3 Tips To Maximize Your Burpee Box Jump Over

What do you get when you add a burpee and box jump together – the burpee box jump over. The burpee box jump over is a heart thumping, gut wrenching cardio accelerated movement, typically programmed in high intensity functional training or CrossFit protocols. When being performed for time, pacing and technique is crucial to shaving off precious seconds each round, accumulating to more time efficiency. We’re going to discuss a few tips and tricks to make your burpee box jump over more efficient, so you can outperform your competition.

What Is The Burpee Box Jump Over

The burpee box jump over is essentially two cardio accelerated movements combined into one – the box jump and the burpee. This movement can be extremely challenging, but also very effective at developing more muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, and increasing anaerobic threshold. Typically, the burpee box jump over is programmed in HIFT protocols and CrossFit workouts.

3 Tips How To Improve Burpee Box Jump Over

Consistency In Movement

No matter what you do, keep moving. As you jump on the box you want to ensure you have a quarter-turn rotation, which will help set up your position for the burpee as you jump onto the box and back off onto the floor.

It’s important to find a smooth and consistent rhythm by pacing yourself throughout the entirety of this movement. Focus on being explosive and maintaining a consistent flow.

Conserve Your Energy

Staying low throughout the burpee box jump over is crucial to conserving energy to complete an entire round or set. By staying low, you are essentially decreasing the distance as opposed to standing all the way up each time you jump onto the box, which would add more time and conserve more energy. During competition you are not required to show full hip extension, therefore, the more you can decrease and shorten this range of motion the faster you’ll be able to get up and over the box.


Acceleration throughout the movement using your momentum is another important factor to consider when optimizing the burpee box jump over. As soon as your feet hit the ground you should be dropping into the burpee and using your momentum from the box jump to fall gracefully and strategically place yourself by accelerating and exploding from the floor, staying low, and turning into the next jump.

Burpee Box Jump Over Benefits

Endurance Capacity

The key to the burpee box jump over is maintaining your heart rate. If you can pace yourself, you can essentially maintain a steady heart rate and build your exercise endurance and aerobic exercise capacity. Better endurance capacity will translate to better training adaptation and maximized athletic performance.

Body Optimization

More competitive athletes are not typically training and utilizing the burpee box jump over because they’re worried about body composition. But to the average gym goer who joins the box, weight loss and body composition is a big reason for their journey. The burpee box jump over is an extremely effective exercise to help you lose body fat and gain more muscle mass. With two cardio accelerated movements combined into one, you’re essentially burning more calories in a shorter period, utilizing several muscle groups, joints and stabilizing muscles to complete one repetition.

Strength, Power, Speed

The burpee box jump over is a plyometric movement that requires power, speed, and explosiveness. It strengthens your lower body musculature, such as your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Burpee box jump overs will increase strength, power, and speed making you a better more well-rounded athlete.

Burpee Box Jump Over: Takeaway

The takeaway here, is stay low, be consistent in movement, pace yourself and keep your heart rate under control. There is no better way to get crushed by your competition to come out of the gates hot, then burn out after the first two rounds. Pace yourself and progress through your times during training by steadily getting more efficient and faster by conserving your energy and planning in accordance with other programmed movements in your workout. 

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