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Being bloated is, awful. It makes you uncomfortable, frustrated, and upset, putting a dent in your self-confidence. It makes you feel unattractive and distressed because no matter what you do, no matter what you eat, you always feel bloated. One minute you’re feeling great, the next you feel like a whale. The question is, why are you so bloated? We're going to cover what causes stomach bloat and how to get rid of bloating fast so that you can get back to feeling great.

What Causes Bloating?

Not knowing what causes your stomach to be bloated is perhaps the most frustrating part of it all. Bloating is most likely due to something you ate. Or it may be something you did while you ate. But pinpointing the exact reasons for what causes your stomach bloat can be hard since food sensitivities vary from person to person. Some people might be sensitive to dairy, or added sugars, while others may be sensitive to gluten, or soy. Over time, your body may also overcome the food sensitivities that once made you bloated making it easier for you to digest them and adding to the confusion.
However, there are some common culprits that can cause you to be bloated, leaving you feeling like a fluffy unicorn. 

1. You Drink Carbonated Beverages And Soda

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Bloat

The fizz in carbonated beverages can cause gas to get trapped in your stomach, which will leave you feeling like a small balloon. Because carbonation comes from gas blended with water, the gas can distend your belly. Skip the soda, and drink water. It’s better for you and will leave you feeling better. Coming from someone who used to drink a ton of diet soda, (at least one Diet Coke a day) eliminating them from your diet, will help with your stomach bloat.

2. You Had One Too Many Beers

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Bloating Fast

Alcohol, especially beer is full of empty calories, which leads to weight gain, inflammation, and can cause a belly full of bloat. Try limiting the amount of alcohol you drink, I guarantee it will make you feel better.

3. You’re In A Kale Coma

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Bloat

Kale is a very healthy addition to your diet, however Kale can lead to a bloated stomach. Kale is a cruciferous veggie, along with (Brussel Sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli) which is very high in fiber and also contains a sugar called raffinose, which is known to produce gas in your gut. If you love kale, or you increase your fiber intake, drink more water so you can digest it efficiently and effectively and avoid the bloat. Or skip the kale salads and stick with romaine.  

4. You Ate Too Much Cheese On Wine Night

How To Get Rid Of Stomach BLoating

Who doesn’t love cheese? Charcuterie boards and poo poo platters parading a beautiful array of goat cheese, brie, and cheddar is one of the most delectable and satisfying snacks around, but it can also leave you feeling like the cow it came from. Many people have a lactose sensitivity, which means any dairy product will be harder for you to digest. Hard cheese, however, tends to be easier to digest than soft cheese. So skip the Brie and eat some pears, so you don’t get puffy on wine night. 

5. You Got Fries With Your Burger

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Bloat

High sodium foods and excess salt can make you feel and look bloated, because of water retention. I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t eat fries, but anything with a large excess of sodium such as bacon, or processed meats, and fast food, will cause bloating. So if you’re about to treat yourself and indulge a bit, be prepared for the puff to ensue soon after.

6. You May Have Leaky Gut Or Other Digestive Issues

How to get rid of bloat

Leaky gut happens when your gut lining is permeable, meaning things that shouldn’t go through your gut lining and into your bloodstream, do. Symptoms of leaky gut include increased bloating, gas, food sensitivities, and constipation. People with Celiac Disease and Chron’s often experience leaky gut syndrome due to the fact that the gut cannot adequately control what passes through the lining of the small intestine. 

If you feel that your symptoms are not going away, and that your condition is more serious, we recommend consulting your physician for further analysis. 

How To Get Rid Of Bloating?

Now that you know some of the culprits and causes of stomach bloat, dive into how to get rid of bloating, reduce it, or prevent bloating from happening so often.

1. Drink More Water

How To Get Rid Of Bloat Fast

Drinking more water, will keep your bodily processes and digestive system moving, help you avoid constipation (A huge factor in feeling bloated), decrease bloat, and of course keep you hydrated. Instead of drinking diet soda, or trying to find ‘something to drink’ replace it with water. Chances are you're not drinking enough as it is. think of water as a lubrication for all your bodily processes. 

2. Eat Or Drink More Fermented Foods

Your stomach is lined with more than 100 trillion healthy bacteria, which play a significant role in your gastrointestinal and gut health. Including foods in your diet such as Kombucha, Kefir, or Greek Yogurt, is super important to maintain homeostasis within your gut. To avoid issues such as constipation, and bloating, and to obtain better digestive health, implement fermented foods with a high probiotic content to avoid bloat.

how to get rid of bloat

3. Take A High-Quality Probiotic Supplement

Probiotics For Stomach Bloating

If it’s hard for you to get probiotics through your diet, then supplement them. Probiotic supplements work to maintain the balance in your body’s microbiota. Probiotics are those “good” bacteria that help keep the gut healthy and assist in digestion and nutrient absorption, to provide better digestive and immune health. GMOs, pesticides, and other environmental toxins have a direct effect on the degradation of the food you eat, which attributes to the health of the microflora in your gut. Supplementation of probiotics is crucial to delivering the healthy bacteria our bodies need for proper digestion and to get rid of bloat and constipation fast. (Learn more about the benefits of taking probiotics).

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4. Eat Smaller Portions

Overeating can feel like bloat, but in reality, you simply ate too much. If you’re eating big meals a few times a day, break it up and have more snacks such as fruit and nuts in between. So eat smaller portion sizes and slow down. When you eat fast, you tend to overeat, which will cause you to feel bloated.

5. Supplement With L-Glutamine 

Supplementing with L-Glutamine is perfect for reducing stomach bloating. This is due to the fact that one of the greatest benefits of L-Glutamine is its ability to help restore intestinal health and repair your stomach lining. L-Glutamine is 1 of 20 amino acids your body produces. However, unlike the other amino acids, glutamine is the primary fuel used by cells in your gut lining. By adequately feeding the stomach cells you produce more intestinal mucus, which tightens the openings in your gut, helping your gut barrier stop things from entering that shouldn’t.

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Eating foods that are high in L-Glutamine such as fish, chicken, avocado, and spinach is great, but it’s not enough if you have a leaky gut. For starters, when Glutamine is taken alongside other amino acids, it has to compete for uptake. So you can’t expect to get all of the benefits of L-Glutamine when you eat as it’s taken alongside many other amino acids.

Those of us with digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, or gas, will want to supplement with 5 grams of L-Glutamine at least twice per day, after training and before bed.

We recommend our L-Glutamine supplement powder since it’s micronized and pharmaceutical grade unflavored and contains 100 servings, so you can help fix your bloating and digestive issues fast. 

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What Causes Bloating? Takeaway

As someone who has experienced bloating and digestive issues their entire life, implementing these practices into my everyday diet and routine has helped me tremendously to overcome my bloating and digestive issues. If you’re looking to get rid of your bloating fast, take a probiotic supplement, drink Kombucha, cutback on the drinking, get rid of diet soda, and supplement with Glutamine after your workouts. You’ll feel better, and best of all you won’t be bloated. 

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