The Top Hottest Female CrossFit Athletes To Watch At This Years 2018 CrossFit Games

Come August 1, Madison Wisconsin will be hosting this year 2018 CrossFit Games where the top CrossFit Athletes will come together in one arena, to find out who will be The Fittest On Earth. Intense training each day to compete amongst the elite, however, doesn't just lead to being in amazing shape. It leads to a statuesque and amazing body, built to lift, built to run, built to endure, built to battle. That's why we've compiled a list of the Top 14 Hottest Female Athletes You Have To Watch At This Years 2018 CrossFit Games. Strong IS beautiful! 

Kelsey Kiel

The top hottest female crossfit athletes to watch at this years 2018 crossfit games

The stunning Kelsey Kiel will literally make your jaw drop. She’s stacked and she’s our number one. Kiel is an invigorating and intoxicating competitor. She shows women that muscles are beautiful and well worth working for. Not to mention, her smile is as genuine as it gets. Winner of the CrossFit LiftOff, and now going into this year’s 2018 CrossFit Games as part of Team CrossFit Invictus Boston, she’s one athlete you won’t want to miss.

CrossFit OPEN:

2018 - 127th Worldwide - 11th North East - 3rd Massachusetts - 84th United States

2017 412th Worldwide - 22nd South West - 5th Nevada - 262th United States

2016 484th Worldwide - 49th North East - 7th New Jersey - 337th United States


2018 - 1st Overall - Team - East Regional - Invictus Boston

2016 - 2nd Overall - Team - East Regional - CrossFit Parallax

CrossFit GAMES:

2018 - 9th - Team - CrossFit Invictus Back Bay

2016 - 19th - Team - CrossFit Parallax

Kaitlyn Kassis

The top hottest female crossfit athlete at the 2018 crossfit games

Kaitlyn is the California Super Dime. Bronze, bold and beautiful, she aspires to have all women look up to her and know whatever you put your mind to, you can accomplish. She's got green eyes that could cause a traffic jam - Kaitlyn is bringing the heat to this years 2018 CrossFit Games. Part of team CrossFit Invictus X with teammates Sam and Jen Dancing, and her second Team Games appearance it’s going to be a mega-hot powerhouse of sizzle.

CrossFit OPEN:

2018 - 96th Worldwide - 19th West Coast - 14th California - 55th United States

2017 220th Worldwide - 14th South West - 3rd Nevada - 147th United States

2016 790th Worldwide - 42nd Northern California - 80th California - 568th United States

CrossFit Regionals

2018 - 1st Overall - Team - West - Invictus X

2016 - 5th Overall - Team - California Regional - CrossFit Davis

2015 - 36th Overall - Individual Women - California Regional

2014 - 8th Overall - Team - Northern California - CrossFit Davis

CrossFit Games:

2018 - 2nd - Team - CrossFit Invictus X 

2016 - 26th - Team - CrossFit Davis

Hanna Venemyr 

The Hottest CrossFit Girls At The 2018 CrossFit Games

The Scandinavian beauty queen Hanna Venemyr is definitely a sight to see at this years 2018 CrossFit Games. Part of team Asane and a Swolverine Athlete, Venemyr is not only a serious competitor, she's the Blonde, blue-eyed European, muscle-packed powerhouse coming to the States to tear up the 2018 CrossFit Games

CrossFit Open

2018 - 163rd Worldwide - 16th Europe North - 3rd Overall - 3rd Norway

2017 - 197th Worldwide - 33rd Europe - 4th Norway

2016 - 1536th Worldwide - 145 Europe - 11th Norway

CrossFit Regionals

2018 - 3rd - Team - Team RXPerformance

2016 - 10th Overall - Team - Meridian Regional - CrossFit Asane

2015 - 14th Overall - Team - Meridian Regional - CrossFit Asane

CrossFit Games

2018 - 28th Overall - Team - CrossFit Asane 

Maria Litwiler

maria litwiler

Proven to be one of the fittest as this years 2018 CrossFit Games, Maria Litwiler is also one of the hottest. With a crazy blonde ponytail, boulder shoulders to envy, and a spunky personality, Litwiler will be competing alongside teammate Dani Litwiler on Team Raw Training. 

CrossFit Open

2018 - 360th Worldwide - 26th Mid Atlantic - 8th Pennsylvania - 234th United States

2017  - 390th Worldwide - 24th Mid Atlantic - 6th Pennsylvania - 248th United States

2016 - 1331st Worldwide - 110th Mid Atlantic - 36th Pennsylvania - 940th United States

CrossFit Regionals

2018 - 2nd - Team - Atlantic - RAW Training

2017 - 13th - Team - Atlantic - RAW Training

2015 - 6th Overall - Team - Atlantic Regional - RAW Training

CrossFit Games

2018 - 23rd - Team - CrossFit RAW

Amanda Barnhart

The top hottest female crossfitters to watch at the 2018 crossfit games

Making her first CrossFit Games appearance and going from 660th to 27th Worldwide in just over a year, you'll need a fan close by for this athlete because she's a scorcher. As a Division 1 collegiate swimmer, Barnhart is no stranger to competition and has a body that is bred to win. Don't be surprised when you see Barnhart amongst the top competitors at this years CrossFit Games.  

CrossFit Open

2018 - 27th Worldwide - 2nd Central East - 1st Ohio - 13th United States

2017 - 272nd Worldwide - 17th Central East - 2nd Ohio - 175th United States

2016 660th Worldwide - 17th Central East - 2nd Ohio - 175th United States

CrossFit Regionals

2018 - 3rd - Women - Central

2017 - 25th - Women - Central

2016 - 26th Overall - Team - Central Regional - Centerville CrossFit

2014 - 27th Overall - Team - Central East - Advanced Performance CrossFit

CrossFit Games

2018 - 15th - Women

Katrin Davidsdottir

The top hottest crossfit girls at the 2018 crossfit games

With two 1st place finishes and six consecutive CrossFit Games appearances, Katrin Davidstottir is perhaps the Top Hottest CrossFit Games competitors ever. Considered to be a veteran of the sport at age 25, Davidsdottir is going to light it up this year in Madison (per usual) A Native of Iceland, and coming from the chilled northern climate, Davidsdottir is anything but cold. The Ice Queen is built with some serious sizzle and literally makes the ice melt wherever she walks. 

CrossFit Open:

2018 - 8th Worldwide - 1st North East - 1st Massachusetts - 5th United States

2017 - 10th Worldwide - 2nd North East - 1st Massachusetts - 6th United States

2016 - 14th Worldwide - 1st North East - 1st Massachusetts - 6th United States

CrossFit Regionals:

2016 - 1st Overall - Individual - East Regional

2015 - 2nd - Women - Meridian

2014 - 6th - Women - Europe

2013 - 3rd - Women - Europe

2012 - 2nd - Women - Europe

CrossFit Games:

2018 - 3rd - Women

2017 - 5th - Women

2016 - 1st - Individual Women

2015 - 1st - Individual Women

2013 - 24th - Individual Women

2012 - 30th - Individual Women


Bethany Shadburne

The top hottest crossfit athletes at the 2018 crossfit games

Shadburne (Formerly Branham) is quickly projecting herself to be an all-time CrossFit Games great. Built like a hammer, Bethany Shadburne is going to come out of the gates like hellfire. The hellion won't stop until she's on top. And as serious fangirls and boys, we won't stop watching! 


2018 - 84th Worldwide - 5th South Central - 5th Texas - 56th United States

2017 - 20th Worldwide - 1st South Central - 1st Texas - 9th United States

2016 - 624th Worldwide - 41st South Central - 33rd Texas - 438th United States

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

the top hottest crossfit athletes at the 2018 crossfit games

If feminine, fierce, and strong were all wrapped into one power-packed supra human, it would be named Camille. The best thing to come out of Canada.. well, ever! Winning the Games in 2014 and making her 7th consecutive CrossFit Games appearance, Camille is back for vengeance, and won't stop until she gets her gold again!


2018 - 4th Worldwide - 1st South West - 1st Colorado - 2nd United States

2017 - 3rd Worldwide - 1st South West - 1st Colorado - 2nd United States

2016 - 7th Worldwide - 1st South West - 1st Colorado - 1st United States


2016 - 1st Overall - Individual - South Regional

TEAM Series:

2016 - 2nd Overall - Rogue Red 

Alessandra Pichelli

The Top hottest female crossfit athletes at this years 2018 crossfit games

As a six-time CrossFit Games Athlete Alessandra Pichelli is no stranger to the big game. From being a Team athlete to an Individual Athlete, her Division I Rowing experience has primed her mentally and physically. With her best finish in 2013 at 4th, Pichelli has something to prove so that she can claim her podium position amongst the Fittest On Earth. Did we mention she won the CrossFit Lift Off in 2016?


2018 - 53rd Worldwide - 8th West Coast - 5th California - 29th United States

2017 - 82nd Worldwide - 4th Northern California - 10th California - 61st United States

2016 - 94th Worldwide - 6th Northern California - 13th California - 64th United States


2016 - 3rd Overall - Individual - California Regional 


2016 - 9th Overall - Individual


2016 - 1st Overall

Camilla Salomonsson Hellman

The top crossfit athletes at the 2018 crossfit games

The stone cold Swedish fox Hellman is making her first Individual CrossFit Games appearance in Madison this year. Tune in, she's got one of the hardest CrossFit bodies at the Games. Not to mention, her eyebrows are on fleek! 


2018 - 51st Worldwide - 8th Europe North - 1st Overall - 1st Sweden

2017 - 80th Worldwide - 8th Europe - 1st Sweden

2016 - 71st Worldwide - 14th Europe - 3rd Sweden


2016 - 1st Overall - Team - Meridian Regional - Nordic OPEX


2016 - 6th - Team - CrossFit Nordic

Jennifer Smith

The top hottest crossfit athletes at the crossfit games

Smith has a body forged from steel and iron. Ramping up for her 4th CrossFit Games appearance, Smith is sight for sore eyes. Coming into this year's Games with something to prove, she'll be anything disappointing. Come on now, we all wish we had a shoulder and back combo like she does!


2018 - 49th Worldwide - 4th Central East - 1st Kentucky - 27th United States

2017 - 34th Worldwide - 4th Central East - 1st Kentucky - 22nd United States

2016 - 49th Worldwide - 2nd Central East - 2nd Kentucky - 31st United States


2016 - 4th Overall - Individual - Central Regional


2016 - 36th - Individual

Kelly Stone

the top hottest crossfit games athletes

With a strong body and head full of wavy hair, Kelly Stone is what we call a mega babe. The All-American girl is making her first CrossFit Games appearance on Team Omnia from the high altitudes of Denver, Co, and she's one smile you won't want to miss at this years CrossFit Games.


2018 - 317th Worldwide - 14th South West - 2nd Colorado - 192nd United States

2017 - 614th Worldwide - 26th South West - 3rd Colorado - 389th United States

Lauren Herrera

The top hottest female crossfitters at the crossfit games

It's simple, the hard body heavy hitter Lauren Herrera is a pure smoke show. Making her second CrossFit Games Team debut, Herrera is definitely one of the hottest female crossfitters to watch at the 2018 CrossFit Games. With a six pack of abs that can make butter melt, Herrera is a force not to be reckoned with. 


2018 - 132nd Worldwide - 15th South East - 10th Florida - 91st United States

2017 - 48th Worldwide - 5th South East - 4th Florida - 26th United States

2016 - 108th Worldwide - 11th South East - 8th Florida - 74th United States


2016 - 2nd Overall - Team - Atlantic Regional - HustleHard CrossFit


2016 - 22nd - Team - HustleHard CrossFit

Who's Your Favorite Female CrossFit Athlete? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!


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