Is Jump Rope Better Than Running At Burning Calories? - Swolverine

If you’re like most people, neither jump roping nor running sounds very fun. However, if you’ve come to this article to find out which one is going to give you the most ‘bang’ for your buck in the calorie burning department, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to answer your question ‘is jump rope better than running’ to find out which one burns the most calories. Let the show begin!

Is Running Good For You

If you’ve ever sat there and thought ‘running isn’t for me’ then you’re not alone. Without proper form, running can feel like so much more of a chore than something you enjoy doing. However, running can be for just about everyone, as it’s one of the most evolutionary patterns we have as humans. If you’re looking to get down to your roots, then running is for you. Running isn’t just for weight loss like most people think though. In fact, running has been shown to reduce stress, improve mental health, improve heart health and even alleviate symptoms of depression. [R] Even participants, like the one in the study by the American College of Sports Medicine, who move at a walking pace can receive the same mood-enhancing improvements.

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Is Jump Rope Better Than Running At Burning Calories? - Swolverine

Why Is Running Good For You

Aside from the benefits presented, running is a great way to burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, and may be a great way to combat all those hours of sitting you do each day. Running has been lined to helping prevent chronic disease and a promoting longevity. [R] Most studies suggest that to reap the benefits of running in a health capacity, it’s recommended that you do 2-3 hours of running or brisk walking per week, or 30 minutes a day. [R] That being said, the question remains, is jump rope better than running? And which one is better at burning the most calories? Let’s take a look at jumping rope and why it’s good for you, first.

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Is Jumping Rope Good For You

In our opinion, jumping rope is one of the most underrated types of exercise. It’s been around for, well, forever, and the science says jump roping might be better than other types of cardio, like running. To back that claim up, there’s a study that was published in 2013 by the American Association for Health that found participants who jumped rope for just 10 minutes a day, for six weeks, saw improvements in their cardiovascular health equally as good as the other group that spent 30 minutes of jogging for the six week period. [R]

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Is Jump Rope Better Than Running At Burning Calories? - Swolverine

Why Is Jumping Rope Good For You

Aside from potentially being a better method of cardio than other methods, such as running, there are quite a few other benefits that jumping rope brings to the health table. Jumping rope takes coordination and a mind-muscle connection. You can build some serious agility and quickness when jump roping because you have to keep your body in-line, making what are called ‘neural muscular adjustments’ or ‘proprioception’. This is why boxers jump rope because they need to have good balance, quickness, and coordination to defeat their opponent. [R]

If you’re looking for another reason why is jumping rope good for you, then consider your running goals. Studies have shown that jumping rope can actually improve your running times, improve lower-limb reactivity, and reduce foot-arch stiffness. [R] Next time you head out for your run, consider warming up with 5 minute of jumping rope to loosen up the body and reduce arch stiffness so that you can run harder, for longer.

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Is Jump Rope Better Than Running - Which One Burns More Calories?

Lucky for us, we don’t have to take a guess here. Studies done by Harvard Health have had the same question as us - is jump rope better than running? And which one burns more calories? They found that running at a 5mph pace, equivalent to a 12 minute mile, can burn anywhere from 200-400 calories based on your current weight. As compared to jumping rope though, running falls just a bit short in the calorie burning ability, with rope jumping being able to burn 300-500 calories in about 30 minutes. [R]

In this case, jump rope is better than running when it comes to burning calories, because jumping rope in a 30 minute period can burn up to 500 calories depending on your weight. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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Is Jump Rope Better Than Running At Burning Calories? - Swolverine

Skip Rope, Not Your Workout

In conclusion, jump rope is better than running at burning those unwanted calories that build up creating stored body fat. So while the exercise might be pretty underrated, it’s definitely not overrated. Looking to burn off that candy bar? Jump rope. When done properly, jumping rope will improve overall health, balance, coordination, and overall health. It’s also a lower impact exercise for your joints and can be done both inside and out (as long as you have about 4x6 feet to work with and a foot above your head for the rope to move).

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