Built Bar Reviews - Cookies N' Cream - Swolverine

The pandemic has really shown just how companies are pivoting and changing, molding with the times to not only remain successful, but to deliver their products to customers in innovative ways. Built Bar was no exception to these changes. In fact, in June of 2020 the company went completely offline for an entire month (!) to reformulate and relaunch their products Since growing in popularity, we’d like to do an honest built bar review, focusing specifically on the Cookies N’ Cream flavor. Let’s see what it’s all about, shall we?

Built Bar Reviews - Cookies N' Cream - Swolverine

The Best Protein Bars

Being here in the supplement and fitness industry, we’re always looking for the best protein bars to add to our lineup that not only taste great, but ones that meet our expectations. If you recall that scene from mean girls, when they told the girl that eating the meal replacement bars would make her skinny, this is often the expectation with bars.

However, usually it ends up backfiring, because a lot of bars are chocked full of sugars, fillers, syrups, and cheap ingredients so that they taste good and don’t have the texture of a hockey puck. Along our ever expanding quest of protein bars, we came across Built Bar.

Built Bar Reviews - Cookies N' Cream - Swolverine

Built Bar - The CEO Behind The Company

Built Bar came into the market in the year 2018. Hailing from Spanish Fork, Utah, this US based bar company made a splash right away. Their goal? To be the best tasting protein bar on the market with quality ingredients and delicious flavors. The company is led by CEO Nicholas A. Greer who completed a degree in Finance at Brigham Young University (BYU). He ended up teaching over 2500 students about Entrepreneurship as a professor in his post grad.

He started his entrepreneurship resume by founding a technology and marketing company in 2002 called ‘One on One Marketing’ and growing it to over 7,000 websites and domains. Later selling the group to two private equity groups, he pivoted his focus on business and real estate investments. He boasts a profile f over two dozen businesses, thousands of multi-family units, corporate buildings, storage facilities, barns, rental properties, a flour mill, and of course, Built Bar.

Nick Greer - Swolverine - Built Bar

*image credit Desert News*

Greer is big on giving back to the communities they’re involved in. So much so, that he started the Five12 Foundation that provides a weekend meal backpack for thousands of children in his community every week, amounting to over 50,000 bags of food during a single school year. [R]

Built Bar Reviews - Cookies N’ Cream

In this built bar review we’re going to go over a few different components, like cost, protein content, texture, and ingredients.


At about $2.20 USD a bar and over $40 for a box of 18 bars, the Built Bar compares price wise to many other pre-made and pre-packaged protein supplements.

Built Bar Reviews - Cookies N' Cream - Swolverine


While it’s a little lower on the protein bar gram spectrum (15g per bar), it still does pack a good bang for your buck when you’re looking to bridge the gaps in your macros or have a little treat without breaking the sugar bank.

While we’re big proponents of bars that only use Whey Protein Isolate and that do not use blends, Built Bar does use a protein blend in their bar of Whey Protein Isolate and Partially Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate. So while it does have a blend, the protein sources that they chose are on par with what we look for.

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Speaking of ingredients, one of the biggest claims that the company has is that they use straightforward and pure ingredients. A simple nutrition profile goes a long way these days and as far as we’re concerned, they nailed it. The rest of the ingredient list is water, dark chocolate, cocoa butter, and a few others. The bar is naturally gluten free and has no preservatives.


Whether you count your macros or are just watching your calories, or even just looking for something to munch on that helps you work towards your goals, we dig the nutrition profile and are happy to share it in our honest Built Bar reviews. For only 130 total calories, you’re looking at a low 2.5g fat, 18g carbs (8g net carbs, and 15g protein. While the bar won’t be the most filling thing you eat, it definitely can make a nice compliment or snack between meals.

BUILT BAR TEXTURE - Cookies N' Cream:

In my personal opinion, this bar was more cream than cookies, more chocolate than cream. Most the bars do have the dark chocolate outer coating which is nice, but the texture of the bar is the real notable here that I believe makes the Built Bar Reviews the most unique.

Now imagine this, you unwrap the bar, you pull it out. It's not too big, a nice snack size. it's got a velvety dark chocolate, slightly soft, slightly crisp outer texture to it. You bite in, and you're greeted with a mild marshmellowy texture. It brings back memories of being a kid and trying different candy bars, but this one? This one reminds you of a milky way. That pillow like, soft, delicate texture, that's still chewy and that stays in the mouth long enough to entertain and light up your taste buds.

Built Bar Reviews - Cookies N' Cream - Swolverine

That my fellow readers, that is the texture of a Built Bar and why we wanted to write this built bar reviews piece.

Unlike a lot of other bars on the market, this little chocolate protein pillow bar is a refreshing taste for the bar market and bar consumer. If you like a milky way, you're going to love the indulgence of this bar and that it won't expand your waistline.

Built Bar Reviews: Takeaway

All in all? We're in favor of the Built Bar Reviews based on the Cookies N' Cream flavor. We look forward to trying more of these bars in the different flavor options, but we'll probably keep these to an after dinner treat rather than a mid-day snack due to them only being 130 calories.


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