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Walk into just about any box or functional fitness gym and you’re going to see jump ropes on the wall. If you do CrossFit then you know that jump ropes are used for single unders, double unders, and overall training as both a cardio and performance training tool. After training for a while, you might consider purchasing a personal jump rope. In doing so, you can adjust the rope length, feel, and fit, so that you can maximize your training and results. That’s why we’ve compiled the 4 best CrossFit jump/speed ropes that you need to know about in 2022 to take your workout and performance to the next level. Let’s dig in to find which one is best for you.

Note: None of the brands on this list are affiliated with the CrossFit brand

How To Choose A CrossFit Jump Rope

Surprisingly enough, you’re going to be fine with just about any jump rope, as you’ve probably already experienced by using the ropes available in your box. That being said, there are other things to take into consideration that can enhance your jump rope experience, such as the weight, length, size of the handles, and what the rope is actually made of. If you’re looking to buy your own jump rope, typically speaking, you’re probably going to be more of an intermediate user, so it will really come down to the handles. How fast do you need it to go? How often will you be using it? If you’re going for speed then you’ll probably want to look at speed ropes with frictionless bearings as compared to a beginner who may want to opt for a thicker handle and a thicker cable (but don’t buy a weighted rope, especially if you’re a beginner).

Speed Rope vs Jump Rope - What’s The Difference

If you’re using your jump rope for CrossFit, and not just general use or fitness, most likely you’re going to want to lean towards a speed rope instead of a jump rope. This will especially come in handy when you’re doing double unders and really looking for the rope to perform at quick intervals. The difference between a speed rope and a jump rope comes down to the cable itself and the addition of bearings in the handles that reduce friction to create that quick whip you want to have the rope pass under the body twice in a single jump. That being said, do be aware that speed ropes do have that little extra whip to them, which can be a little painful when you trip and whip it on your body. Don’t worry though, it’s a normal process of mastering double unders, and you’ll get better at not whipping yourself in time.

The 4 Best CrossFit Jump Ropes of 2022

Best CrossFit Jump Ropes 2022 - Swolverine

1. RPM Session4 Jump Rope

The RPM Session Jump Rope is the best jump rope for everyday use. It’s lightweight and durable, comes in a nice little pouch, and it can go just about anywhere with you, making it nice to stick in the gym bag and not have to worry about it taking up a ton of space. The Session comes after years of developing the iconic, aluminum trainer that started it all for RPM when they kicked off as a business. With dual bearings, it is going to have a smooth and free spin without the crazy fast whip of a competition rope for more elite-style athletes. This jump rope makes a great rope for crossfitters, functional fitness athletes, and everyday gym goers who are looking to take their fitness and performance to the next level. Do note that you will need a pair of wire cutters to measure and cut your own wire to your height preferences.

  • Price: $65-$90
  • Cable: Reinforced clear-coated cable
  • Handles: Knurled
  • Case: Microfiber bag
  • Engraving: 12 options
  • Colors: Over 26+ options (coated cable)3. Crossrope Jump Rope Starter Set

Best CrossFit Jump Ropes of 2022 - Swolverine

2. Crossrope Starter Set Jump Rope

Crossrope is a company that provides high-quality jump ropes with the mentality that cardio should never be boring. In more recent years they’ve taken jump roping to a whole new level with both their rope technology as well as their accompanying app that you can use to ‘get the complete workout experience'. The starter set comes with a rope and handles designed to get you started on your jump rope journey. Additionally, you can add on a free 30-day premium free trial of their workout app and 60/yr after your free trial ($5/mo) and you can cancel within the initial 30 days anytime to avoid charges. They do also offer 60-day returns and a lifetime warranty.

  • Price: $89.95
  • Cable: 1/4 lb. coated rope
  • Handles: Slim fit
  • Case: Carrying pouch
  • Engraving: n/a
  • Colors: 1

Best CrossFit Jump Ropes 2022 - Swolverine

3. RX Smart Gear Original RX Jump Ropes

Another one of the best CrossFit jump ropes on the market comes from RX Smart Gear (aka RXSG) who have been around in the sport for years. They offer 4 different cable weights that range from speed wires to fitness cables. One of the unique specifications that you may like about an RX Smart Gear CrossFit Jump Rope is the fact that each rope comes integrates their Patented swivel bearing system and comfortable ergonomic handles. Whether you’re using your jump rope for CrossFit workouts, double unders, HIIT workouts, weight loss, cardio workouts or otherwise, we think you’re going to meet and exceed expectations with RXSG. All RXSG ropes are customized to your height prior to shipping so you do not need to figure out the best test up on your own. Bonus: RX Smart Gear makes some really great jump ropes for adaptive athletes and those are available on their website as well.

  • Price: $48.99 - $55.99
  • Cable: Coated
  • Handles: Patented
  • Case: RX rope bag
  • Engraving: n/a
  • Colors: 22-24 options

Best CrossFit Jump Ropes 2022 - Swolverine

4. Rogue Fitness Froning SR-1F Speed Rope 2.0

Rogue Fitness Jump Ropes are pretty common to see in a CrossFit box or jump rope rack. If you’re looking to invest in a Rogue Fitness jump rope for your gym bag then we recommend taking a look at the Froning SR-1F Speed Rope 2.0. Not only is it great for beginner and intermediate athletes, but it can be easily used and adopted at higher levels as well without such a burn in your pocket financially. A single rope comes complete with textured nylon body handles, high-speed bearings, aluminum heads, and an extended handle. This rope may also be suitable for people who have larger hands and who need longer handles to take control of the rope with ease. 

  • Price: $30.00
  • Cable: 3/32” polyurethane cable
  • Handles: Diamond-pattern textured grip w/ oversold
  • Case: included
  • Engraving: n/a
  • Colors: 1

The 4 Best CrossFit Jump Ropes of 2022: Takeaway

If you’re looking to take your performance and cardio capacity to the next level then it might make sense to invest in your own personal jump rope. With these 4 best CrossFit Jump Ropes of 2022 you have options that start at just $30.00 suitable for varying levels of performance and preferences. If you’re looking to compete for the first time, or compete more regularly, we do recommend investing in a speed rope instead of a jump rope, so that you can really take advantage of the ‘whip’ and speed to cruise through your dubs as fast as you can.

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