To become a SWOLVERINE Athlete is to be a part of an elite team comprised of accomplished individuals in their given sport. Sponsorship is a synergistic partnership between our brand, Swolverine, and your personal brand. Your max effort is our max effort and there are no handouts in a sponsorship. You help us develop our brand, by heightening brand awareness, reach, and equity and gain more exposure within your community, while we help you gain recognition and optimize your athletic performance; to achieve your most ambitious endeavors of competing amongst the most elite individuals in the world.

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Brand Equity

A sponsorship is an accomplishment within itself. To earn an athlete sponsorship with Swolverine is to invest in the brand and to be an accurate representation of the values we have built the company on. We don't just choose the best athletes or those who have the most followers on social media. We hand pick and align with athletes who are good humans both in and out of the gym. Who use the Swolverine products, who invest mentally and emotionally into the brand, and who wish to be a mentor and inspiration to those around them.

We don't just want to sponsor athletes, we want to partner with them. Sponsorships are not a hand out. Similar to any quality relationship, there is a value system between the two parties, with equal representation, give and take. A sponsorship is absolutely no different than a relationship that you employ, regardless of whether or not is is a personal or professional one.

Here at Swolverine good enough is never an option and it shouldn’t one for you, either.

If you're not prepared to give equally and exceed expectations in return for this opportunity, if you're just here for the 'free stuff' or because it seems like a 'cool opportunity' then you're not the athlete for us. 

Who We Sponsor

We provide sponsorship to athletes who reflect integrity, positivity, and who deliver daily inspiration to their followers and our consumers. We only sponsor athletes who are passionate about the brand and products. Who above all else, truly want to become the face of our brand and who want to help us continue to build our reputation as the best supplement company in the industry. Typically we foster sponsorships with elite level athletes, however, if you feel like you bring something unique and one of a kind to the table, we'd like to hear from you.

Who We Don't Sponsor

We are only interested in sponsoring athletes and individuals who are willing to put in the mental, emotional, and personal investment into the brand, products, and into being a representative of this brand. If you do not consistently use our products to fuel your health and performance, this partnership is not for you.

Your Character

Your character and personality must reflect the values in which we define for our brand, consumers, and partnerships. You are a direct reflection of the Swolverine brand and a representation of us. This means representing yourself with integrity, honesty, and transparency. You're a walking, talking, breathing representation of Swolverine. You'll need to be approachable, interactive, and socially active.

Athlete Sponsorship Terms

Depending on the tier/level of sponsorship you are provided the expectations will vary. However, with great opportunity comes great responsibility and expectations. If you're willing to put in the work and be consistent with your effort you will be rewarded.

  • Elite Athlete Sponsorship

Various categories of sponsorship include financial/monetary compensation, product and apparel compensation, and receiving services such as nutrition coaching and nutritional guidance. Sponsorships also include photo and video paid media opportunities, regular promotion on social media outlets, at events, online, and in email marketing efforts, as well as compensated travel or competition entry. Each sponsorship is curated individually based on the wants/needs of the athlete as well as the value they bring/commit to bringing to the company.

  • Athlete Ambassador

For athletes who are on the rise or earlier in their career we do offer opportunities to begin a sponsorship with the company at the athlete ambassador level. This may include free product, product discounts, paid photo and video media shoot opportunities, regular personal brand promotion, and other services. This partnership is still upheld by the values and accurate representation of the brand by the athletes. This is a great way to grow an initial partnership into a long-term elite level sponsorship. As you grow, we grow with you.

  • Athlete Influencer

If you're looking for a way to join the brand as a representative of our products, mission, vision and values but are not an elite level athlete you may be interested in joining the Swolverine Swole Collective. This is an exclusive, application based program, for those who are committed to elevating human performance both personally and professionally.

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Put In The Work, To Get The Return

We only invest in athletes who are willing to invest in us and support the Swolverine brand. We expect that our athletes promote us, just as we do them. This means sharing on Instagram, a Tweet on Twitter, or sharing a Facebook post about our brand, and what your training regimen consists of. We invest in you as an athlete, by providing you free products to meet your goals, and we expect that same reciprocation to promote Swolverine so that we meet ours. Without that reciprocation you will lose your sponsorship. Simple as that.

Show Us Who You Are

Show us how you promote yourself on your social media and get our attention. Are you influential? Are you inspiring? Are you mentoring? Don't just talk about it, be about it. What are you doing NOW that we can capitalize on in a sponsorship? Promote the brand, products, and captivate your audience showcasing your story. Use the Swolverine brand hashtags (#swolverine #adaptordie #iamswolverine) and tag @swolverine in your photos, videos, stories and reels.

Take The Next Step

So you think you have what it takes? Then show us. Send us an email that showcases your accolades, talent, and personality. Who are you? What do you bring to the table? What products do you use? Why/how do you align with the Swolverine brand and products? Why should we choose YOU?