren has decided to compete on the Team Ohio Brutes who 17th in the Quarterfinals!  Lauren also made the transition out of being a full time nurse in 2020 to focusing more on the gym and the athletes she supports at the gym she owns in Ohio. She is ready to really push the bounds of her potential and how she can show up this competition season.

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CrossFit Athlete Jessi Harper

The 2020 season wasn’t so kind to Jessi as she faced a debilitating ankle/foot injury that required major surgery. Yet, she didn’t let this sideline her effort, performance, or dedication to her goals. She trained through her surgery recovery in a boot, making modifications as she went along, and has proved her comeback already with a 270th RX Open Women’s finish and a 90th Quarterfinal finish. This earned her a spot at the Granite Games and she’s doing it with a big bright smile.

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