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You show up to the box and you get the look. Why? Because you’re still wearing sweats and class started 5 minutes ago. Maybe you walk into the box early, lift in the corner, then leave, and wonder why you don’t have any friends there. Or maybe you’re standing on the outside of the door, looking in through the glass, wondering what it’d be like to be on the other side. Wherever you are in your crossfitting journey, there are some simple, unwritten rules to a CF box that you should know. Some of these are meant to be a bit satirical, so try not to take it personally, and instead, use the ones you don’t like as a little reminder to not be ‘that person’. From our box to yours, enjoy.

Show Up On Time

Seems simple, and it is. Out of respect for yourself and your box-mates, show up on time. Sure, warm-ups suck and cooldowns seem like a waste of time, but if you skip them you also skip your safety net, keeping you from injury. Plus, what coach likes someone strolling in late with socks and slippers?

Introduce Yourself

Shy? Introduce yourself.

Outgoing? Introduce yourself.

New? Introduce yourself.

See someone new? Introduce yourself. 

Chances are your box doesn’t have a ton of members and nobody wants to belong to a clicky gym. Box mates depend on accountability and encouragement, criticism and shared suffering. Knowing each other's names helps this cause. Plus, nobody wants to suffer in pain through the WOD alone, and if you find yourself struggling next to another person… introduce yourself. Catch our riff?

Don’t Be a Dick

Got a big ego? Then you’re not going to fit in. Standing out for a fat head in the box isn’t appealing nor encouraged. We know your Mom told you, you’re the most special and talented person out there, but when you step into the box and it shows? Not cool, bro. The only person you should be better than when you walk in the box is the person that you were yesterday. Sound cliché? Think again. 

The members in a class and at a box are there to become happier, healthier human beings, to join together with like-minded people who want to live a better quality of life. Compete against yourself and prepare to get humbled. If you’re not into it and you’re more into your bicep pump? There’s probably a globo down the street that’ll be a better fit, or just the other side of the front door, where you won’t bother anyone. #notsorry

Don’t Be a Rep Shaver

Long story short, don’t do it. But if you need something more substantial to back that up, we have a whole article dedicated to this.

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Stay Until Everyone Finishes

You might want to leave the floor like a bat out of hell when you’re finished with your Metcon, grasping for air, but trust us, stick around. It’s creed in CrossFit that you encourage the last ones to finish, and there need to be voices there to do it. Yes, that means you ;) 

Don’t Chalk Everything, Yourself Included

Chalk is a great tool to use in the gym. Chalk is also great when it’s not spread all over your body, the floor, and the equipment you’re using. Nobody wants to have to wonder if you’re using so much chalk because your grip sucks, or because you’re baking muffins, so just don’t go there in the first place. Get a light dusting, don’t chalk like an asshole, and walk away from the bucket.

Oh, and side note…

IF YOU KNOCK OVER THE CHALK BUCKET, GO ASK ADMIN HOW TO CLEAN IT UP. And if you’re going to blame it on the dog running around, think again. We saw you, even if you don’t think we did.

Say Thank You

Whether it’s your first drop-in or class, or it’s your 120th time at that box, make sure to say thank you and show gratitude for people’s time and inclusion. Most people are there because they love being there, but it’s nice to know that you enjoy being there too. It’s also a common courtesy, like holding the door, and this next point below…

Wipe Down Your Gear and Put It Away

CrossFit gyms can get pretty gross if you let them. Rip your hand on the bar? Wipe it down, even if you don’t think you got any blood or skin on it. Chalk up the bar like an asshole? Wipe it down and don’t do it next time. Did the med-ball punch you in your sweaty face a time or two? Wipe. It. Down. 


Put your gear away. Sure, you’re tired. But so is everyone else in the gym, and I guarantee you, nobody there wants to clean up after you.

8 Unwritten Rules Of A CrossFit Box: Conclusion

We’re all here for the same reasons – to get better, fitter, healthier and stronger. There aren’t many rules in the box, but there are a few to help point you in the right direction. Most are for fun, others help you make friends, while other guidelines keep you safe. So next time you step into a box, familiar or new, make sure you take these tips with you and you’ll be an integral member of the community in no time. 

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