Best Sports Bra For CrossFitters

Bongos, twins, ta-ta’s, melons, the girls, chesticles…. Whatever you feel like calling them it’s no secret we’ve all got them and have to protect them when we CrossFit. Nowadays, appearance is becoming more important than functionality (we’re talking about the majority here) and we’re calling the whistle on the game.

There’s a whole lot movement in CrossFit, and while not every WOD requires maximum security boob jail, most of us would like to not worry about our bitties, or itty bitties, while we fitness. We’ve brought together our favorite companies that design sports bras just for you, the crossfitter, competitor, game-changer and the determined-to-rise woman with a fire in her heart that constantly pushes the bounds of her potential. 

Why Does a Good Sports Bra Matter?

I remember having a conversation in the past with the Designer and Owner of Vull Sport, Kat Leone, a 5x Regionals Competitor, #GirlBoss, and all around hardcore little lady with a heart of gold, about why she created her company.

She said that in the past, there wasn’t anything offered for women, specially designed for CrossFit. You’d either be in the middle of training or competition with a bra too loose, flapping around and falling out or a bra too tight not made for muscular women which would end up chafing and scraping your skin. The biggest theme of all her experiences though?

Kat Leone decided that it was her mission empower every crossfitter who walks into the box to have the confidence that you look great, that you’re there to do something important for yourself and that you won’t need to worry about tugging and pulling on your outfit the whole time.

I also remember having a similar conversation with #BossLady, Athlete, Founder and Inventor of the patent-pending, The Chestee, Nicole Biscuiti, about the importance of protecting athletes against bruising from barbell impact. She’s a pioneer in the industry who dared to ask, why is nobody making something to protect our bodies from harm during a high-intensity barbell workout?

Introducing the beautiful synergy of function and fashion, aka The Chestee. Not to mention, if you're wearing one of these pieces, you'll feel beautiful enough to walk in the box to do work, change into your regular outfit, and not have to change out your old and ugly sports bra because it clashes with your outfit. Now you've got the option to dress up, or dress down, your apparel. Talk about bang for your buck!

What Companies Make The Best Sports Bras For Women Who CrossFit?

Ladies, if you're like me, you're sick of not knowing what to get or where to get it, what is quality and what will wear out in 3 washes, and you're tired of wasting money, time and effort on worthless sports bras. I've compiled a list of our favorite companies and their products from trusted athletes in the CrossFit community. #TakeMyMoney 

Swolverine Best CrossFit Sports Bras Born Primitive - Swolverine

Swolverine Sports Bras are handcrafted for maximum comfort, support, and coverage. Made for your most ambitious of endeavors, they perform when you perform. Designed by Swolverine founder and COO Alexandria Best, Swolverine Sports Bras are built and designed with the athlete in mind. 

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Vull Sport

CrossFit Sports Bra - Vull Sport

Vull Sport takes health and fitness seriously. All of our products are made to hold up for hours of grueling training. Designed by and for athletes, tested by the fittest on earth. Vull products are highly functional without falling short on aesthetics. These bras are made to get you into the best shape of your life – get dirty, run hard, sweat more than you ever thought possible. With Vull on your back (and your front) you'll be ready to take on any challenge your coach or competition throws at you. 

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The Chestee

Best CrossFit bra Kelsey Kiel Chestee - Swolverine

It's not just a sports bra, it's a Chestee™: patent-pending technology where fashion and athletic function converge. The built-in collarbone guard is designed to help minimize bruising from barbell impact. There are so many more opportunities for changes to equality when we work together. Build each other up, together. Change the world, together. Open up more possibilities for our next generation of little girl dreamers. Every BODY is beautiful, now it’s time to accessorize it, with The Chestee. These bras not only protect your beautiful body, but you can wear it both in and out of the box. Form meets function meets fashion... literally!  

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Feed Me Fight Me

Feed Me fight Me Sports bra - Swolverine

Feed Me Fight Me was founded by A Marine Corps (OOHRAH!) Veteran in 2015. Every FMFM bra is handcrafted and designed with you in mind. Meant to hold you in all the right places like a generous hug, these bras are made tough, just like you. They bring fit, form and function to the CrossFit community with outrageously fun patterns and impressively silky textures. More well known for their doughnut sprinkle and patterns and ALWAYS HUNGRY slogan, their apparel includes everything from shorts, tees, tanks, crops, leggings, tights and more. And trust us, they're made to fit every muscular body out there, regardless of size. Give your lats and chest the constant support they desire with a bra from FMFM. 

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Virus Intl

Best CrossFit Sports Bras Virus Intl - Swolverine

Every product produced by Virus has a story and a reason. Each style has been tested by elite athletes in the sports and activities that define us. This means the quality of our fabrication must meet the same criteria. The pursuit of your passion has set you apart. Motivation, dedication, and commitment to perfection emerge every time you perform. It leads you to a self-forged satisfaction few will ever know or understand.  You are devoted, elevated and inspired by this passion that is part of you. It is the passion that defines you. Your progression is why we exist. In a new era of athletic achievement, our performance apparel keeps pace with the latest in nanotechnology, technical fabrics and biomechanical patterning to help push your limits. While designs are limited, there's nothing wrong with simplicity and guaranteed performance that you get from these bras.  VIRUS is here to answer the call of the individual athlete. It’s you VS the world and its elements.

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Born Primitive

Best CrossFit Sports Bras Born Primitive - Swolverine

Born Primitive is an athlete-driven, patriot-inspired apparel brand that is owned and operated by an active-duty military family. They are proud supporters of those who serve, including the police, firefighters, and military. They are founded on the ethos of hard work, the relentless pursuit of your goals, and never making excuses. Founded in 2014, Born Primitive has established themselves as a premier brand in the CrossFit and functional fitness space. They are perhaps most known for their wildly popular sports bras, which have received over 3,000 five-star reviews from their satisfied customers. Their sports bras are the perfect blend of style, function, and comfort. They also have a huge variety of other apparel items for both men and women.

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