Is CrossFit Good For Weight Loss

One of the most commonly shared goals amongst gym goers – you guessed it, weight loss. CrossFit is a type of training protocol, that incorporates constantly varied movements, high-intensity functional training, and Olympic lifting into time intervals and circuits, otherwise known as the workout of the day, or WOD. We’re going to talk about if CrossFit is good for weight loss and if you should consider joining a CrossFit gym to reach your health and fitness goals.

What Is CrossFit 

CrossFit is more than a workout and training program. It’s also a fitness culture, and community. I recently moved to Durango, Colorado, and to the surprise of many, I had never really participated in a CrossFit class or been part of a CrossFit gym. Not knowing anyone, I knew that joining a CrossFit gym, would be a great way to meet people and get integrated into a community, of people who loved fitness and wanted to get into better shape.

Those who participate in CrossFit, typically join a class, that performs a workout of the day or (WOD). These workouts can also be done solo or with a trainer. Most workouts start with a warm-up, followed by a high-intensity functional workout, and wrapped up with a cool-down consisting of mobility. Workouts, are arranged into what’s called programming. If you find that your programming is lacking, or that you need additional help in certain areas, you can use different programming methodologies. For example, at Swolverine we individual functional fitness programming, under our brand Train TSK. If you have training weaknesses, or find that you need a more competitive program, this is where we come in.

Is CrossFit Good For Weight Loss

CrossFit is great for weight loss. Research has consistently shown that high-intensity functional training programs and protocols, can increase caloric burn, improve strength, and add more muscle mass, which is a critical factor to increase metabolism.

Like any exercise program, you cannot out-train a bad diet. Nutrition is the most important and critical factor when your goal is to optimize body composition. Losing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass, won’t happen, if you merely rely on your 30 minute workout each day at the gym. 

Your body, your health, and your fitness, all start with what you eat. Nutrition and supplementation are the only ways you will build the body and strength you want, especially when participating in CrossFit.

Protein and carbohydrates are both crucial to initiate the muscle building and repair process, known as muscle protein synthesis. And carbohydrates are needed for glycogen synthesis or replacement, to help improve muscle recovery and provide your body with enough energy to endure a high-intensity workout each day.

CrossFit For Weight Loss: Takeaway

The mix variety of strength training, high-intensity interval training, both aerobic and anaerobic can definitely help you lose weight. However, without the proper nutrition protocol or plan in place, you can lose muscle mass, in addition to body fat, which will be counterproductive, especially when you’re trying to build more muscle mass and strength. When the goal is losing body fat and building a strong physique you’re proud and confident in, then you should consider hiring a nutrition coach, especially if you don’t know why, how, or what to eat. Most people spend years, guessing at what they should eat, or how to get results, through misinformation they find from fitfluencers. We like to call this noise. Everyone is different and has unique dietary preferences and restrictions. Reduce the noise, get the right information, and a customer nutrition plan personalized to you and your lifestyle. That's how you'll get the most out of your CrossFit training and build the body you want. 

Need Help With Optimizing Your Diet, Nutrition, And Training Plan To Finally Get The Results You've Been Waiting For Without Having To Diet At All?

The Swole Kitchen provides 1:1 nutrition coaching, macro coaching, and custom meal plans to help guide you to becoming the best version of yourself. We teach you how to enjoy the foods you love in the right amounts, so you can fit into your favorite pair of jeans, hit your health and fitness goals, and be healthy and happy. We guide you through making sound nutritional decisions and teach you along the way, so you can learn how to take control of your health, and discover what if feels like to live again.

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