6 pack abs workout

If you’re looking to build a solid cut of six-pack abs, then you’ve come to the right place. Abs are the essence of physical perfection. But all good things require pain and sacrifice, and six pack abs are not unconditional. Building a solid set of six-pack abs requires more than just performing a few set of crunches. It requires commitment, consistency, tenacity, streamlining your nutrition and training protocol, setting realistic goals, and managing your all or nothing mentality. So, let’s get started on these ab building exercises.

3 Key Components To Building Six Pack Abs

NutritionNutrition is by far the most crucial component to building a six-pack. Most people think that an 8-minute ab workout will help them build a six-pack without even considering their diet. Unfortunately, that will never work. And if it did, everyone including your mom would have a super sweet set of six-pack abs.

The easiest way to get started is by cutting out the refined sugar, processed and packaged goods, and trading it up for lean proteins, complex carbs, and high quality fats. You’ll need to eat consistently and track your macros for the best success.

If you’re not sure exactly where to start with your nutrition, I highly suggest hiring a nutrition coach. You’ll streamline your diet and get that six-pack a whole hell of a lot faster, than trying to figure it out on your own.

Workout Intensity – If you’re not getting your heart rate up when you work out, then good luck getting a six-pack. In order to get chiseled abs, you need to burn body fat, and without funtional ab training that gets your target heart rate into your “fat-burning zone” then unfortunately, your six-pack will live beneath your keg. Pushing for at least 50-70% workout intensity, is where you want to maintain your hear rate throughout your workout. Throw in a few cardio acceleration movements, like burpees, mountain climbers, or leg lifts, between your lifts to keep within your target heart rate. Super sets, which are back-to-back lifts, without a rest period, will also maintain a steady heart rate, to help burn more body fat. 

Consistency – Consistent means training and hitting the gym at least 4-5 days per week and sticking with your nutrition plan. If you can’t manage that, then you should seriously rethink your goals and re-align your expectations. Without consistency in your nutrition plan and exercise program, then you’re not going to have the six-pack abs you so desperately desire.

Nobody said it was going to be easy, but if you’re still reading, then I’ve done my job and weeded out the weaklings. Continue reading and check out the 6 pack ab workout video below for 6 Functional Ab Exercises, to get that strong and hard set of abs you want. These ab workouts are for a more intermediate athlete, and are not great for beginners. Like I said, once you get your nutrition and training protocol in line, your last step is the actual ab workout. These ab exercises will keep your training routine fresh and fun, while building core strength, and improving functionality.

6 Pack Functional Abs Workout



1. L-Sit To Hip Raise

  • Start flat on your back
  • roll back and thrust your hips off the ground and push through your core straight above you
  • roll back to starting position and place both feet on the ground
  • Plant your hands at your sides and raise your hips off the ground with your head down to your knees 

2. Bottom Up Crunches

  • Starting a sitting position with one leg extended straight out and the other, placed flat on the floor at a 90 degree angle, reach your left arm to your right leg, while raising it 
  • come back to starting position, roll back and bring both legs up, and both hands up touching your toes, into a V-Sit up or Jack Knife. 
  • Roll back into startig position, with your opposing leg (left) extended out in front of you, and your right leg flat on the floor at a 90 degree angle. Reach your right arm to your leg leg, while simultaneously raising it and touch your toes.
  • roll back into a V-Sit Up
  • Start all over again

3. One Handed Two Step Elbows 

This one gets a little tricky, so try to following along in the video the best you can 

  • Starting a plank position, take two steps while rotating your upper body to the opposing side
  • on your second step kick yourleft  leg out while simultaneously bringing your right arm back behind you, engaging your core and activating your bas
  • walk yourself back into plank position and take two steps to the other side and repeat
  • Start all over again

4. Thread Crunches

This abs workout looks a lot harder than it really is, so just follow me on this one

  • Start by laying flat on the floor. Raise both legs, and go into a crunch, while extending your left leg out and your right leg hooked at a 90 degree beneath it.
  • Extend your right arms to your left extended leg, and unhook your right leg, threading it back 
  • go back into a hollow hold, with your arms behind you and legs fully extended out front
  • Do the same thing on the opposing side and repeat

5. Crunches to Hip Thruster

This ab workout combines two functional and stable movements, into an all in one glute and core burner. 

  • Start in sit up position, with your arms folded behind your head and legs 90 degrees flat on the floor
  • Perform a standard sit up
  • As you roll back extend your hips towards the ceiling into a hip thrust
  • Repeat

6. Boomerang Crunches

  • Sitting up at a 90 degree angle with both legs spread in front of you at a 45 degree angle, completely rotate your body to the right side, lifting yourself and weight onto your right hand.
  • Bring your right leg under your left leg and extend your knee the inside of your elbow
  • As you roll back extend your hips towards the ceiling into a hip thrust
  • come back to starting position and repeat with the opposing side

If you want to see some more amazing workout videos check out Leonardo Fornitos Youtube and Subscribe.


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