The 4 Best Lower Ab Exercises To Complete Your Six Pack

You’ve been working hard in the gym, training, being consistent, and sticking with your nutrition plan. But you just can’t seem to get those lower abs to pop like you want. And with hundreds of ab exercises to choose from, you may not know which ab exercises are best to tone your lower abs. We’re going to talk about the four best lower ab exercises to help you get the result you want.

Lower Ab Anatomy 

If you’ve been on the fitness grind for a while, then you know every year there are dozens of new exercises, fitness classes, and hacks claiming to get you the tight, flat sculpted abs you’ve always wanted. The fact of the matter is, while some of these new approaches may work, many exercises are ineffective, or not as effective as others.

Rectus Abdominus

The most prominent ab muscles are the rectus abdominus. This is the long, flat muscle that vertically stretches from the pubis and the fifth, sixth, and seventh rib. The linea alba, a strong tendinous sheath divides the rectus medially. Three other horizontal sheaths stretching across the abs bilaterally, give you the look of the six pack.

External/Internal Obliques

The external and internal obliques are the next major muscle group of the abdominals. This pair of muscles are located on each side of the rectus abdominus. These muscles run diagonally, medially from the proximal point of the lower ribs to the distal pelvis. The internal obliques run beneath the external obliques and are positioned at a right angle of the external obliques. the internal obliques are involved in flexing the spinal column, sideways bending, trunk rotation, and compressing the abdomen. 

The 4 Best Lower Ab Exercises

If you want to incorporate lower ab exercises for a six -pack and tone them for aesthetic purposes then nutrition is a vital factor in achieving your goals. We recommend working with a certified nutrition coach from The Swole Kitchen. Despite training your lower abs, if you don’t have an optimal nutrition plan, you won’t get the results you are looking for.

The Flutter-Kick 

The flutter kick is a tried-and-true abdominal exercise that significantly stimulate the lower abs. Simply lay on the ground, raise your feet six inches off the ground and intermittently raise one leg, while lowering the other simultaneously a few inches of each other, while contracting your lower abs. Perform this movement for thirty seconds, and complete a set of 5-6 sets.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers can help develop your lower abs through specific isolation and contraction. In a push up or high plank position, engage your core and drive your left knee in towards your chest right outside the arm, quickly jumping or stepping it back, then alternating legs drive your right knee towards your chest outside the arm, and continue alternating for thirty seconds.  Perform this movement for thirty seconds and complete a set of 5-6 sets.


V-Ups are an extremely effective lower ab exercise, which emphasizes significant lower abdominal stimulation. From a lying position, lit both your legs and arms only using your abdominals to power the movement. Lift your legs to your hands and touch your toes, then come back to starting position. This movement will also challenge you to develop your balance your legs and build more strength in your lower abs.

Hollow Hold Flutter Kick

The hollow hold is essentially a leg lift, namely lifting and holding your legs six inches above the ground in a static position. By weighting this movement you force your abdominals to contract and further stimulate the lower abs by stabilizing your core. By adding in a flutter kick, you'll get a really good lower ab workout and take your hollow hold up a notch!

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