The CrossFit WOD: Why Are CrossFit Workouts Named After Women?

The strength, pride, and resilience of women are evident around the world. From breaking down barriers and glass ceilings to sharing raw emotions and turning them into keys for leadership and inspiration; the strength of a woman is found in the pride she takes to be a model for satisfaction in facing such adversities and saying, “I am here because I am good enough”. Yes, women, you are right. We are enough.

Why Are CrossFit Workouts Named After Women

This is exactly why we love CrossFit. It brings together the raw and natural form of humanity to extend the boundaries of human performance, teamwork, pride, and humility. In fact, the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, named the benchmark WODs found in CrossFit after women for these very reasons. A woman’s identity in CrossFit is rooted in the physically demanding and the ferocious power derived from the root of the female athletes. Just as if a storm came at your way full force and overpowered everything in its way.

“Anything that left you flat on your back, looking up at the sky asking, ‘What just happened to me?’ deserved a female’s name” – Greg Glassman

CrossFit Benchmark Workouts "The Girls"

To take it a step further, when Coach Glassman was asked why the benchmark CrossFit workouts were named after girls he replied, “According to the National Weather Service the use of short, distinctive given names in written as well as spoken communications are quicker and less subject to error than more cumbersome identification methods”. Glassman then continues on to point out the importance of the “convenience and logic inspires our granting a special group of workouts with women’s names…”.

Meet "The Girls" of CrossFit

From full body WODs without weight, to incorporating only bodyweight and weighted medicine balls, mixing it up with barbell movements and calisthenics, and even using heavy weight to build sheer strength, the ladies have you covered from A-Z.

CrossFit Benchmark Workouts "The Girls" Swolverine

An Ode To The Women of CrossFit

The women of CrossFit are determined to break down the barricades set forth by previous years of body-discrimination, distaste, poor self-talk, and self-image, as well as stigmas and stereotypes.

No longer is the female seen as a weak, fragile, and helpless form of an individual. She is seen for so much more than sensitivity and emotion and more so seen for her ability to be whatever she dreams of being.

CrossFit is a model sport and world-wide community for encouraging healthy practices, healthy eating, a healthy body, and an overall healthy lifestyle. It's no longer about what you look like and rather, what you are capable of doing. Of coming together as strong women, and men, to maximize each other's truest human potential - to be the very best they can be. 

The Future of CrossFit & Women

CrossFit is the only sport in the world where women and men are awarded the same purse prizes in every level of competition. Breaking barriers and the bounds of human potential is what CrossFit is all about. It means breaking through pathological aesthetics and bringing together all avenues of bodies, mentalities, strengths, and weaknesses. And they’re all competing to the name of a woman.

May the influence and positive representation of women in the sport continue to rise, rippling the effect throughout the world, in pursuit of equality.

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