V-Ups: 3 Benefits And How To Do Them

The V-up is one of the most effective core exercises, ever created. V-ups require a tremendous amount of core strength, stability, and balance. Fighting gravity to maintain your posture also makes this functional ab exercise even more challenging. We’re going to talk more about the benefits of V-ups, the muscles worked, and how you can turn this full-body movement into one of your favorite exercises.

What Are V-Ups 

The V-up also known as a jack-knife, is a full-body strength training exercise, which focuses on your core, legs, and back. This movement works the upper and lower abdominals simultaneously, as you lift your lower body like you were doing leg raises and your upper body from the floor like you would in a sit-up, into a V position. The great thing about V-ups and nearly all abdominal exercises is that you can do them anywhere.

V-Ups Muscles Worked

V-ups simulate multiple muscle groups and are considered a compound movement – one that stimulates or uses multiple muscle groups and joints simultaneously. The V-up is an advanced core exercise, and targets the rectus abdominas, obliques as the primary muscle groups. Because V-ups require you to lift your legs from the floor, you also activate your hip flexors, adductors, and quadriceps.

V-Up Benefits

As an advanced compound movement, V-ups have quite a few benefits that can support your workout goals and help you build a stronger frame.

1. Core Strength

V-ups greatest benefit is core strength and stability. At the top of this movement, in the v, you are constantly activating your core, to maintain your balance, posture, and stability, while also fighting gravity lifting your legs off the ground. Completing a few sets of V-ups on your upper body day split, or as an accessory movement in your training program is going to help you build more core strength in a hurry.

2. Balance 

If you struggle with balance, V-ups can be a great functional movement to help you work on better balance and body awareness. V-ups require you to stabilize your core and adductors. Your mind-muscle connection will get stronger with this movement, helping improve balance and core stabilization which will lead to improved athletic performance.

3. Weight Loss

V-ups will contribute to your weight loss. Because the V-up is a compound strength training movement, you are burning more calories since you are stimulating more muscle groups. Not to mention, the more muscle mass you have the more body fat you will burn revving up your metabolism.

How To Do V-Ups

Lie on your back with your arms extended above your heads and feet straight and together

Contract your abdominal muscles and core, slowly lifting your legs up to a 45-degree angle

Simultaneously you will lift your upper body, reaching your arms straight forward overhead touching your shins or toes, creating a v shape with your body

Exhale as you reverse the movement, lowering your arms overhead and legs back to the floor

Repeat for 8-10 reps for 4 sets

V-Ups: Takeaway

V-ups are a challenging yet extremely effective core strengthening exercise. V-ups benefit strength, core stability, balance, posture, and can improve range of motion and support your athletic performance goals. Add a few sets of V-ups to your training program and start building more functional strength.

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