7 Swolverine Athletes In the Top 100 CrossFit Worldwide Rankings

As we embark on not only the beginning of 2023, but the beginning of the 2023 CrossFit Games competitive season, we’re proud to announce that 7 Swolverine Elite Athletes have landed themselves a respectable spot in the top 100 2023 CF Games Season Worldwide Rankings. Meet each one of the athletes below as well as why these rankings are an exciting announcement for both our brand and our team of individual athletes.

What Are The CrossFit Worldwide Rankings?

Among the host of changes that CF is making to the 2023 competitive season, one of those changes is the implementation of a ranking system on a worldwide scale. This is only for athletes that compete in the individual space and not for teams. Anyone and everyone who successfully registered in the Individual Quarterfinal in 2022 is included in the overall worldwide rating.

If you’re interested in seeing the entire worldwide ranking list, you can access the PDF by clicking here. We recommend using the find (command + F) and searching for your name unless you have a general idea of where you fall so you don’t spend an ungodly amount of time going through the PDF. Anyways… back to the ranking system.

Throughout the 2023 the CrossFit Worldwide Ranking System will be periodically updated according to athlete placement and performance, again though, only for individuals.

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How Are The Rankings Calculated

In order to rank an athlete, the previous two years of competitive results are combined. This means the better you do in the Open, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and the Games, the higher you will be ranked. As you climb the ladder towards the top, there will be fewer and fewer points. The system will always work on a sliding scale and the last two years of data. It is believed that the last two years of competitive fitness rankings will provide an accurate overview of an individual’s fitness.

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Swolverine Athletes In The Top 100

We’re proud to announce that 7 of our elite level athletes here at Swolverine are ranked in their respective categories (men/women). Let’s meet those athletes, shall we?

View The Entire Women’s Top 100 Rankings

View The Entire Men’s Top 100 Rankings

CrossFit Worldwide Ranking #26 - Colten Mertens



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CrossFit Worldwide Ranking #36 - Alex Willis Gazan



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CrossFit Worldwide Ranking #72 - Elena Budz



CrossFit Worldwide Ranking #77 - Hal Fisher



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CrossFit Worldwide Ranking #78 - Leonel Franco



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CrossFit Worldwide Ranking #91 - Danielle Dunlap



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CrossFit Worldwide Ranking #97 - Chelsea Nicholas



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CrossFit Worldwide Rankings: Takeaway

In an effort to really see the strength of the pack of athletes that have the best chance at making the 2023 CrossFit Games, CrossFit introduced the worldwide rankings for individual athletes. The goal is to encourage consistency over the last 2 years of competing as well as to have a more accurate judge on where athletes stand as they progress through the various tests throughout the Games season. We look forward to supporting the 7 Swolverine Athletes mentioned in this article and fueling their potential with the best supplements out there. 

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