The Best Wholesale Program For CrossFit® Box Owners

So you’re looking for a new product line to offer your members and add to your box.  Your members are constantly asking you about nutrition and supplements. You’d like to offer them a high-quality line of products, but you really don’t know where to start. With so many brands and products, it can be confusing to figure out what products you should sell and why.  Well, we can help. Adding some great nutrition products to your box is a great way to add another line of revenue in addition to helping your members crush their goals. But, creating a great partnership is equally as important to help create a successful business. 

What To Look For In A New Wholesale Partner 

Healthy Profit Margins

Most supplement and nutrition brands only offer 25-35% off MSRP. By finding a wholesale partner that offers at least 40% you’ll make a larger margin, which means more money. Swolverine’s wholesale program offers 40% off MSRP on a volume discount structure, meaning the more you buy, the larger the discount becomes.

No Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

As a box owner, it’s hard to justify taking on a large amount of inventory and upfront cost, without knowing if the products will even sell. Most brands enforce what’s called a minimum order quantity or MOQ. MOQs require you as the reseller to purchase a certain amount of product in order to become a wholesale partner. Most leading manufacturers require 10-20 unit order minimums, or $1,000-2500 in total product spend. Considering it's such a large financial risk, look for a brand that offers no MOQ. This will give you the flexibility to order a smaller amount of product, limit your upfront cost, and minimize risk. Swolverine’s wholesale program has no MOQ. We’ll help you grow and grow with you.

Fast Shipping

When you need product, you need it fast. Most brands can take anywhere from 10-14 days before they even ship your product. Look for a brand that offers fast shipping times, so you can get your members what they need and earn extra revenue. Swolverine’s wholesale program offers guaranteed 24-hour shipping from the time of payment.

What Types Of Products Should You Offer Your Members?

The internet is flooded with supplement ads. Not to mention your inbox is probably drowning with wholesale requests, just to add to the confusion. However, there are some very important factors to look for when selecting a brand to offer your members in your CrossFit® box. 

Full Transparency

Look for supplements that provide you with complete transparency, and brands that divulge information about what each supplement contains, and how much of each ingredient is established within the product. All Swolverine products use complete transparency - what you see is what you get. Unlike most companies, we don't hide behind "proprietary blends" so you know exactly what comes in your products. 

Clinically Dosed

Look for supplements that use the correct dose of ingredients to actually effect and power your performance. Proprietary blends give supplement manufacturers the ability to use fillers and cheaper ingredients, instead of giving you the clinical dose with evidence-based results so they can make more money. At Swolverine we don't just add a sprinkle of the ingredients you need, we give you the full dose of the cleanest high-quality ingredients to power your performance.

Clinically Proven Ingredients

Don’t give into the marketing hype, you’re smarter than that. Just because a member uses the latest product Cole Sager is using, does not mean it’s proven to work. Use products that are clinically proven with scientific evidence. most brands use hype marketing claims, with ingredients you've never heard of and nothing to back their claims. We use ingredients that are proven time and time again through clinical research.

No Proprietary Blends

Don’t buy into the gimmicky marketing taglines and buy products with proprietary blends. Conduct more research into the products you’re thinking of purchasing and make sure the ingredients and doses of those ingredients are listed with their associated health benefits. You're taking supplements to become healthier right? Don’t compromise on your supplements. If you take your health and fitness seriously, then don’t cut corners. You wouldn’t do that with your diet.

Swolverine is the preferred sports performance partner of,, BoxLife Magazine, & M2 Performance Nutrition

Looking for the best wholesale affiliate program, so you can help your members reach their goals?


1. Signup

Applying for a wholesale partnership is quick and easy. Just fill out the form below and a Swolverine staff member will review your application and connect with you upon approval.

2. Place Your Order

Once approved you'll be given a unique discount code, so you can order online. We have no minimum order quantities, and you'll have access to purchase at wholesale rates, acquire marketing materials, and the information you need to be successful.

3. Start Making Money

You'll have a dedicated sales rep, that will give you quarterly reviews and help you with educational tools and guidance, so you can add to your bottom line. 


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