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The Effects Of Testosterone And Women

The Effects Of Testosterone And Women

#swolefit | Jul 07, 2018 | 0 comments
  • Post author
    Walter Hinchman

Testosterone plays a much larger role on your hormones than you may think. Experiencing a lack of physical intimacy is just one part of it. If you're experiencing added weight gain, muscle loss, and low libido you could in fact have low testosterone levels. Thinking thyroid? Maybe think again. Low testosterone levels in women can have a detrimental affect on your sex life and cause added stress in your relationship. If you're experiencing some of these symptoms, you may be experiecing low testosterone levels. 

What Does Testosterone Do For Women?

Let’s be honest! The scientific studies on the effects of Testosterone in regards to women are few and far between. Scarce really! What we do know, however, is that testosterone plays a very impperative role in the female body. According to a study by the Jean Hailes Foundation in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, testosterone is associated with a greater sense of well-being and vitality, coupled with a positive mindset, reduced anxiety, lower rates of depression, and.. You guessed it, sexual desire. 

Testosterone Increases Womens Sexual Desire

Testosterone is an essential hormone, and an important component of female sexuality, specifically in enhancing sexual desire. 

Testosterone is an androgen, or sex-related hormone. Androgens play many key roles in a female’s reproductive cycle, and overall health. Of those key roles, androgens can contribute to sexual arousal and desire. Arousal is the physical part of your sex drive and Desire, is the part of our sexuality, which makes you want to grab your partner by the waist and softly kiss their neck (or get straight to the point). So if you’ve lost some interest in your man for the past few months, and you really have no idea why, it may not be the yellow crocs he’s wearing after all, and it could be a deficiency in your testosterone levels. Or… It could definitely be the yellow Crocs he’s wearing.

(READ MORE about the symptoms of low testosterone in women and find out if you're deficient)

Testosterone Levels Decline as You Age

Androgen levels, much like in men start to gradually drop after you hit your mid-twenties. This gradual fall in androgen will continue until you reach natural menopause. By that time, you’ll be producing half the amount that you were when you were a youthful thirteen, rocking bangs and bell bottoms.

Studies conducted by the Boston University School Of Sexual Medicine, and published in the World Journal Of Eurology have indicated, that your ovaries will continue to produce trace levels of androgen when others indicate that androgen production will completely stop. What we do know, is that women who suffer from androgen deficiency, are commonly misdiagnosed since the symptoms resemble those associated with stress, anxiety, and depression. Androgen deficiency is also associated with muscle weakness, especially in more athletically inclined women, like you.

The number of estimated women with decreased libido and androgen deficiency is between 10 and 15 million in the United States alone. 

There are no clear guidelines for diagnosing women who might have androgen deficiency, and only recently has there been an acknowledgment of the need for clear guidelines. However women who suffer from a low-sexual desire or sexual appetite, may have normal estrogen levels, but decreased androgen and could benefit greatly from an increase in testosterone to create an optimized hormonal balance.

What Is A Normal Testosterone Level In Women?

Women naturally produce lower levels of testosterone, and are more sensitive to androgens than men. Testosterone levels in women can vary. However, according to most studies, normal measurements of testosterone in women range from 15 to 70 ng/dL

The bottom line. We’ve all had moments, where were just not in the mood, or we have a million things on our minds. However, if it’s been months since you and your partner have been sexually active, and your boyfriend looks like David Beckham, somethings most definitely wrong with you, and Testosterone might be the answer to your long-lost sexual desires and fantasies.

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  • Post author
    Walter Hinchman

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