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As we slowly emerge from the events of the last two years stepping into 2022, a year by which that feels more normal than the last few, we’re proud to announce the 2022 Center Podium Bodybuilding competition schedule. We’re going to break down the details about the host, who can compete, as well as where and when to compete, so that you can bring your best package yet to one of the most impressive show stages in the country. Let’s dig in.

What Is Center Podium

Center Podium is a company with passionate individuals who work together to create something bigger within the fitness and bodybuilding community. Not only do they build a new community of athletes year after year who are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to achieve max potential with their body and physique, but they also elevate every individual that they come into contact with, along the way. Year after year they assert themselves as one of the very best competition hosts in the United States and beyond.

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Bodybuilding Competition Shows With Center Podium

Wondering what to expect with CP? Nothing but the best is what you can expect. Not only do they host competitions and fit expos but they create an entire fitness experience for the athletes and spectators alike. Their shows are known as “First in Class” and are sure to leave a lasting fire burning within you to compete at the next one. Some notables about CP guidelines, productions, and experiences include:

  • Use high-end venues and showrooms
  • Epic destinations
  • Sloped audience seating
  • No vinyl on stage
  • Hotels within walking distance
  • Custom trophies
  • Competitor gift bags
  • Immersive vendor experience
  • Epic stage
  • Excessive and meticulous communication
  • Celebrity partnerships
  • Entertaining production and performances
  • One-stop shopping for competitors with all your contest needs in one location
  • Unique brands and experience
  • High-end hotels
  • Best price and value
  • Personalized customer support

Who Should Compete

Anyone can compete at a Center Podium bodybuilding competitions regardless of if you’re novice or chasing points for a chance to compete at Mr./Ms. Olympia.The events cater to both NPC and IFBB Pro League levels across all divisions including fitness, physique, bikini and bodybuilding. The important part you should know? You need to not only register with your respective committee before registering for your spot to compete on the stage at a Center Podium show (NPC/IFBB). Typically speaking, the sooner you can register the better. So pick your show, dial in your nutrition and fitness, and don’t forget to use your Swolverine supplements along the way to achieve your peak physical shape and to bring your best package to the stage.

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The 2022 Center Podium Bodybuilding Competition Schedule

2022 Bodybuilding Competition - Swolverine

NPC Worldwide Russia Regional

March 19, 2022 // Moscow, Russia // LEARN MORE

The 2022 NPC Worldwide RUSSIA IFBB Regional – ВЕСНА is the first stop in the NPC Worldwide Eastern Bloc Tour. The tour includes five shows and ends with an IFBB Pro Qualifier in Kazakstan where NINE Pro cards will be awarded. Every open division champion will receive FREE entry to the Pro Qualifier in Kazakhstan!

NPC Worldwide Battle of St. Petersburg

March 27, 2022 // St. Petersburg, Russia // LEARN MORE

The 2022 NPC Worldwide Battle of St. Petersburg is Russia’s first NPC Worldwide Regional show in St. Petersburg. This show will qualify athletes for any Pro Qualifier where a qualification, there is NO qualification required to compete at the NPC Worldwide Invictus Pro Qualifier in Kazakstan.

NPC Mother Load Center Podium Bodybuilding Competition - Swolverine

NPC Mother Lode

May 7, 2022 // Reno, NV // LEARN MORE

The NPC Mother Lode is a visual extravaganza! The show hearkens back to before the Golden Days of bodybuilding to a time when muscles could be found only at freak shows and on the inside of dirty red and white striped tents. This show will inspire and ENTERTAIN like no other! Our competitors will star in our opening act with costumes, music, celebrity guests, and acrobatic exhibitions!


May 28, 2022 // Albuquerque, NM // LEARN MORE

The all new IFBB Pro NPC/MID-USA is now 100% produced and promoted by Center Podium! New for 2022 is IFBB Pro Classic Physique where they will battle for a Mr. Olympia qualification! You’ll watch amateur athletes of all abilities battle for a first-place trophy and a National Qualification. You’ll meet top-level IFBB Pros. Past guest stars included Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson and Steve Kuclo. 

NPC West Coast Classic

June 25, 2022 // Rancho Mirage, CA // LEARN MORE

The NPC West Coast Classic is Center Podium’s Southern California’s NPC National Qualifier. It is an amazing show at the even more amazing Agua Caliente “THE SHOW” theater. This venue is unmatched. There is no seat further than 125 feet from the stage so all 2,000 seats are good seats. You can even reserve private lounges and drink service. This stage has hosted names like Billy Joel, Matchbox 20, Jerry Seinfeld, Willie Nelson, Steven Tyler, and hopefully on June 19… YOU! 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler will also join us at the NPC West Coast Classic.

NPC Dexter Jackson Classic

July 23, 2022 // Jacksonville, FL // LEARN MORE

How do you know when you have picked the best possible NPC Florida bodybuilding contest? When it is produced by Mr. Olympia, Dexter Jackson! Having more than 25 years at the top of the bodybuilding game, Dexter will transform his experience into your ultimate bodybuilding experience. Overall winners will be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as they can join Dexter himself at JAX gym in Jacksonville on the Sunday following the show for an exclusive seminar! PLUS, all Overall winners will receive a free entry and 3 nights hotel at our International IFBB Pro Qualifier!

Tahoe Show Center Podium Bodybuilding Competition - Swolverine

IFBB Pro/NPC Tahoe Show

August 13-14, 2022 // Lake Tahoe, CA // LEARN MORE

What’s made the Tahoe Show so much fun for 11 years?! It has something different than a regular bodybuilding show; hard to say exactly what it is. For sure, it’s a bucket list item, a “must-do” in the world of physique competitions and it’s an incredible destination. Maybe it’s the beautiful venue, the backstage donuts, the handmade “muscle-deer” trophy or the Artisan Antler Tiaras. Could be something less tangible like the feeling you get when you drive over the mountain pass, and the blue of Lake Tahoe fills the horizon.

IFBB Pro Masters Legion

October 7, 2022 // Reno, NV // LEARN MORE

The IFBB Pro League Legion Masters Championship will include ALL NINE IFBB PRO MASTER DIVISIONS and ALL CLASSES! Divisions include Bodybuilding, Bodybuilding 212, Figure, Men’s Physique, Fitness, Women’s Physique, Bikini, Classic Physique, Wellness. The Legion Sports Fest is providing a $24,300 cash purse, the biggest ever (you can now crossover divisions).

NPC & IFBB Pro Legion

October 8-9, 2022 // Reno, NV // LEARN MORE

The 2022 Legion Sports Fest now includes THREE nights of NPC and IFBB competitions. Friday will be the IFBB Pro Masters Championship. Saturday will be our NPC National Qualifier! Sunday night the Legion will host a huge IFBB Pro League OPEN competition which will include Open Bodybuilding. The Legion Sports Fest includes IFBB Pro Open Bodybuilding, Bikini, Classic Physique, Fitness, Men’s Physique, Wellness and Women’s Physique. IFBB Pro Open divisions are 2022 Olympia Tier 3 qualifiers.

New Mexico Center Podium Bodybuilding Competition - Swolverine

NPC New Mexico State Open

November 5, 2022 // Albuquerque, NM // LEARN MORE

The California Alternative Medicine NPC New Mexico State Open is New Mexico’s premier bodybuilding event. You’ll watch amateur athletes of all abilities battle for a first-place trophy and a National Qualification. You’ll meet top-level IFBB Pros. Past guest stars included Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson and Steve Kucklo. Plus the 2021 MC was IFBB Bikini Olympian Pro Tamara Jordan. Our 2021 all-star judges included 2x Figure Olympia Champion Latorya Watts and Olympian Bojana Vasiljevic.

NPC Worldwide Russia Regional

November 2022 // Moscow, Russia LEARN MORE

The 2022 NPC Worldwide RUSSIA IFBB Regional – ВЕСНА is the first stop in the NPC Worldwide Eastern Bloc Tour. The tour includes five shows and ends with an IFBB Pro Qualifier in Kazakstan where NINE Pro cards will be awarded. Every open division champion will receive FREE entry to the Pro Qualifier in Kazakhstan! 

NPC Worldwide INVICTUS Pro Qualifier

December 3, 2022 // Astana, Kazakhstan // LEARN MORE

We will be awarding NINE IFBB Pro cards at the NPC Worldwide Invictus Pro Qualifier in Kazakhstan on 3 December 2022. Pro Card winners will receive paid flights and hotel to the 2023 IFBB Pro Legion, Olympia Qualifier. The NPC Worldwide INVICTUS Pro Qualifier will make history as the first NPC Worldwide event in Kazakhstan. This event is open to athletes from around the world. No qualification is required. Also note that Kazakhstan is visa-free for 54 countries including the USA, Europe, and many Asian countries! Click HERE to see if your country is visa-free. 

Bodybuilding Competition: Takeaway

Bodybuilding is an incredibly unique, challenging, and rewarding sport. Whether it is your first time out there on the stage or your 25th year, with each competition comes an opportunity to learn more about yourself, your package and presentation, as well as where you can improve. By registering and competing at a Center Podium bodybuilding competition you're going to experience the 'first in class' experience from top to bottom. So bring your A game and be prepared to show it off! Good luck athletes.

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