Change is inevitable. The only way we survive in the world is if we can adapt to the ever-changing landscape around us. That means survival of the fittest.

It’s important to us, to be honest, and transparent about all things, when it comes to our brand, products, and values, as it reflects what we believe in and shows the conviction we have in our business ethics. The story behind our change, and why we have chosen to adopt, is not a remarkable one, nor is it an exciting one, but it is a real one.

In November of 2017, only one year and five months, after Elivate Nutrition was established, we were approached by another company using the same mark and we decided to make a change in our brand name to ensure that our brand was distinctive to our consumers.

The morning we received the email from their legal counsel, it was gut-wrenching; heartbreaking; and vehemently upsetting. We were told at the beginning of this venture that yes, there was another “Elivate”, and yes, there was a chance of them enforcing their trademark rights. However, the chances of them enforcing the trademark to cease our existence was very small. So, the choice had been made, and we decided to move forward.

Despite the upsetting news, that we were being forced to change something we were so deeply passionate about, and something we had built, created and poured every waking hour into for the last two years, it was okay. It’s important to remember, that with any change, especially change that may be initially perceived as negative, that there is always a positive outlook that you can establish. It’s really all a matter of perspective. Thus, SWOLVERINE was born.

SWOLVERINE, is about work ethic. It’s about the passion, that we all have and that we all pour into our training, our nutrition, and our life. It’s about waking up each morning, and pushing ourselves in reaching a pinnacle; incapable feats, that we may have otherwise thought impossible, but worked gruelingly, and tirelessly to make those impossibilities, our reality. It’s about creating the short milestones, to achieve great heights. 

Thus, SWOLVERINE is here to stay. We will not forfeit, nor will we give up. We are here to achieve the impossible. It’s about the survival of the fittest. And it was a choice, to adapt, or to die. We chose to Adapt.

Adapt, or Die.