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It’s the CrossFit Open season and we’re here to keep you motivated, informed, and fueled every step of the 2020 competitive year! The CrossFit Open is a wonderful time of year where individuals can register to be a part of all the fun and competition in an online platform. Week by week individuals has the opportunity to partake in workouts and see how they stack up against others in their community, gym, state, country, and around the world. Keep reading for our 5 step guide to competing in the open!

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How Long is The CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is comprised of 5 weeks with each week holding its own workout requirement. Open workouts are displayed by their year (this year will be 20) followed by the week (ex. 20.1 for week one, 20.2 for week two, and so on).

When Are CrossFit Open Workouts Released?

CrossFit Open workouts are released every Thursday during each of the five weeks of the Open season. Each week also has its own special live announcement of the workout hosted at a different location around the world. During every announcement, a chosen group of elite-level CrossFit athletes are stacked head to head to perform the workout live, to not only give fans a show but to showcase exactly what to expect from that week’s workout when you head into the box to do it yourself.

When are CrossFit Open Scores Due By?

If you register for the CrossFit Open (which we highly suggest) on the online platform, then you have until 5 p.m. pacific standard time (PST) on the following Monday to submit your best score. You can do the workout as many times as you would like, but your score needs to be in by the deadline. There are no exceptions.

Does The CrossFit Open Cost Money?

Yes. Indeed it does. In fact, the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games Open Registration costs $20.00 USD. But before you go gabbling on about how you're just throwing money at Greg Glassman and all the CrossFit HQ monkeys running the show and pulling the strings, hold your horses.

The $20.00 that you pay to be a part of the Open goes to so much more. It goes to the technology, the people, the events, the Games, the online media coverage, accessibility, and so much more. So many more things than meet the eye, including your ability to participate. Before you go be a part of the online bantering community smashing the organization of the community you love so dear, save your pennies and remember why you're doing it in the first place.

And our guess?

The reason why you're doing it isn't about money, at all. Skip the extra whip frappuccino a couple of times this month and walah, look, you've got an extra 20 bones to spend on the Open. 

Do You Have To Submit A Video Of Your Workout?

Nope, but you might be asked to submit one. According to HQ, "athletes must have their scores confirmed either by performing the workout at a validly licensed CrossFit affiliate in good standing under the observation of a judge or by uploading a video of their workout to the CrossFit Games website." So, it's really up to you, and what you deem necessary based on your skills and goals. 

The Largest Fitness Competition on Earth

CrossFit is an incredible sport and the CrossFit Open is nothing short of that. We challenge you to show up and push yourself further than you ever thought possible over the upcoming, five-week period, even if you don’t do it for the competition, but to try and challenge yourself to something new. The open is yours for the taking, whatever that looks like!

The 2020 CrossFit Open: The 5 Step Guide To Competing In The Open

Step 1: Register For The Open

Registering for the 2020 CrossFit Open is easier than ever. Just head on over to games.crossfit.com and complete your own personalized profile. Make sure that all of your information is correct and  

Step 2: Show Up & Workout

Make sure your affiliate or box has scorecards (if they don't, you can download one) and figure out what level you're going to compete at (scaled or RX'd). The next step? Show up and workout! Enjoy the workout and shoot for the stars. Better yet? Pop into your box, or another local box, for a Friday Night Lights event, which ends up being a pretty special, one of a kind night full of fitness and fun!

Step 3: Submit Your Score

Sounds simple, right? JUST DON'T FORGET TO DO IT! The easiest way to remember? Right when you finish doing the workout and you get your scorecard from your judge, head over to your phone or a nearby computer and put it in right then and there.

Athletes must have their scores confirmed either by performing the workout at a validly licensed CrossFit affiliate in good standing under the observation of a judge or by uploading a video of their workout to the CrossFit Games website. 

Scores then will be validated either by an affiliate manager (for non-video submissions) or the CrossFit Games internal review team (for video submissions). 

Even if you're planning to do the workout again (and again, and again), it is seriously SO easy to forget to submit your open score. And trust us, the last feeling you need after all your hard work and dedication is the shame, guilt, and disappointment of submitting your score. Even if you're going to finish last on the leaderboard, be like Nike, JUST DO IT. Okay? Okay.

Step 4: Recover With Swolverine

If you push yourself a bit harder than you usually do, you're going to need to recover a little harder than you're used to. After you snap some sweet pics with your box fam head over to your gym bag and mix up that Swolverine recovery drink with CLEAN CARBS and WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE. Give your body the nutrients it needs to recover and power through another week of intense workouts with ease.

Step 5: Watch The Leaderboard

Since you already submitted your score right after you did the workout *cough cough submit your score like, now!* it's time to watch the leaderboard change until all the scores are in for that week! You can view the 2020 CrossFit Open Leaderboard by clicking HERE

The 2020 CrossFit Open Rule #1: HAVE FUN!

All in all, no matter where you rank on the leaderboard or at your box, the most important rule of the 2020 CrossFit Open is to have fun. Enjoy the moments that turn into memories, the new challenges that you face, the grueling workouts, the community cheering for you, and participating in something that is so much bigger than you - a worldwide community of like-minded individuals.

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