4 Refreshing Coconut Water Benefits

People rave about the health benefits of drinking coconut water, and for good reason. Coconut water is not only refreshingly sweet and hydrating, but it’s loaded with crucial vitamins, minerals, and rich with antioxidants. We’re going to crack into this coconut and discuss the nutritious health benefits of coconut water so you can find out what everyone is raving about.

What Is Coconut Water 

For those of you unfamiliar with what coconut water is, coconut water is the juice found on the inside of the actual coconut. Unlike coconut oil and milk, coconut water is extremely low in fat, with a light and refreshing consistency, loaded with potassium and crucial vitamins and minerals.

4 Refreshing Coconut Water Benefits

Before we get into the benefits of drinking coconut water, it is important to disclose that studies are limited. The purported health benefits of coconut water have been attributed to preliminary trials and evidence found utilizing animal. Therefore, more evidence is required to replicate these results with human clinical trials.

1. Coconut Water Benefits Hydration

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated and don’t drink enough water [R]. Dehydration can cause chronic fatigue, prolong exercise recovery, and impair cognitive performance. Hydration is one of coconut water’s most well-known benefits. Coconut water is 94% water and loaded electrolytes such as sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Coconut water is a becoming an increasingly common pre-workout ingredient, and used in many sports supplements, due to its benefits of whole-body rehydration post workout, even better than water [R].

2. Coconut Water Benefits Your Heart

Over time, high cholesterol can be damaging to your arteries. Hardening of the arteries, called atherosclerosis, can stiffen arteries, making your heart work harder to have adequate blood flow. Studies have shown that coconut water can significantly decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as potentially reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels [R, R].

A 2003 study published in Plant Foods For Human Nutrition also confirmed these results and showed that coconut water ingestion reduced decreased concentration of total cholesterol, due to several factors from the potassium, calcium, magnesium, and L-arginine that are present in the water [R].

3. Coconut Water Reduces Inflammation

Coconut water contains powerful antioxidants, which possess anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants act as an invisible armor, protecting the body eradicate free radicals and oxidative stress. Animal studies have shown coconut water can reduce chronic inflammation which may reduce the risk of chronic disease states [R, R].

More studies and evidence are needed to confirm and replicate these results with human trials.

4. Coconut Water Benefits Your Skin

Research has found that coconut water can accelerate the healing process of cutaneous wounds, due to its rich nutritional content [R]. Coconut water contains vitamins B2, B3, vitamin C, as well as other powerful plant compounds and antioxidants shown to benefit your skin. 

Coconut water contains a phytohormone called kinetin, which may provide anti-aging and antioxidant effects. Animal studies have indicated that the abundance of electrolytes and hydrating effects of coconut water may assist in skin hydration and slow the aging process.

Coconut Water Benefits: Takeaway

Packed with electrolytes and key vitamins and nutrients, coconut water can provide significant health benefits when it comes to rehydration and assisting in recovery from exercise. However, additional purported benefits associated with coconut water have only been investigated with animals and requires further research with human intervention. Nonetheless, coconut water is a delicious and refreshing way to rehydrate and give your body the electrolytes it needs for proper muscle contraction and post workout recovery.

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