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My name is Alexandria Best and I’m the COO of Swolverine, a CPT, the owner/head coach of The Swole Kitchen nutrition and performance coaching, and I’ve got a big butt. It didn’t just show up, I earned it, and I’m going to tell you how to get a bigger butt in 30 days or less. I remember when I first started training my glutes, I typed in “how to get a bigger butt” into Google, and all that came up were donkey kicks, fire hydrants, and a bunch of crap information. Talk. About. BORING. I wanted real results and I assume so do you. That’s why you’re here. That’s what we’re going to get you.

Steps On How To Get A Bigger Butt

1. Measurements

How are you going to get a bigger butt if you don’t even know what is bigger than what you’ve got? The best way to figure out your baseline or where you’re starting is to take measurements and initial photos. Grab your phone and take some pics, because trust us, you’re going to be having people asking you how to get a bigger butt, too, after you’ve earned yours.

2. Exercises For A Bigger Butt

Before we get ass deep in exercises for a bigger butt, in about 10 seconds a pop up is going to give you an opportunity to download MY PERSONAL GLUTE GAINS PROGRAM COMPLETELY FREE. It’s a 6 week comprehensive lower body training program designed specifically for you and your booty. If you miss the pop-up, you’ll have to buy it from our training programs ($18.99)

Glute Muscles Anatomy

It’s important to understand the glute muscle anatomy in conquest of a juicy booty. Each one has a different role and is activated with various movements. This is why it’s important to do more than just body weight to see your behind grow.

  • The Gluteus Maximus - the biggest muscle in the booty (grab it)
  • The Gluteus Medius - the second biggest muscle that wraps around the hips (more on the side)
  • The Gluteus Minimus - the smallest muscle in the butt that sits under the medius

3. Have A Plan

Are you one of those people who follows some people on IG that have a rocking booty that post workouts and you occasionally try them? Have you been slaving over booty band workouts and random movements from things that you found online? If you’re ready to get serious about getting a bigger butt, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, ok? YOU NEED A BIGGER BUTT PLAN aka a bigger butt workout plan with bigger butt exercises.

See where I’m going here? Without a roadmap, you’re basically just driving around aimlessly wondering when a bigger butt is just going to show up one morning when you look in the mirror with a giant ‘I woke up like this’ sign taped to it. Look, it’s not going to happen.

What To Look For In A Bigger Butt Workout Plan

First and foremost, you’re going to want it to have bigger butt exercises. Seems stupid, but you’d be surprised how many marketing ploys and training programs are out there targeting full body, claiming that you’re going to grow a butt magically. You also want the plan to come from someone who has a big butt **ahem, myself** and who has experience training individuals looking to grow their glutes into a ripe peach size (minus the fuzz, #amiright). You may also want to look for a plan that has nutritional and supplemental recommendations so you’re making the most of your workout program and effort, both in and out of the gym.

Best Exercises For A Bigger Butt

1. Bigger Butt Exercises: Barbell Glute Bridge

Lay down on your back with a barbell at your feet. Make sure you have some bumper plates on the bar, and when your legs are extended, roll a barbell over your legs and rest it at your hip crease. If the barbell places too much pressure on your hips, use a cushion or a towel. Bend your knees to 90 degrees and while keeping your feet flat on the ground, hands on the barbell, drive through the heels extending the hips upward as you hold the barbell in place. Your shoulders should press into the ground and your pelvis should stay neutral to limit the ‘arch’ in your back. We don’t want this. Tighten your abs, squeeze with your booty, and lower the hips back to the starting point.

2. Bigger Butt Exercises: Single Leg Barbell Hip Thrust

Similar to the barbell glute bridge, the barbell hip thrust and single leg barbell hip thrust are going to be performed on an elevated platform, like a bench or box. Position yourself with your shoulders/upper back on a bench with the barbell across your hips. Plant your heels and feet into the ground with a *slight* angle outward. Driving through the heels, drive the hips up, keeping your hips neutral, squeezing your abs and your glutes. Do not rock the barbell and control the movement as best you can. Hold for a 1-2 second count, then control and release.

3. Bigger Butt Exercises: Frog Pump

Building off of your glute bridge, you can do frog pumps with or without weight. Start on the ground on your back in a glute bridge position. Tuck the tailbone and engage the core. You can dig your elbows into the ground or put your hands flat for stabilization and support. Put your feet together and scoot the heels towards your booty. Lift the hips, squeezing the booty, and lower with control.

4. Bigger Butt Exercises: Barbell Front Rack Drop Lunge

Similar to a barbell back lunge, with the weight positioned in a front rack, rest the barbell on the shoulders and take a big, wide step back into a lunge position. Make sure that the core is contracted and that your torso remains upright through the movement. Drive through the front foot and bring the back foot back to the standing, starting position.

5. Bigger Butt Exercises: Suitcase KB Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

Similar to the barbell front rack drop lunge, the elevated split squat will use a bench or a box. Grab some KBs and have them at your sides, with the shoulders rolled back and the core engaged. Start by placing one foot on the bench or box, laces down, the bend the front knee to lower into the lunge until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Make sure to ‘sit’ into the lunge, and that the front leg knee is behind the toes. Extend the hips, driving through the front foot back to the starting position.

Bigger Butt Foods

Speaking of nutrition, you’re not going to get a bigger butt by just doing exercises, mmmk? Listen up, you’re going to need to eat bigger butt foods, and if you’re scared to eat, that may be a key reason why your booty isn’t popping, no matter how hard you’re working. EAT TO GROW PEOPLE EAT TO GROW!! As you follow your bigger butt training program and get working on your glute muscles, you’re breaking down the muscles and replenishing them with nutrients from food so that they can grow bigger and with better quality.

  • The key ingredient? Protein.
  • The second key ingredient? Quality carbs.
  • The third key ingredient? See ingredient number one and two.

I highly recommend aiming for your bodyweight in grams of protein each day. For example, if you weigh 170 lbs, then eating 170g of protein per day. If you weigh 140 lbs, then that means you should be eating 140g protein per day. I also highly suggest eating quality carbs that do not have simple sugars. Think veggies, fruits, starchy carbs and whole grains. For your proteins, think lean meats and quality protein from things like beans, legumes, and a high grade protein powder like the kind you can get from Swolverine. Supplementing with this as a snack or post workout can, and will, make that booty pop. In summary - eat to grow.

Bigger Butt Indicators - Take Measurements

If you don’t have a baseline understanding of where you’re starting, how are you going to get a bigger butt? Instead of being a slave to the scale, take measurements and progress photos to indicate to yourself progress in the bigger butt development department. An important thing to note here is to make sure to take your photos and measurements the same each time to give yourself a fair shot at indicating progress.

How To Get A Bigger Butt In 30 Days Or Less - Swolverine

Glute Activation - A Key To A Bigger Butt

One of the biggest keys aside from having a plan, eating to grow, and taking baseline measurements and photos when you embark on a bigger butt journey, is learning how to properly activate your glutes. Why is glute activation important? Well, you want to build muscle, right? And if you’re not activating the muscles, engaging them during your workouts and your movements, they’re not being worked. If they’re not being worked, they’re not going to grow. And then, what is this all about, if your glutes aren’t growing? NADA.

How Do You Know If Your Glutes Are Activated?

A good warm up will do the trick to activate your glutes. In short, activating your glutei means firing up and waking up the muscles within the booty that you sit on all day. As you warm up these muscles with stretching, movement, and maybe even some foam rolling. You may feel a little burning or cramping (if you don’t do glute activation exercises often or if you sit all day, for example) which is completely normal.

The goal during your warmup exercises is to spark the mind-muscle connection — actually FEELING the glute muscles moving and working throughout your movements. So how will you know? Feel the burn, baby! If you can only feel your hammies or your quads during your glute movements, chances are, you’re not recruiting the glutes aka activating them for your movement(s). 

Supplements For A Bigger Butt

Look, here’s the reality. You’re probably not going to get an ass like Kim K because she had to buy that, along with most everything else on her body. But hey, desiring a bigger butt is awesome, and achieving it is even better. So that brings up the question, what are bigger butt supplements? Is that even a thing?

In short, there aren’t butt supplements or bigger butt pills or bigger butt creams that you can buy to ACTUALLY make your booty grow. However, paired with a quality training program, good quality foods, and understanding how to activate your glutes, muscle building supplements can come in handy for your goals. They’re not magic pills and they’re not going to do the job for you, but what they are going to do is get you results with better quality and a little bit faster than if you were doing it without them.

What bigger butt supplements do you recommend?

Great question! You’ll have to download my glute training program to find out… jk. I’ll keep this short, but there are a few quality supplements that I recommend for your journey and if you’re looking for more in-depth looks at nutrition and supplements for getting a bigger butt, seriously, you’re going to find them in the glute workout program.

Bigger Butt Supplement #1: Whey Protein Isolate 

You can’t grow muscle, or a booty, without protein. Hitting 1g per body weight of protein per day with nutrition alone can be tough, especially when you have a busy schedule. Opt for a scoop of Whey Isolate or Plant Protein and bump up your intake by 20-30g easily. Pro Tip: Have a scoop within 30 minutes of finishing your glute workout. I recommend taking 1 scoop with CLEAN CARBS (below) post-workout or as a mid-day snack.


Bigger Butt Supplement #2: CLEAN CARBS Powder

One of the biggest challenges to building more muscle is eating and ingesting enough of the right food and calories throughout the day. Complex carbohydrates are critical in providing the muscle fuel you need to build and rebuild muscle mass.Swolverine’s Clean Carbs are made with sweet potatoes, yams, oats, and blueberries all of which will help you build more mass and burn body fat.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Clean Carbs Supplement

Bigger Butt Supplement #3: BCAA + Electrolyte Powder

Branched chain amino acids help you rebuild muscle mass and enhance the recovery process.Supplementing with BCAAs throughout your workout will provide you with more energy, hydration and the fuel you need to improve workout performance. Before your workout, I recommend putting a scoop of BCAA, Citrulline Malate and Kre-Alkalyn in a cup with 12+ oz of water and drinking it ~20-30 minutes prior.


Bigger Butt Supplement #4: Citrulline Malate

Citrulline Malate is one of the best supplements to help all aspects of your training, such as strength, endurance, and recovery. Citrulline Malate promotes the natural release of nitric oxide (NO). NO widens and dilates your blood vessels, pushing more oxygen and blood flow to the muscle tissue, resulting in better performance, muscle gain, and recovery.Additionally, Citrulline Malate stimulates the muscle building process, and increases ATP the body’s natural energy source


Bigger Butt Supplement #5: Kre-Alkalyn

Kre-Alkalyn is a pH correct form of creatine monohydrate. Numerous studies have shown that creatine can enhance peak performance, strength and power output. However, traditional creatine monohydrate does have some negative side effects such as bloating, cramping, and water retention. This is what Kre-Alkalyn solves for.  By supplementing the body with kre-alkalyn, you will induce a greater improvement in exercise endurance and athletic performance, resulting in stronger glutes and bigger gains.


How To Get A Bigger Butt: Takeaway

You’re not going to get a bigger butt by sitting on it. You’re also not going to get a bigger butt by just doing bodyweight exercises and not eating anything. You’ve got to be intentional with your workouts, eat good quality food, and supplement smart. When you’re ready to do this, we’re here for you. I highly suggest using the 6-Week Glute Training Program and simplifying your supplement regimen. Be consistent with your effort, be patient with you progress, and work smarter, not harder. The proof is in the pudding, and if you use this recipe, you’ll be well on your way to growing a bigger butt in 30 days or less!

How to get a bigger butt?
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The Glute Gains program is a lower-body accessory program with a primary emphasis on building strength within the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus musculature, and a secondary focus on the abdominal core. We’ve programmed 6 full weeks of over 25 movements for you to truly challenge yourself, build muscle and strength, while pushing the bounds of your mental fortitude to really see some serious booty gains and grow dat ass. 

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