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Probiotics have been dubbed the newest health iconoclast since Collagen, taking what’s known in the traditional sense of bacteria and making it into the most coveted and sought-after elixir by every health enthusiast on planet earth. Greek yogurt to kefir and kombucha, probiotics are currently the magic bullet of health. But what can be so desirable about “healthy” bacteria? Is there even such a thing? What are the benefits of probiotics? Do you actually need them? We’re going to answer these questions and many more, when we talk about the health benefits of probiotic supplements.  

What Are Probiotics?

Over the past decade, researchers have discovered that your digestive system is filled with up to 40 trillion microbes, collectively known as your gut microbiota. This tiny army of healthy bacteria supports your body’s ability to digest and absorb key nutrients from the food you eat to literally power every human biological function. If you don’t adequately absorb nutrients from the food you eat, then your body will not obtain key vitamins and nutrients to perform those biological functions efficiently.

What Do Probiotics Do? And How Do Probiotics Work?

According to numerous studies, the advantages of probiotics include supporting your digestive health, brain health, nutrient absorption, and promoting immune system health. But, how do probiotics work?

The intestinal microbiome plays an important role in the function and integrity of the gastrointestinal tract. Without healthy microbiota, Alterations in the composition of your intestinal microbiome may occur. These changes in intestinal composition have been associated with infections in the gastrointestinal tract, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) [R]. 

Probiotics help to fortify the intestinal barrier and suppressing the growth of pathogens. Probiotics produce antimicrobial agents or metabolic compounds that suppress the growth of other microorganisms or compete for receptors and binding sites with other intestinal microbes on the intestinal mucosa [R, R] Probiotic Lactobacillus strains improve the integrity of the intestinal barrier, which may result in improved digestion and immune health. So what are the biggest health benefits of probiotic supplements? 

Benefits Of Probiotics: Digestive Health

An advantage of probiotics is that they can provide a huge benefit to your digestive health. Research has proven that supplementing high-quality probiotics in your diet can ease the symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) such as Chrons, Ulcerative Colitis, and Leaky gut. IBD is directly caused from intestinal hyperpermeability. Since probiotics enhance the integrity of the intestinal barrier, chronic autoimmune diseases can be mitigated and treated, decreased translocation of bacteria across the intestinal mucosa, resulting in improved immune states.

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GMO's, pesticides, and other environmental toxins have a direct effect on the degradation of the food we eat, which attributes to the health of the microflora in your gut. Supplementation of probiotics is more crucial than ever to help deliver the healthy bacteria our bodies need for proper digestion and improving your digestive health.

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In a double-blind randomized controlled study, published in the Journal Of Probiotics & Health, 50 participants (18-65 years of age at the time of participation) who suffered from occasional constipation and or diarrhea were assigned to consume either a clinically researched probiotics strain DE111 B. Subitilis or placebo. Each group was instructed to consume one capsule per day with a meal for 90 days. Efficacy was assessed through participant reported bowel movement (BM) records as well as dietary intake logs. Additionally, digestive health questionnaires were completed on days 1, 15, 45, 75 and 105. The results indicated that DE111 significantly improved gastrointestinal discomfort including constipation and diarrhea over the course of the study. Individuals in the DE111 group reported an increased frequency of normal type stools compared to those in the Placebo group. Therefore, a B. subtilis DE111 dose at 1 billion CFU/day may improve occasional constipation and diarrhea while helping to maintain gastrointestinal health [R, R

best probiotic supplement - swolverine

best probiotic supplement - swolverine

If you’re looking for a great probiotic supplement, check out Swolverine’s Probiotix. It has over 5 billion organisms and DE111 to help keep your gut and digestive system healthy and happy.

Benefits Of Probiotics: Brain Health

The gut has a direct influence on your brain, known as the gut-brain axis. Ever wonder why you get the butterflies when you see a loved one, or your stomach sinks when you feel bad about something? It’s because there is a bidirectional interaction within the gastrointestinal tract, enteric nervous system, and central nervous system. Makes sense right?

Recent clinical trials have shown that gut microbiota plays an important role in these gut-brain interactions. The gut-brain pathway is regulated through multiple mechanisms, neural activity and immunological signals.

If the trillions of microbiota in your gut are happy and healthy, by adding ‘good’ bacteria from the right probiotic strains, then your brain health is subsequently boosted in the form of mood and how you feel.

Benefits Of Probiotics: Immune System Health

Without a healthy immune system, your body is susceptible to invading pathogens, which can lead to sickness. The last thing you want, is to get sick. Sniffles, head ache, and being stuck in bed watching re-runs. No thanks.

Gut microbiota can directly affect the immune system. The gut houses the Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissues (GALT). These tissues help protect the body from microbial invasion via the gut, keeping you a healthy and happy camper. A variety of gut and GALT immune cells such as T cells can cross the blood-brain barrier and influence neural activity, altering the immune system through modulating the activity of resident immune cells. Therefore, by adding in quality strains of probiotics into your diet, you can help boost immune system function, by protecting yourself against invading pathogens and microbes [R].

Benefits Of Probiotics: The Takeaway

The gastrointestinal tract is inhabited by nearly 100 trillion microorganisms that have a direct impact on your digestive and immune system health. By adding healthy probiotics either through your diet or via supplementation you can boost your digestive and immune health. If you suffer from IBD or have gastrointestinal issues, supplementing a proven health strain of probiotics may be exactly what you need to help to relieve bloat, promote regularity, and improve your quality of life. Although preclinical and clinical trials have shown that probiotics may have a positive impact on your health, studies have only identified a handful of probiotic strains that help treat specific conditions. Of those strains, DE111 proves to be one of the most effective in helping digestive and immune health. Be sure to check with your healthcare provider, to see if probiotics are good for you.

Need help restoring your digestive and immune system health? Probiotics may be exactly what you need?

Swolverine's Probiotix contains DE111 which helps your digestive system absorb essential vitamins and nutrients. Getting the vital nutrients you need means naturally boosting your immune system and digestive health. Click the image below to get yours today. 

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