Jamie Simmonds

Who is Jamie Simmonds?

I am a kiwi (New Zealander) I have been living in Abu Dhabi in the UAE for coming up 10 years now, where i am a full time Crossfit athlete and co-founder of our programming and coaching company QHP training.Where Did Your Fitness Journey Begin? How Did You Get Here?

Where did your fitness journey begin?

Growing up in New Zealand, i got to try so so so many sports, but my main two were gymnastics and rugby. I competed internationally for NZ in gymnastics retiring at 15, and nationally for rugby, retiring at 22.

When i was about 21, my mum actually brought me a class pass for a Crossfit gym in Dunedin , because in her words, i was partying too much and loosing my way haha! I didn't love it at the start it was ok, i liked the gymnastics but not fussed on much else, i also found it pretty hard on the body alongside full contact rugby. But after a few months, i started to see some progression and actually found the compeditive side of Crossfit which sucked me in! i'm a sucker for competing! I then started to add in little bits outside of classes and ended up qualifying for my first regionals in Australia. I loved it! and not soon long after that i got a job in Abu Dhabi as a trainer, i moved over found a great (and compeditive) Crossfit environment at Crossfit Yas in Abu Dhabi, which then started my professional Crossfit career internationally.

What have you achieved in your sport thus far?

I have competed at the Crossfit Games 6 times.
Team 2016 where we came 3rd as Crossfit Yas - I also won the Crossfit open 2016
A rookie 2017 - where i won Rookie of the year. 8th place
2018 - 11th
2019- 3rd place
2020 - 12th
2021 - missed the season due to injury
2023- 17th - I had to withdraw on day 3 due to hurting my elbow on the lifting event :(

What is your favorite part about your sport?

The people and the community! It is an individual sport but it never feels like that! Coming from a background of many team sports, it was nice to come into a community of like minded people that supported you in better-ing yourself.
Ive meet some of my best friends and even my husband through Crossfit and the places it has taken me all over the world has been crazy, i don't think i would get this in many other endeavors

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I am very family and friends orientated. I am an introvert but when i am around my people - people i love and feel comfortable with I am Jamie. This may surprise people as i left home and still live away but i knew i needed this to grow within myself, i now appreciate and LOVE going home to spend time with friends and family and i now also have these types of people spread ALL over the world and it is the best thing ever.

To add to that my younger sister is also and always has been my biggest role model / inspiration from a very young age i've seen her strive for greatness in everything she does and it not only gives me a kick up the butt to keep up with her but also inspires me to go after what i want even if things aren't perfect, she does the Greene name proud :) She is a 1500m track runner for New Zealand and is so fast! haha

Also i once won a Soda Refill competition - I drank 18 Medium cups (from Burger King) of Fanta. I WAS so so sick afterwards but i Won hahaha.

Do you currently coach?

Yes i am a Crossfit coach and i alongside my husband and my friend/ coach own a training company called Quintessential Health and Performance.

Do you have a favorite dessert or cheat meal?

I love any dessert, Ice cream, Frozen yoghurt, lemon Meringue pie and alllll lollies (Candy)

What has been your most memorable time as an athlete thus far?

firstly podiuming at the games in 2016 with my Yas Team - something we worked so hard for and something so unexpected to most (not us) was a moment i will never forget.

Handing out the Game jerseys to the Black Ferns Sevens team (The NZ Womans Sevens team) in Dubai 2022. I have always looked up to these girls ever since i started rugby at 8 years old. I actually always wanted to be a black fern but didn't quite make it. It was awesome to see these girls getting after it out in the world and hearing about their journeys and what they've been through to get to the world stage.

Tell us about some defining moments and what they have taught you or trying times you've been through

I've had many injures. Some bigger than others, but I have been through 4 surgeries which is always tough but I think the toughest was in 2021 when we moved to the UK to pursue being a full time athlete over there and within the first month of being there I dislocated my shoulder (traumatic in itself) but from there how tough it was to be in a new place, not knowing many people, not having the competing purpose and not working the amount I used to, I felt very lost. Finding myself and other purposes was tough since all i wanted to do was compete. But I managed to shift my focus and find what truly makes me happy and for me a lot of it lay in being around my people and (sunshine) haha

This time really taught me about surrounding yourself with the right people for you.

I realized how important human connection was and how much i missed my family. Now I do still live far away from home, but it is a priority every year to get a couple of times of an extended period of quality time with friends and family back home.
and of course weekly with friends around me.

As the right people help me be the best athlete Jamie and the best person jamie

What's your diet look like and a day in the Jamie Simmonds Kitchen, any advice on what you have learned over the years

I feel like I'm always still learning, nutrition is very individual.
Learn to know what works for you and what doesn't is key. Trial and error sometimes has to be done. But i would always recommend to find someone who you trust you can oversee things or even just to keep you accountable.

I keep my nutrition pretty simple, 3 main meals with snacks, throughout the day and a Swolverine clean carb shake during training and creatine + protein post training. I think snacks and nutrition around training is a great place to start, making sure you are eating foods that not only give you energy but also sit well in your stomach so you can get on with training and push as needed.

I eat very differently out of season / when training volume is low, as i like to go off how i feel and eat more like a regular human haha its nice to eat when you feel like it and have treats when wanted. Even a wine or two throughout the week.
What's the best advice you can give someone or that has the most impact on you 

When it hurts the most is when it counts.

Tell us a little about your training regimen - do you follow specific training program(s), coaching/coaches, etc.? How do you prioritize your training over other aspects of life to reach this level of competitiveness?

My coach is Antony Monks a co-founder of QHP training, my husband Elliot also helps me with technique work and coaching. These two have coached/ helped me since 2014 when i first moved to ABu Dhabi, we have all competed and coached alongside each other for coming up 10 years now, so i have a lot of trust in both of them and i think this is a key component in a coach/ athlete relationship.

Training is the number 1 priority throughout the season, I focus on the things around training to ensure training is the straight forward part. These include sleeping 8-10 hours, getting all my food and supps in, spending time on recovery such as saunas, rolling and mobility and trying to decrease other stressors as much as possible.

What’s the biggest piece of advice that you’ve been given, that’s made an impact on you as an individual, that you wish to share with others for their journey?

From my mum and dad. As long as you always give your BEST effort that you have in that moment then you can't ask for anymore. And you are the only person who knows if you TRULY gave your best effort. This is always my focus in any comp or any workout, if i walk off the field knowing i did all i could then i am happy.

What are some of your goals for the year

This year i am competing on a team - which i am so excited about! My goal is to build a culture in our team that no matter win or lose we are fulfilled. As long as we give it everything for each other we can't ask for anymore.

Why did you choose Swolverine as your preferred supplement partner?

Swolverines focus on performance is what makes them such a great brand to work with. They understand what it takes to perform at your best and they supply supplements of the highest standard to ensure you can perform at your best. Also the use of all natural ingredients is a big selling point for me.

What are your favorite products to use from Swolverine?

I LOVE the strawberry milkshake protein. Also the collagen is crucial for me and The clean carbs are a great easy way to get nutrients in post workout.


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