How To Compete In The 2021 CrossFit Open

If this is your 11th year (time sure goes fast!) in the community or a complete newbie, the CrossFit Open season is one of the most, if not the most, exciting time of year for boxes around the world. We’re joining in on the celebration of the 11th year of the #CrossFitOpen, even amidst a worldwide pandemic. With the changing times and regulations around the pandemic, the 2021 CrossFit Open comes with new opportunities. There are now two ways to compete in the Open — at home or at your gym. We’re going to tell you just how to compete in the 2021 CrossFit Open.

How To Compete In The 2021 CrossFit Open - Swolverine

Two Ways To Compete In The 2021 CrossFit Open

Like we just said, there are two ways to compete - both at home and at your local gym/affiliate. As placed into regulation a few years ago, you no longer have to belong to a CF Affiliate gym to compete. There are also two other options to choose from this year in the 2021 CrossFit Open: equipment and no equipment.

If you’re going to compete in the CrossFit Open using the at home option with equipment there are a few things you’re going to want to make sure you have before #21point1 is announced. It’s important to note that you will not know what weights you will need for the following items until the Open workouts are released each week of the CrossFit Open Season.

Here’s what you will need for the at-home equipment option:

  • Pull Up Bar
  • Jump Rope
  • Barbell w/ Plates
  • Plyo Box
  • Dumbbell

How To Compete At-Home

So what if you don’t have equipment? That’s the fun part. If you don’t have access to equipment you’re not SOL and the CF Games team has been working hard to ensure you’ll be able to still participate. The only requirement? Some - whether it’s in your garage, your living room, your driveway or somewhere nearby like a park.

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How To Compete In The 2021 CrossFit Open - Swolverine

Accessible For All

CrossFit is unique in that it brings together a community of people around the world with a desire to push the bounds of their athletic potential. This year will be nothing short of that expectation and with the upcoming, three-week virtual competition, it’ll have the opportunity to bring that community together even closer. With the new adaptive divisions and chances for people to compete regardless of their equipment options, we’re beyond excited to see what will happen. Read more about the adaptive open here

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The Open Will Be Shorter

Instead of four weeks of workouts like in the past, the 2021 CrossFit Open will be held across three weeks, which gives gym owners more of an opportunity to organize and compete with less pressure on the organizational end of things. By having the workouts accessible from home now, it also encourages a more diverse population of people to compete.

Registration for the 2021 CrossFit Open began on January 7th, 2021, and the first workout #21point1 will be released on March 11, 2021, with Kari Pearce and Kristi Eramo O’Connell battling it out head to head in the athlete series.

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