The CrossFitters Buyers Guide: The Best CrossFitter Gear Of The Year!

Some of us want to surf the undulating waves of Mavericks with the sharks, ski the brimming glacial cliffs of Patagonia, or base jump from the 7,569-foot elevation of El Capitan in Yosemite. The CrossFitter’s bucket list may be a little less crazy, but without a doubt just as adrenaline filled. The 14 products we’ve collected and curated for the Best Crossfit Products of 2017 will help elevate your BPMs, drench your shirts in sweat and bring your 'A' game to the Box transforming the way you lift, and the way you live. 

RPM Speed Rope - The Best CrossFit Gear Of The Year  


When RPM launched in 2011, they had a vision for CrossFit Athletes, to capture the essence and fluidity of the ever so daunting Double Under. Determined with an apparition to transform the CrossFit landscape with a rope that forged unprecedented accuracy and responsiveness, the RPM Speed Rope, portrays elegant design in engineering with 100% precision machined aluminum handles, an internal anti-friction system that transfers smooth spin and whisks elegance. Ergonomically profound, and functionally groundbreaking, the RPM Speed Rope, is the definition of pure craftsmanship.

Best CrossFit Gear

 Doughnuts & Deadlifts - Best CrossFit Gear Of The Year


Krissy Mae Cagney is the mastermind behind the ingenious brand that firmly graces and inscribes the body of nearly every CrossFit Athlete’s chest across the country. Starting as an athletic trainer, turned CrossFit athlete and dietician powerhouse, Krissy quickly wrote her own ticket in becoming one of the biggest names in the game. Her book Flexible Dieting 2.0 is equivalent to the modern day Bible, and her box, Black Iron Gym hosts some of the best CrossFit Coaches from around the world. With new releases that sell out in minutes, if you don't DNDL, you don't CrossFit.


Best CrossFit Gear
Vull Sport - The Best CrossFit Gear Of The Year


Vull Sport is what every woman in CrossFit desires - A hybrid of stunning designs interwoven with functional marvel. The flawless intricacies that come stitched within every product from designer and founder Katrina Leone, exemplifies meticulous perfection through a seamless and coalesced mix of functionality, flattering sex appeal, and breathable mobility with her celebrated and diversified line of Sports Bras. 

Best CrossFit Gear: Vull Sport Sports Bras


True to form, and spatially appealing, NO BULL takes the concept of simplicity and applies it to the complexity of enhancing functional movement forming a minimalist masterpiece of ingenuity. No bells, no whistles, NO BULL provides a perfect fit of breathability, comfort, and ergonomics. Constructed from a one-piece material design called Superfabric, NO BULL provides an ample amount of comfort and flexibility to perform under the coarsest of conditions. Impeccable performance aside, they’re fashionably fitting for any occasion.

Unbroken Designs - Best CrossFit Belt

WOD Welder - The Best CrossFit Gear Of The Year


Profound hydration that will seduce your senses with Peppermint and Eucalyptus, the Three-Step Hand Care Kit from W.O.D. Welder delivers the essentials to restore and revitalize your raw hands. Opulence is a scarce commodity in CrossFit. But with ingredients such as aloe butter, shea butter, beeswax, and lanolin, W.O.D. Welder has created a rich, revitalizing recovery blend, to leave your hands born again. 

Best CrossFit Gear
HandBand PRO - The Best CrossFit Gear Of The Year


Back in 2012, before Danielle Pettifor invented her revolutionary Hand Band creation, there were wraps, straps, tapes, and gloves. Naturally, in her own athletic progression, she found that none of these preventative aids provided an actual solution. So, she set her sights on sourcing the materials and revolutionizing CrossFit herself. Fresh with raw frustration and sheer determination she sought to create a handgrip that would produce peerless functionality, through the undulating kipping muscle ups, and merciless toe-bars The Hand Band Pro evolved. Intuitively designed, with a versatile one-size-fits-all adjustable strap, The Hand Band Pro delivers soft replenishment, and strong grip, promoting a natural range of motion, to soften the adversity of your tough extremities. 
Best CrossFit Gear
FLEO - The Best CrossFit Gear Of The Year


There are dozens of perfectly made spandex shorts out there. But when it comes down to it, none of them are made with one simple and clear intention in mind - to make something fun for the buns. Barbara ‘Babs’ King, head designer and founder of FLEO, spends her days, not only designing attractive hip hugging chefs-d'oeuvre but shorts that glide with every movement you make, to accentuate the booty, in fitness.

Best CrossFit Gear
BeaverFit USA - The Best CrossFit Gear Of The Year


When you see a performance or operational rig, designed by the likes of BeaverFit USA, it will stop you dead in your tracks. The sheer magnitude of impeccable design, and smoothly fabricated steel components bonds to formulate a sumptuous, ostentatious work of art. It’s like sex for the first time. Founded by former US Navy Riverines and British Bridge Builders with a reputation for innovation, BeaverFit USA builds to serve human performance and tactical operational training. 

Best CrossFit Gear


Best Crossfit Gear - JayBird Bluetooth Headphones


Iconic in style and profound in acoustic performance, Judd Armstrong the creator of Jay Bird, has taken the concept of wireless Bluetooth headphones and revolutionized the way the world interacts with music. Coming in a variety of styles the JayBird X3, outperforms Bose, Harmon Kardon, and any Beat By Dre, in sound quality, and durability, ten to one. Don’t mind the hefty price tag, you’ll know exactly where your money went, once the beat reverberates your eardrum.

Best of CrossFit Gear: Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones


Tuff Wraps - The Best CrossFit Gear Of The Year


If you’re a CrossFit junkie, then you probably have a pair of wrist wraps in your gym bag. So what's so special about Tuff Wraps? There are tons of wrap companies on the market, and each one sells the same thing, right? Wrong! Where Wrist Wraps may lack in innovation Tuff Wraps finds a way to sell more than just a staple product. They sell the customer experience. With premium quality fabric and meticulous detail, Tuff Wraps ensures they deliver a high-quality product, with complete customization capabilities. The Medium Weight Wrist Wrap provides just enough support, with astute pliability delivering optimal performance. Not to mention, they have designs for everyone. From Star Wars to Urban Camo, they’ve got any customization you could possibly desire. 

Best CrossFit Gear - Tuff Wraps

 Kill Cliff - The Best CrossFit Gear Of The Year


When former Navy Seal Todd Ehrlich launched Kill Cliff in 2011, his mission was to create a Recovery Performance drink, which would provide the proper nutrients to fuel performance and aid in recovery. Tired of the energy drinks, and tasteless empty calories, he decided to enhance the lives of others through developing a healthy alternative. 5 years later, and with a perfected product offering of five delicious flavors (Tasty – Blood Orange, Free Fall – Lemon Lime, Double Awesomeness – Pomegranate Watermelon, Berry Legit – Blackberry Lemonade, and Knight Moves – Wild Raspberry Blueberry) Elrich has put Kill Cliff on the map with every CrossFit Athlete in the World. The results and the taste don’t disappoint. Kill Cliff was founded with a long-term vision to serve a greater purpose of humility, and become the largest contributor to the Navy Seal Foundation. I think it’s safe to say, that with their banners flying high next to the Red, White, and Blue, in nearly every CrossFit Box across the country, they’re vision has a become a reality.

Best CrossFit Gear - Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks 

best crossfit gifts


SWOLVERINE is Developed By Athletes For The Athlete In You. By joining the elite, you are choosing to supplement the most important aspects of your training regimen: strength, recovery, and endurance. We are developed to fuel your athletic performance, to crush PRs, essentially, we are your morning coffee. Ignite the fire necessary to reach your highest potential as an athlete and as a human being. Supply your journey with the cleanest, most honest, non-proprietary blend, NON-GMO, supplements on the market. It’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle. Awaken from the fantasy and empower yourself with the knowledge that you have the potential to shift your paradigm. It is your time to JOIN THE MOVEMENT and #IAMSWOLVERINE to become the leader of your life.


Best CrossFit Gear - Elivate Nutrition Supplements  

Best Crossfit Gear - Patagonia Black Hole Duffle Bag


Perhaps the most influential and profound outdoor apparel company known in the Western Hemisphere - or perhaps the World, Patagonia’s mission is to not only transform the periphery of the outdoor experience but the way the earth rotates on its axis. The Black Hole Duffel Bag, like all Patagonia products, is work of precision craftsmanship and extreme durability. The burly Polyester Ripstop is made of highly weatherproof TPU laminate and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish, making it the perfect bag, to endure the toughest environments or the local Box. Through their own eloquent words, “In each sport, the reward comes in the form of hard-won grace and moments of connection between us and nature.” We couldn’t have said it any better. The 45 Liter Black Hole Bag, is all you need for the epic outdoor adventure, and for the unremitting trips to crush your daily WOD. 

Best Of CrossFit Gear: Patagonia Black Hole Bag


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