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Have you ever longed for a supportive community or environment to attain a healthy lifestyle? The Crossfit sense of community is exceptional, there’s always someone to assist with technique, everybody recognizes one another, discuss competitions and you can compare Workout of the Day outcomes. However, all this does not happen in normal gyms, no one communicates to one another except if it’s important. When you immerse yourself into a CrossFit community, you know life stories, names, you know the people, and they are yours.

The Power Of The CrossFit Community

Global Relations & Equal Opportunity

When you join the CrossFit community, you're not only joining a gym or a workout program; you're joining a community of individuals that have common aims that span across nations and borders. You can find people from different countries doing the same thing as you, with the same passion, drive, motivation, and understanding. You can travel, not know the same verbal language, but know how to snatch, clean, do burpees, and suffer next to each other chasing your ultimate human potential. Men and Women are treated as equals. CrossFit is unrestricted, and the only way to transform this world into a fit community is by allowing everyone to join.

And if all that isn't enough? 

The sport of CrossFit allows every walk of life, individual, an athlete, the ability to chase the chance of being and reaching elite fitness level. When joining the CrossFit community, you're not just joining your local affiliate. Together, crossfitters join become better, healthier, and happier individuals. Not just better CrossFitters or better in the box, but human beings, employees, and representatives when they step out of the box. 

Social Support System

Most often it isn’t the workout or the personal goals that get us out of the bed before the sun rises or after a long day when the sun has gone down and the work day is done. It is the friendships and unspoken bonds of those counting on us to show up. I welcome you to the community of people who have decided that ‘easy’ will no longer suffice. It’s a place where you can walk in terrified and walk out accomplished.

Shared Suffering Creates Strong Bonds

Whether you’re a professional athlete or you have never lifted a weight in your life, CrossFit will make you better. If you choose to join a CrossFit gym, a coach will always be there to train you. There are progressions of movements for every level of athlete. Coaches are there to help you perfect your movements and ensure you have the right form for ideal safety and performance. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a crowd that will applaud the last person to finish just as hard as the first. And you'll notice, that the power of people suffering next to one another, with no materialistic advantage over one another, will provide you with some of the strongest friendships and human bonds you've ever experienced. 

CrossFit is more than just fitness; it is a gateway to something deeper within all of us.

No Room For Ego

The rules of engagement are this:

  1. Show up and do the work
  2. Abandon your ego
  3. Nobody cares what your time was
  4. Everybody cares if you cheated
  5. Effort earns respect

If you think otherwise, the barbell will let you know.

Social Freedom

What makes CrossFit community special is because it’s full of individuals who think it’s satisfactory to train as hard as you want and give an all-out effort. In a regular gym, you’ll see some funny looks as you jump on and off the rower when you carry out a 2k row with 20 air squats EMOM. Particularly, when you collapse to the floor subsequently after trying to guzzle in the air for five minutes after you finish your workout.

The CrossFit community has changed not only my life but the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. This community encourages and welcomes you to test your capability to push the bounds of your human potential. You can grunt and scream as you lift heavy weights, you can laugh at catastrophes and even cry with frustration, you come to the box as an individual and leave as an integral part of a micro-community.

It’s a distinctive thing that CrossFit can progress by receiving new members and making them know that they are acknowledged as a member of the international family. Working out within CrossFit community helps us to feel better and serve as an encouragement to drive ourselves to new limits that we never think were possible.

What will CrossFit teach you, about you?

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