11 Bodybuilders You Need To Follow On Instagram

There’s nothing more motivating than filling your feed with inspirational fit-fluencers that top tier in their sport. We’ve curated the most knowledgeable and credible bodybuilders that you need to follow on Instagram, to get you pumped, motivated, and ready to stack on more plates to get shredded and hit bigger gains.

Chris Bumstead




A bodybuilders best list wouldn’t be complete without the man himself – Chris Bumstead. C Bum, three-time winner of the Mr. Olympia in Classic Physique is one of the most aesthetically balanced and jacked bodybuilders that needs to be on your Instagram feed. Dude is Thavage.

Calum Von Moger




Calum Von Moger is legit Arnold reincarnate. Mr. Universe and IFBB pro, Von Moger leads an attention-grabbing life and one worth following on the gram.

Frida Paulsen




Swedish IFBB Bikini pro Frida Paulsen has one of the best physiques we’ve seen in the game. Constantly shredded and show ready, Frida has 7 pro cards and placed 1st in 35 different bodybuilding comps.

Yarishna Ayala




If you’re not following Yarishna, then please stop reading this article now and start now. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Yarishna, or more commonly known as the Wellness Queen, is a force to be reckoned with 3 IFBB Pro Wellness wins and a 4th place finish at Mr. Olympia.

Francielle Mattos




Francielle holds the title of Ms Olympia in the wellness divison, winning it the first year in 2021. Bold, Brazilian, and stacked Francielle is the best of the best.

Andrei Deiu'




Andrei is an international IFBB Pro men’s physique competitor. He finished top 10 in the 2021 Mr. Olympia. Why should you follow him. Well, first off.. Dude has more style than your grandmother at the Kentucky Derby, not to mention he’s jacked. Classy, handsome, and slayin some threads.


Flex Lewis



Flex Lewis is a 7-time 212 Mr. Olympia Champ. Flex always brings a bigger and better package each year. After 7 straight wins though, Flex is retiring. Now, is the best time to start following him ironically as he shares his insights on his new podcast Straight Outta The Lair.

Bojana Vasiljevic




Bojana is a 6-time Olympian and has competed in hundreds of bodybuilding comps. In addition to the stage, Bojana is an NPC judge and involved on the promotion side of bodybuilding. If you’re looking for someone to follow, it’s Bojana.

Regan Grimes



IFBB Pro Regan Grimes is from Ontario Canada. He owns his own gym FlexPlex and competes in the men’s open and physique division. He’s on his way back to the 2022 Mr. Olympia in Vegas and is one of the most promising new bodybuilders in the league right now.

Sadik Hadzovic




Sadik is a Bosnian bodybuilder who competes in mens physique. His boyish good looks are worth the scroll and double tap. A 4x IFBB champion Sadik has a fully chiseled well-defined physique that you do not want to miss.

Mike O’Hearn




You need to follow Mike O’Hearn based entirely on the fact, that his Instagram account is pure entertainment. Whenever you think about bodybuilding, Mike... Is it.  With his classic good looks and killer physique, not to mention hilarious posts, you need to be following Mike.


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