Lauren Suever - Swolverine CrossFit Games Ohio Brutes

Tell us a little about you…

I’ve always been involved in athletics, growing up I was highly competitive in everything I participated in. I found CrossFit after my athletic career fizzled out after college. I also discovered shortly after starting CrossFit my strength was in weightlifting. I seemed to excel more at lifting then I did METCONS or gymnastics.

While focusing on weightlifting for a while, I proved quite successful at it and currently hold my state’s records in the snatch, clean and jerk, and best total for my weight class. I’ve competed at National’s and have been in the top 10 in my weight class. Over the past two years, I’ve started getting more competitive in CrossFit.

 Lauren Suever - Swolverine CrossFit Games Ohio Brutes

How have you taken defeat and turned it into success?

Last year I missed regionals by one spot which was disheartening at the time and especially after finding out they were doing away with them. So I decided to compete at the Granite Games to have some higher-level competition experience. I was 6th out of the qualifier and ended up 14th overall with an event win in the 1 RM snatch event.

This year I was 60th worldwide in the Open and competed at the Rogue Invitational and the Granite Games Sanctional event. For me just getting more involved competitively in CrossFit was a huge accomplishment. 

What have been some trying moments during your competitive CF career? What did they teach you?

Competing at the Granite Games last year was definitely trying because I had never been on a bigger stage with such a high caliber of athletes. Not only that but, we had several different events involving things that were way outside of my comfort zone.

My experience taught me however that even though I doubted myself at times I proved to myself that I did indeed belong competing alongside all the other girls. It’s easy to have self-doubt especially when you’re no longer a big fish in a little pond but that’s part of competing at the elite level and that has taught me to trust my training, the work I’ve put in, and my abilities.

Lauren Suever - Swolverine CrossFit Games Ohio Brutes

What is it like being a successful business owner as well as an elite level athlete?

If I could put this into one word it would be challenging. Owning a business is like kind of like training. You work really really hard, grind your way through it, get exhausted, feel like quitting at times, doubt yourself, and sometimes feel like you’re not making any forward progress. However, you show back up every day because you love it. All of the things you overcome and the challenges you conquer makes it so rewarding.

Tell us the best piece of advice you can give someone looking to get into CF

Be patient with yourself. I don’t think people quite comprehend that for whatever reason they decided to get involved in CrossFit whether it be to just get in shape/be healthy/ lose weight, or be competitive at it, it’s a process and takes time. Everyone has different ability levels, strengths & weaknesses therefore, everyone progresses differently. Being able to understand that and having self-awareness starting out Is the best way to be set up for success in their journey.

Lauren Suever Ohio Brutes CrossFit Swolverine

How do you give back or positively impact your CF community?

I wish I could respond to this question by saying I do community volunteer work etc., however, finding free time is very challenging for me. I try to have a positive impact on my members by setting good examples and leading them down the right paths. I feel like my work ethic, dedication (to a cause or others), and my drive help to inspire others to want more out of their well-being, health, and lives in general.

What do you like to do outside of the box?

If I’m not at the gym, which is a rare occasion, I’m most likely working as a nurse. I work part-time in surgery at a local hospital in my area. When free time is allotted, I’m pretty simple and just like to relax and spend time with loved ones as well as my two dogs. In the summertime, we visit a lake house on the weekends where I enjoy bike riding and wakeboarding.

Lauren Suever - Swolverine CrossFit Games Ohio Brutes

Why do you choose to fuel with Swolverine?

Plain and simple because of Swolverine’s integrity. I highly value the fact that Swolverine upholds the highest standards when it comes to supplements and that the company is no-nonsense, not willing to cut corners when it comes to products. Not only can I trust what I’m putting into my body but I love that everything tastes amazing and helps me to feel ready to perform at my highest potential.

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